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AR 15 for sale

Unmatched Versatility | AR 15 for Sale

Wildly popular, there are an estimated 4 million AR 15’s in circulation among the civilian population within the U. S. It is the most frequently searched for rifle among guns for sale.
It is the preferred weapon of hunters, homeowners, preppers, hunters and collectors nationwide.

So what is it about the AR-15 that makes it so widely popular? The greatest appeal of the AR-15 is its versatility. It can be modified, customized, assembled from scratch and rebuilt with only a few basic tools and very little knowledge.

A desirable gun to begin with, possessing the reputation of extreme accuracy as well as a semi-automatic feed gas system. It is the legendary versatility of the AR-15 that takes the definition of custom to a whole new level.

Like the Presidents Limo, the AR-15’s features don’t end at basic construction. Its versatility allows for the equivalent of having 14+ weapons within one.

By simply exchanging the barrel and the receiver, the AR-15 can fire 16 different calibers and sizes of ammo from a .22 LR to the .50BMG.

Easily customized, the AR-15 adapts to a personal defense weapon at less than 36 inches to a sniper rifle of over 50 inches with the power to reach out and touch someone (or a trophy Buck) at an average accuracy range of 547 yards and firing 700-950 rounds/min. The magazine capacity is a standard 30 rounds, but gun magazines are available of up to 100 rounds.

There are hundreds of aftermarket AR-15 accessories available for use with a modular accessory rail. A few of the available AR 15 accessories are lights, pistol grips, night vision scopes, infrared scopes, collapsible stocks, skeleton stocks, solid body stocks and adjustable stocks, uppers and lowers for a large variety of calibers. As if that wasn’t versatility enough, the AR-15 lower receiver can be used as a trigger mechanism for single shot or side-fed upper receiver platforms and can be used to fire a number of larger calibers, including Crossbow bolts.

These features account for the strong popularity even when compared to other assault rifles for sale.

GrabAGun’s online gun sales can provide you with the AR 15 accessories you need including complete uppers for sale, AR 15 lower receivers for sale, and many more accessories for customizing the AR-15. Shop online to view our large assortment of the AR-15 for sale as well as an extensive inventory of AR-15 accessories and AR 15 parts.

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