Why Use Red Dot Scopes?

Red Dot Scopes
Red dot scopes are a classification of scopes that use an illuminated red dot as an aiming point. They are especially useful for fast shooting, military and police force, target shooting and hunting. In the real world, everything goes in fast motion, so you need to be able to aim quickly and react accurately even under high levels of stress.

The red dot has been proven to be the fastest type of reticle to place on target and provides the greatest increase in hit probability on close quarter moving targets. The scope uses reticles which are illuminated by a red LED.The reticles take the form of a small dot and places the dot on a target for a precise aim. Adjustments to the dot on your target are done by an up/down (elevation) and left/right (windage) settings on the scope. Unlike regular scopes, red dot scopes are more easily used at shorter distances, but still can be used at longer distances, when combined with magnification.

Most red dot scopes are defined as Reflex sights, as opposed to EOTech sights, which are truly holographic sights. Reflex sights will not create a defined and sharp red dot, and may look a bit fuzzy, which is normal. When looking at scopes, the size of the dot is measured in “MOA” (minute of angle), one-half inch at 50 yards, one inch at 100 yards, and two inches at 200 yards.

As in any tactical gear, firearms, or accessories, you get what you pay for. Some red dot scopes come in prices less than $100, and some in the $1,000’s.

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  1. With red dot sights I feel more accurate when I shoot. Definitely recommend them!

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