Savage 110BA Product Review

Whether you are into long-range hunting, competitive shooting or just enjoy target shooting on the weekends, then you would really enjoy the Savage 110 BA long-range tactical rifle. Even though Savage recommends this rifle for law-enforcement, citizens all over the country have been enjoying it. The general description of the Savage 110 BA law enforcement is that it is a bolt action long-range tactical rifle that you can use with a couple different types of ammunition, but in my opinion the best option being .338 LAPUA. The benefit for the user is that since it is part of the law-enforcement series it comes with Savages patented Accutrigger as well as Accustock. For a number of reasons that we will discuss in this article, it is been a wonderful weapon for both law enforcement and rifle enthusiasts alike.

Some general specifications on this particular rifle are that it is a bolt action, aluminum stock weapon that is available in a couple of finishes, either carbon steel or matte black. This rifle has a 29 1/2 inch barrel and only weighs 15.75 pounds. With an overall length of 50 1/2 inches this is a perfect rifle for toting around the woods or for storing in the trunk of your vehicle. This weapon comes with a scope rail as well as a detachable box magazine that will hold six rounds. One of the most notable features about this weapon is that it has the Accutrigger and Accustock. The Accustock is an incredible invention because it uses a fiberglass lining that is housed inside of the stock that wedges the action within the stock which forces it to stay still and making sure that the rifle will shoot perfectly straight. In addition the barrel is free floating so that the stock does not cause problems with the action. As for the trigger pull of the 110, it requires an extremely short pull, which is perfect for individuals that are trying to shoot with extreme precision. The only downfall that has been noted in tactical rifles that have light trigger pulls is that accidental discharges can pose a serious safety hazard. This is the reason that Savage has developed the Accutrigger, which will prevent any discharge by accident using an internal lever that actually has to be lifted prior to the firing pin going forward.

As we have said the Savage 110 BA law-enforcement series rifle is a spectacularly designed long-range rifle with a number of additional features not found in any other weapon. Savage labels this particular rifle as one that is used for law enforcement, however for a number of reasons, many that we have already named, it is a huge hit with rifle enthusiasts of all types. If you're into long-range hunting or competitive shooting, and you're in the market for a new rifle, then you certainly owe it to yourself to check out the Savage 110 BA. This is a very difficult rifle to get your hands on right now so if you see one in stock you should jump on it.


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