Federal 45 Auto Ammunition Saftey Notice

Wanted to make sure everyone was aware of this Federal Ammo safety notice.  Please take a look and make sure you don't have any product affected by this notice. Click on the image to view it.

Federal Ammo Saftey Notice

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  1. There is no one who could possibly imigane what a worst case scenario would involve when faced with a violent attack. Authors discussing options of the right caliber, the right cartridge, or the right bullet in self defense miss the point of actually being personally involved with a defensive encounter. Anyone who is involved in a defensive encounter that has a firearm should, out of sear fear, pull the trigger until the magazine is completely empty. In a worst case scenario the deployment of a M60 machinegun having a thousand rounds of ammunition probably would not be adequate enough to provide safe passage. In a best case scenario a .32 caliber with a full load of jacketed hollow points might just be all it takes. When you are in that violent moment of your life, my advice is to take what ever caliber you have, loaded with the heaviest bullet possible, having the highest muzzle energy available, and keep pulling it until you re done. And if you survive, pick up the phone a dial 911.

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