What are the best AR-15 rifles for the average shooter?

What are the best AR-15 rifles for the average shooter?

If you're in the market for an assault rifle then you owe it to yourself to check out the AR-15. In a nutshell, the AR-15 is a semi automatic version of the military's M-16 rifle that was introduced by Colt for civilian use a number of decades ago. The AR-15 is a very light weight, air cooled and gas operated weapon with a rotating lock bolt. This weapon uses a 5.56mm, which it receives from a magazine. The materials that this weapon is made of our second to none, because it is manufactured using a number of different types of alloys along with synthetic materials. The features of this particular weapon are too numerous to actually name here, however we would like to cover a number of the most notable features of this particular assault rifle.

Depending on the manufacturer this rifle can be made of some of the best materials you can find, such as the fact that it uses aircraft grade aluminum within the receiver, which is both light weight and very resistant to corrosion. This rifle is also made in a modular design, which allows you to add a number of different accessories in addition to making repairs much easier than with the traditional assault rifle. This assault rifle uses a small caliber, which is both accurate as well as fast, making it the perfect weapon for tactical police personnel. Some additional design features of this particular assault rifle is that it has a synthetic stock and grips, which will not splinter off nor will they warp and the front and rear sights are adjustable.

So far we have covered a number of the features of the AR-15, but we have not discussed the one thing that most people would like the answer to, which is which manufacturer makes the best AR-15 rifles. The original company that was given the rights to design a civilian version of the M-16 was Colt. As with many things in this world, the original is the best, and this is no exception. Out of the number of manufacturers of the AR-15, Colt is at the top of the list. We are not saying that if you are looking to buy an AR-15 that you must buy a Colt version, since there are several other manufacturers that are of equal quality in the same price range, and these other two companies are Knights Armament and Daniel Defense. We won't even bother wasting your time discussing the other manufacturers of this particular weapon; we prefer to focus on these three. When it comes to these three manufacturers you can really do no wrong by purchasing any one of them, however all three of them have slight, but distinct, differences. The only sure fire way to ensure that you get the best AR-15 rifles for your application is to test each one.

The selection of an assault rifle is a very important one, which is why we recommend you take the decision quite seriously. When searching for the best AR-15 rifles you will be presented with a number of different options so take your time and choose wisely.  If you are looking to save time we recommend you look at Colt, Knights Armament and Daniel Defense first.


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