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When you are looking for reputable onlinegun dealers shop GrabAGun.com.

Family owned and operated by gun enthusiasts like you, GrabAGun knows customer satisfaction is mandatory in the longevity of a business.

We take pride in elevating our services to a whole level above most online gun shops. The benefits of using GrabAGun.com include but are not limited to:

  • The best prices for new in the box guns.
  • Gun location services. If you are unable to locate the desired firearm, and we are out of stock or don’t carry it, we will find it for you and apply the GrabAGun discount! While we can’t assure a fast acquirement in the current market of more demand than there is supply, we will do our best to provide a timely arrival on a firearm. With orders processed daily and shipments arriving daily, our order to shipment timeline is faster than most other online gun dealers can provide.
  • Layaway service with easy terms.
  • Buy it now, you don’t have to wait! Check out our buy guns now and pay later option with a deposit.
  • Special orders. Want to order a premium weapon sporting a premium price and want to save money? GrabAGun will provide the GrabAGun discount on any available and brand new fire arm. Even that $100,000 plus custom shotgun your dad has been wanting receives the GrabAGun discount. We do everything possible to ensure customer satisfaction, but there are some factors beyond our control as noted in the following.

Online gun sales require shipment to your choice of FFL dealers near you. The FFL dealer will provide your background check and will charge a fee for their service. These fees are your responsibility and are not charged by us. Our website offers a convenient FFL dealer locator for a dealer near you.

Next, when your order arrives at your FFL provider’s location, check the firearm out completely before accepting it. Make certain it is the correct weapon with the correct features you ordered. We recommend you carry a copy of your order with you and use it as a checklist, and that you check the order for accuracy when placed, once you accept the weapon it cannot be returned.

Even if it has not been fired it is still considered a “used” firearm, so be absolutely certain you are receiving exactly what you ordered as we will not be able to accept it as a return once you have accepted it. Please refer to our policies page for further information regarding online gun sales.

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