Best Assault Rifles For Sale

assault rifles for sale

Assault Rifles for Sale

With all the talk of gun control and potential weapons bans, assault rifles have become a hot ticket item fast. Firearms such as the AR-15 assault rifle and the AK-47 are flying off the shelves like never before. With the availability of assault rifles that are loaded up on the tactical equipment from the factory in short supply in many areas, the versatility of the assault rifle becomes an even more important factor in its purchase.

The AR-15 is the civilian version of the M16 and M4 family of guns used by the military. They are popular for tactical and home defense weapons in part due to their versatility. The AR-15 is but one fine example of available assault rifles for sale.

The versatility of assault rifles is due to it being easily customized. Assault weapons can be outfitted with lights, lasers, optics, rails, grips, stocks, barrels, gas systems and more depending on the model. Another bonus is that most models are not difficult to customize. Being able to build your own custom assault rifle is a decided plus when factory equipped models is in short supply.

A good example of the versatility of assault rifles is with the use of two different upper receivers providing two different guns from one. For example, an 18-20” barrel is generally used for mid and long range shooting, while a 10.5” barrel is used for close spaces such as urban terrain and room entry tactics used in hostage situations or for room clearing. The versatile assault rifle allows you to have both by swapping out the upper receiver for the application at hand.

The broad availability of assault rifle components, including AR-15 accessories and AR-15 parts makes customizing almost any assault rifle a job almost anyone can perform.

Another factor to be considered with assault rifles is to purchase military specification rifles chambered in 5.56 NATO. They will accept the cheaper .223 ammo, whereas the commercial rifles will only accept the cheaper .223 and are will not tolerate the high pressure of the 5.56 NATO. This is because the military specifications rifle is built to military specifications and is of superior manufacturing. It will outlast, as well as outperform the commercial versions.

Assault Rifles For Sale at the Best Prices

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