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AK-47 for Sale

The Russian AK-47 and the American M16 are the two most common assault rifles for sale worldwide. It has been estimated that 100 million AK-47 type weapons have been manufactured throughout the world. One of the most widely produced firearms among assault rifles, the lighter weight stamped-steel AKM version is the most common type of AK-47 for sale today.

In comparison, the M16 has the better range and accuracy of 500 yards and up to 3000 yards, with its lighter, higher velocity 5.56×45mm cartridge, whereas the AK has an effective to maximum range of 380 yds. to 2500 yds. The AK-47 however, has the better penetration with a heavier 7.62×39mm cartridge.

Long known for its reputation of reliability, the AK-47 malfunction rate is 1-1000 rounds fired. It functions in a dirty environment with little to no maintenance, one of the reasons for its popularity. Reliability was further increased in the newer AK versions with stamped receivers, but accuracy is slightly reduced in the trade off due to its reduced weight.

The AK-47 has a standard magazine capacity of 30 rounds, with 10, 20 and 40 round boxes available. Drum magazines are also available with 75-100 round drums.

AK-47 Modern Variants

Modern variants of the AK-47 for sale today (7.62×39mm) are available in the following models:

  • AKM- The stamped and riveted sheet metal provides a lighter weight of 6.5 lb. Available with under-folding stock (AKMS), night scope rail (AKMN or AKMSN), and slotted flash suppressor and night rail scope (AKML or AKMSL). This model accounts for the majority of AK styled guns for sale in today’s market.
  • RPK- This version is a hand-held machine gun sporting a longer barrel and bipod.
  • Low-Impulse AK Variants 5.45×39mm
  • AK-74-Assault rifle with a side-folding stock. Available with a night scope rail in version AK-74N.
  • AKS-74U- A compact carbine available with a night scope rail in AKS-74UN.
  • AK-74M/AK-101/AK-103-Updated AK-74 with scope rail and side folding stock
  • AK-107/AK-108- These models sport balanced recoil
  • AK-105/AK-102/AK-104-Modernized carbine models
  • RPK-74M/RPK-201/RPKM and RPK-203-Light machine gun models

The most widely produced assault rifle in the world, these are but a few of the numerous variants of the AK-47 for sale. Produced by more than 30 manufacturers worldwide, the AK-47 and its variants are used by more than 105 countries.

With a very low production cost, available gun accessories for customization, and as one of the most budget friendly assault rifles for sale; the AK-47 and its variants will undoubtedly continue to evolve and grow in popularity.

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