How to Buy a Handgun

how to buy a handgun

Congratulations! You’re ready to buy your first handgun. But what are the steps to take in making such a worthwhile and important purchase? The first step in how to buy a handgun is to know your budget and keep in mind any accessories you might want to acquire. These are things like ammunition, a holster, a bag, and maybe even ear and eye protection for when you practice shooting.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. You might have a knowledgeable friend or an enthusiastic employee at a local gun range that can help you. Decide what the purpose of your gun will be; self-defense, recreational shooting, concealment? Also be aware that laws regarding handguns differer from state to state.

There are two types of handguns: semi-automatic and revolvers. Semi-automatics have many different distinctions, but the best bet for beginners is to pick something that will be reliable, and not require meticulous maintenance. Your goal is to know how to work your gun effectively and it to be comfortable in your hands. Some popular semi-automatics to use are Glock, Beretta, Springfield, Smith & Wesson and Ruger. These are just a few of the many handgun brands that are available. A good semi-automatic makes an excellent beginner's handgun.

Revolvers are reliable and quite easy to use. They are easy to load and you don’t have to worry about loading a magazine properly or fumbling with the slide as in semiautomatics. Revolvers come in a wide variety of weights and sizes, but they are often not as comfortable to hold as a semiautomatic, have limited capacities, and are often not as easy to shoot. Beginners should choose to buy this handgun when they want sheer simplicity above all else.

After you have narrowed your search considerably, try on the gun. Hold it in your hand and check if it’s comfortable enough. Do your fingers find the controls easily and could you handle the mechanics under pressure? The most important thing is to visit a range and do some target practice. The skills needed to operate your handgun effectively will only develop with practice.

Choosing your first handgun is a learning experience, but knowing what you’re going for and doing some research will really help you narrow it down to where you’ll be extremely happy with your purchase. Hopefully these tips will help you know how to buy a handgun.

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  1. Great insights. I always tell people that they need to try out lots of different guns and pick one that they feel comfortable shooting with.

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