Concealed Carry Weapons

This coming weekend GrabAGun is going to hold its first CHL Training Course. We’ve hired a top notch NRA certified instructor with many years of shooting experience. We’re planning to hold them once or twice a month going forward for anyone local who may be interested. If you would like more information or would like to sign up for the course, please give us a call at (972) 552-7246.

In honor of our new education course I thought I would spend some time discussing concealed carry weapons. Everyone seems to have an opinion on this topic and I would love to hear your thoughts. I’ve put a few of my favorite concealed carry weapons below.

Concealed Carry Weapons Options

I’ll start with a good economical choice, the Kahr CM9. I know what you are going to say. When buying an item to protect yourself and your family, saving money is not the best thing to go on. But this is a very solid 9MM pistol that holds 6 rounds with a 3 inch barrel. The CM9 is super light at 15.9 ounces. One of the issues I have is the trigger pull feels a lot longer than I would like for a concealed carry weapon. That being said, it really is a good value if budget is an issue for you.
A new player in the concealed carry weapons market is the Smith & Wesson Shield. Early April 2012 Smith & Wesson announced and released a new M&P pistol. This is an ideal concealed carry weapon. Not only does it have a 3.1 inch barrel, but it also holds 8 rounds. The other feature that makes this pistol superior to many other concealed carry weapons' is the thickness (less than an inch thick). The Shield weighs in around 19 ounces so it is very easy to conceal. This is a great shooting pistol that comes in both 9mm and .40. The only issue with this pistol is your ability to purchase one! They should become easier to find later in the year but right now they are few and far between.
The final concealed carry weapon I would like to highlight is the 2012 offering from Springfield Armory, the XDS. The XDS is around 1” thick with a 3.3” barrel. It’s roughly the same size as the Shield but weighs slightly more at 21.5 ounces. The two great features of this pistol are the fiber optic front sight and the fact that it is a .45! This pistol shoots as well as a full size XDM with a trigger that feels very similar to its larger XDM brother. In my opinion the XDS is the ultimate concealed carry weapon.

Since we are all different shapes and sizes with different shooting preferences, what works for me, or someone else you know for a concealed carry weapon, may not work for you. Before making your final decision on a concealed carry weapon make sure you like the way the weapon looks, feels and shoots. If you have a favorite carry weapon right now please let us know!

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  1. Ruger LC9 w/Galloway Precision upgrades and FEG SMC 380.

  2. I carry the Springfield XDS and my wife carries the Ruger LCR. Both are great for cargo shorts pocket or a purse in my wife’s case.

  3. will the xds fit in a the front pocket of a pair of khakis?

    • i tried one out at local gun store and it fit easily in my front pocket i walked around sat down etc counld barely tell it was there with a inside the pocket holster it felt similar to putting your wallt in front pocket i got one on layaway !

    • I have an XDs and love it. If you want to carry it in your pocket, they are going to have to be pretty baggy and big pockets too. There are break away pants which may be a good option.

  4. Even if you’re not on a budget, the CM9 is the best CC in my opinion.

  5. Would like to shoot a XD-S. Have been carrying a xd45 compact for 4.5 years and before that a xd9 sub-compact for about 4 years. Both are great in my opinion.

  6. The only thing budget about the CM9 is that it is a cheaper version of the PM9. It’s basically the same gun with a few cosmetic differences. A great choice for light carry option. I agree the trigger pull is long. Feels like a revolver, but this is its safety. My other carry is an XDM 40 compact. A little on the heavy side, but one of the most comfortable guns I have ever shot. I’ll have to try the Xds. Could be CM9 replacement…

  7. I like my Sig P380. Shoots well and easy to carry…

  8. I bought a Beretta Nano from GrabAGun a few weeks ago and it has been great so far. Smaller than the Shield (thinner, shorter in both length and height, same weight), a touch heavier than the CM9 (and easier to shoot) but similar dimentionally, very reliable and well-made. Price is good. Availability is there. Happy w/ the choice. 6+1 in 9mm.

  9. My Sig P238 with Hornaday protection ammo is lightweight, comfortable, accurate, & great stopping power without a lot of recoil. Nice looking too. Other carry weapon is a Kahr PM 9. Just got a Bersa 380 Thunder, Black with gold accents that is slightly larger, but VERY accurate, & with the right holster (cell pouch) is still easy to conceal. Only had it 2 weeks & quickly becoming a favorite.

  10. I am like Steve as my everyday (and favorite) carry is my Kahr PM9 IWB loaded with Gold Dot short barrel and it is a great shooter. If I am dressed too light in this Florida heat I sometimes pocket (holster) carry my Sig P238 loaded with Cor Bon Pow’R Ball.

  11. ill wait for the Fnx 9mm compact, fn are lighter than springfield

  12. I’ve carried M&P Compact, Kahr, and now the XDs. XDs is my favorite by far! Big gun features, accurate, real trigger/real reset (no lawyer trigger here!), freshly installed HD Night Sights, and 230grains of P+ persuasion!

  13. SIG P290 RS with Hornady Critical Defense is my choice “when it counts!”

  14. I’ve had the Shield 9mm for several months. A surprisingly accurate shooter. Even at 30 ft. Very little recoil. I have fired 1200 rounds through it and it never has failed. Fits in Jeans front pocket in pocket holster with very little print.

  15. Glock 19 with ClipDraw belt clip, no holster needed. Fits right in the beltline, drape shirt over it, done deal. Been my carry piece for years. 15 rounds of 9mm+P Gold Dot hollow point in the grip. Light and comfortable since there’s no holster bulk involved. Try it.

  16. glock 36 should be added to this list for sure

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