Concealed Carry Pistols

concealed carry pistols

Concealed Carry Pistols

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An experienced firearm owner typically has already made a decision in brand and caliber when purchasing a new firearm. On the other hand, someone who is not familiar with firearms may need assistance in making an informed decision. A good salesperson will take the time to discuss in terms you can understand the varieties of handguns available, as well as how they operate. An ethical salesman will help you to make an informed decision rather than simply pushing you in the direction of a particular gun.

The number of persons buying concealed carry pistols has grown tremendously in the past 5 years. Of these, many are first time gun owners who often are unsure of what they need. With so many brands, models and calibers available many first time buyers report the experience as a very stressful one full of uncertainty.

Here we will discuss some pointers to help you in your decision, and give you a better idea of what type gun may best work for you.

Responsible Ownership

Far too often it is the news of small children getting a parents gun and shooting themselves or other children. Gun ownership requires some responsibility to ensure a gun doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. If you plan to carry in a purse, bag or briefcase purchase a good holster difficult for young children to get into, or to pull a trigger. The best option is to lock the gun up out of reach at home, or put the purse containing the gun well out of climbing reach of small hands. Multiple safeties can help deter small children who are curious. Trigger guards are a must have. Learn how to safely handle a weapon with a certified instructor. One of the most dangerous activities with a gun is to wave it in the air-in the direction of people. Numerous people do this. They think the safety is on, or the gun is unloaded. Many deaths occur each year due to “unloaded guns” being fired.

Not to be forgotten is the maintenance of a firearm. Guns require cleaning and inspection routinely. Dust and debris can cause misfires, and pocket lint is attracted to guns. Revolvers are more tolerant of dust than semi-automatic pistols, when a malfunction occurs you simply pull the trigger again. Keep in mind though, some revolvers have inadequate safeties. Keep the weapon in a quality holster and clean the gun regularly. A number of self-inflicted injuries each year are due to guns being cleaned when “unloaded”. Learn the difference and inspect it thoroughly to ensure it is unloaded.

If you are not willing to be vigilant about these factors then you should reconsider the purchase of a firearm, and consider other means of self-protection. Keep in mind though; other options will not be as efficient as a gun in protecting yourself and family.

Rent a Gun

In a best case scenario, you can rent various carry concealed pistols at a practice range near your location. This will allow you some hands on experience with an assortment of sizes, calibers and models. Ideally, this range will offer basic handgun, personal protection as well as concealed carry classes provided by certified and experienced instructors.

Make a List

Concealed carry pistols need to be thin and light weight for a good concealment and personal comfort. Consider how you dress each day, and where you choose to carry the weapon (ankle holster, brief case, hip holster, pocket, purse, shoulder holster or in a vehicle). Try weapons of your choice on in gun holsters. Feel the weight, the fit in hand and holster, try different concealed carry holsters for comfort, hold the gun in your hand extended and check the sights, try the action. If you are left handed you may require an ambidextrous firearm to accommodate you. If the gun is so heavy you can’t hold it up, don’t buy it. Ensure your finger can reach the trigger without sacrificing comfort and accuracy.

Choose Quality Concealed Carry Pistols

There are values to be had in guns, but sometimes a cheap pistol is just a cheap pistol that won’t last. Don’t waste your money and risk your safety with poorly made firearms.

Practice is the Best Tool for Accuracy & Familiarity

Plan to practice often. Biannual practice is not enough. Ideally for the best accuracy a weekly practice session is advised if possible. The more you shoot, the better your accuracy and familiarity with your concealed carry pistol. In time, your hand will acquire ‘muscle memory’, which improves accuracy and firing time. It is then that you will find yourself comfortable with your pistol, and the time on the firing range will be time enjoyably spent.

GrabAGun stocks a large variety of new concealed carry pistol models. If you don’t see the model you seek, give our friendly customer service agents a call, we will be glad to locate your available weapon of choice and apply the GrabAGun value pricing. That’s one of the GrabAGun differences our customers enjoy. Give us a call today, or shop for guns online.

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