Why Buy a Fixed Blade Knife?

fixed blade knifeDo You Own a Fixed Blade Knife?

There are many different kinds of knives out there, ones used for hunting, weaponry, sporting, utensils, camping, and art.  Depending on your need, no one will argue that you need the right knife to do the job.  Otherwise, whatever you’re doing can be tedious, time-consuming, frustrating, and could even be damaging.

Fixed-blade knives are used for a variety of things, including chopping wood as a lightweight hatchet, skinning, making shelter, self-defense, or even tying to the end of a stick to make a spear.  If you’re an outdoorsman or hunter, a fixed-blade knife is a key element that should always be in your survival kit.  It can be an invaluable tool and you will want it should you need it.

Fixed-blade knives are different from folding knives (folders) because there is one piece of metal that runs the length of the knife.  Sometimes, as in full tang construction, the knife runs the width and length of the handle and is often visible.  The sides of the handle are sandwiched around the tang and attached by rivets or pins.  Full tang construction is considered to be the most durable knife construction and can take a beating.  Several other options are available such as skeletonized tang, which may feature a cord-wrapped handle, push tang, hidden tang, or rat tail/stick tangs.  Several materials are also available in blade construction: carbon steel, stainless steel, high carbon stainless steel, laminate, titanium, ceramic, and even plastic all have their advantages and disadvantages.  Consider your reasons for wanting or needing a fixed-blade knife before you buy.

For those who want a knife they can trust doing tough jobs, a fixed-blade knife is the answer.  They are durable and hold up to the elements well because of their straight, simple construction.

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