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In our line of business you see no shortage of guns for sale. New guns for sale, used guns for sale, old guns for sale and so forth. It seems that everyone has a different reason for buying and selling firearms and it is always an interesting story. I find that when looking for guns for sale it’s good to get an idea of who used them previously and for what purpose. Let’s examine a few of the reasons below:

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1) Home Protection

Some people purchase their firearms for home protection only. When they find guns for sale online or in a local gun shop they are only interested in how well they can protect their family and property. Most of the time this person is only concerned with the function of the firearm and gives little credence to the look and feel. These firearms typically have little use and are good to purchase used. Here is a good place to start in finding the right gun for you. Click on Hand Guns self defense or Shot Guns for self defense to see the great selection of self defense guns.

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2) Hunting

This is a savvy shopper who is fairly particular to their manufacturer and caliber(s) because they have used something similar for hunting for a number of years. Their firearms get used and often. That being said, most hunters are fairly meticulous about keeping a clean firearm so that it will work for them 100% of the time when in the field. Hunting rifle will be the most common firearm you will find most hunters having. Second will be the hunting shotgun. Look for these firearms to show signs of use and wear but in good shape functionally.

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3) Shooting Enthusiast

When you find guns for sale from a gun enthusiast you will see some of the more fun guns to own. They typically have a lot of rounds through them but they look good physically.  These are good firearms to purchase used as the shooting enthusiast loves to sell and trade all of the time.

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4) Collectors

These are the most meticulous of firearm owners. They typically buy higher end firearms and shoot them only once or twice. These firearms are always in top aesthetic condition. Expect to pay a lot of money if buying from a collector even if the gun’s value has diminished over the years. They are always proud of their collections and do not like to get rid of them unless it’s at a premium.

Firearms are a lifelong investment that can be better than cash if you know what you are purchasing.  Always make sure you understand the history of a firearm if you are buying one used or new.  If you are wanting to trade up to a new firearm consider keeping your old model and saving up vs. trading it in. Before you know it you will have a collection of firearms that will be worthy of home protection, hunting, shooting or collecting!

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