Assault Rifle vs. Everything Else

assault rifles for sale

Assault Rifles for Sale

By definition an assault rifle is a military firearm that is chambered for ammunition of reduced size or propellant charge that has the ability to switch from semiautomatic to fully automatic fire. Accurate at ranges of 1000 to 1600 ft. assault rifles are the standard weapon of modern armies around the world.

The term used for all assault rifles for sale today, is often erroneously coupled with the term “assault weapon”. An “assault weapon” is a semi-automatic firearm whose capability is limited to the fire of one single bullet with each pull of the trigger. In comparison a fully automatic weapon continues to shoot until the trigger is released. Legislation has asserted an “assault weapon” is distinguished from a non-assault weapon by purely cosmetic features, such as a bayonet mount for example. An assault weapon functions no differently than any non-assault weapon, it merely features cosmetic updates.

Much like the once popular “kit cars” where a Porsche or Lamborghini kit body was mounted onto a Volkswagen frame. The results looked like a Porsche, but were mechanically a Volkswagen. The analogy is the same, with an assault weapon, you have a gun that looks like a fully automatic military weapon, but is actually a semi-automatic firearm like any other.

Where they differ is in cosmetic appearance. Folding stocks and bayonet mounts are examples of what makes an assault weapon as such. Function of the firing mechanism is not affected.

The Colt-AR15, and Springfield M1A are used in competitive competitions in the U.S. and use standard hunting calibers. Modify them to appear tactical and they become an “assault weapon”, or as they are more commonly called, an assault rifle.

Kits as well as parts are available for a gun owner to modify their own AR-15’s and AK-47’s to lift them to the category of assault rifles, or you can purchase assault rifles for sale factory made.

There are advantages to the assault rifle vs. the same gun in the non-assault rifle model. You will find the assault rifle to be lighter in weight, stocks will fold, and rails will accommodate a lot of tactical accessories that are available such as night vision or infrared, laser lights, tactical lights and much more. An especially valuable feature of firearms such as the AK-47 or the AR-15 is that receivers can be exchanged to accommodate a multitude of various calibers and sizes providing extreme versatility.

Whether you choose to modify your own, or purchase factory equipped assault rifles for sale, GrabAGun provides ar-15 parts, ar-15 accessories, AK-47 parts & accessories as well as assault rifles for sale.

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Good .22 Rifle for Sale

.22 Rifle For Sale

.22 Rifle for Sale

The .22 rifle is generally a youths first gun, as well as a ‘must have gun’ for experienced shooters. There are many advantages to owning a .22 rifle. The following details the most common reasons why almost every collection contains a .22 rifle and may assist you in making a decision:

  1. When you are looking for a very affordable rifle you will generally find a .22 rifle for sale to fit any budget.
  2. Ammunition is cheap, the main reason why many shooters use the .22 for target practice.
  3. The .22 rifle is generally very light weight, a main factor to consider when buying a first gun for youths and smaller shooters who may have difficulty holding a heavier gun steady.
  4. The .22 rifles are generally very accurate, with little recoil; the .22 bolt action rifles for sale today, especially exhibit a minimal recoil, which means more accurate shots and therefore reward, for a first time shooter.
  5. The .22 rifle fits easily into scabbards when trail riding, and is a cinch to carry on a sling when backpacking. Many hunters and hikers carry the .22 as an auxiliary weapon. The .22 rifle is the perfect weapon to have when encountering a coiled and striking rattlesnake. In this situation nothing beats the .22 rifle with .22 shot shells.The .22 shot shell, often called ‘rat shot’ or ‘snake shot’, is a .22 cartridge filled with shot. It makes your .22 weapon an effective mini ‘shotgun’. Firing a kill shot to a striking snake with a single cartridge when you are moving away from it is questionable. The .22 shot shell evens the odds between yourself and the poisonous crawly critters.
  6. There are a number of reliable and accurate brands of .22 rifles for sale on the market today. Gun accessories for the .22 rifle are numerous. Pistol grips, scopes and sights, laser lights, slings, gun magazines and more are all available to customize your .22 rifle. GrabAGun offers the Mossberg .22, Browning .22, Remington .22 and many other quality brands of the .22 rifle for sale at the discounted prices we are known for.
  7. The .22 rifle’s report is considerably quieter than other rifles. Easier on the ears, and less likely to frighten small game away.Many shooters began with the lightweight and reliable .22 rifle, and it is a good bet that most of them remember the fun of shooting that first gun. The reduced fatigue from low recoil ensures a longer practice time, a more comfortable small game hunt or less fatigue on a long trek through the woods.Competition .22 rifles are often the gun of choice for practice among competition shooters.

GrabAGun offers many brands of .22 rifles for sale, as well as a full menu of other firearms for sale. You are sure to find guns for sale to fit every budget. Shop our site for a .22 rifle as a first gun, a small game hunting gun or if you are shopping for a .22 target rifle for sale. Give our helpful customer service agents a call if you need assistance or further information.

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Reputable Gun Dealers

Gun Dealers

Gun Dealers

Buying guns through online gun dealers can be a great way to obtain the exact gun you are looking for and allows you to save money. It is perfectly legal to buy firearms through online gun sales. However, online gun dealers cannot ship a firearm directly to you, the law requires that any firearm you purchase be shipped to an FFL dealer.

An FFL dealer can legally receive and transfer the firearm to you. Once your gun arrives at the FFL dealer’s location, you will go in for the FFL dealer to complete your background check, and you will pick it up at the FFL dealer’s location. It is standard for the FFL dealer to charge you a transfer fee, generally around $25. This fee is your responsibility.

Any reputable online gun dealers will help you to find an FFL dealer in your area. GrabAGun provides a FFL Locator tab for you to locate an FFL dealer nearest to your area. It is recommended that you contact them for the amount of the transfer fee they will charge.

Ordering online generally provides a much larger “showroom” to shop from. Most Gun Shops simply don’t have the space to display a large amount of guns, accessories, parts and supplies. Many online gun dealers typically use secure warehouses, and therefore have considerably more space to house inventory which they then showcase it on their website.

GrabAGun receives shipments every day, if you find an item you wish to order is out of stock, simply click on the wish list and we will notify you when it is available. For your convenience we offer layaway service as well as a financing option.

GrabAGun – Your Online Gun Dealer

Shop our site, or give us a call with your questions and let us show you the GrabAGun difference.

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Finding Firearms For Sale

Firearms For Sale

Firearms for Sale

GrabAGun are gun dealers who are hunters and gun enthusiasts dedicated to providing quality firearms for sale, gun accessories and parts at a reasonable price to our fellow gun enthusiasts.

We offer pistols for sale, including revolvers, derringers, and derringer shotguns. Accessories, parts and supplies are available, including magazines, gun holsters, and carry conceal holsters and much more.

In the rifles category we offer Semi-Automatics, Bolt Action, Lever Action, Revolving Cylinder and Single Shot in over 70 brands, as well as the AR15 for sale in an impressive lineup of brands.

In addition, we stock ar15 accessories and ar15 parts including uppers and lowers, as well as everything else needed to fully customize an AR 15 to suit your individual needs. We offer conversion kits for many firearms, configurations as well as other caliber weapons.

GrabAGun provides one of the most extensive inventories of shotgun brands available on the internet. Whether you are looking for semi-automatic, pump, over and under, bolt action, side-by-side, revolving cylinder, single shot or lever action shotguns, you will likely find it on our site. GrabAGun also offers tactical shotguns, parts and accessories.

Whether you are a hunter, a discriminating collector of premium guns, a competitive shooter or Olympic contender, law enforcement or simply a family man looking for a home defense weapon or a weekend practice gun, GrabAGun offers the weapon you are seeking. GrabAGun customers receive the benefits of our dedicated customer service agents who will locate any available gun that we don’t stock and provide the value price we are known for.

Our vast inventory of guns for sale are updated daily as shipments arrive so check back often, or give us a call. We will be happy to assist you with all of your firearms needs and supplies.

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Rising Online Gun Sales

Gun Sales

Gun Sales

With recent gun control enacted in several states, and the consistent bombardment of proposed gun control laws in many others gun sales have soared in most parts of the U. S.

The fact is the rise in gun sales has been increasing since 2008. Gun control isn’t a new item. The only thing new about it is the consistency in which democrats are now putting on the pressure and enlisting the assistance of the public in pressing the issue.

Prior to the mass shootings we have seen in the last decade, liberals were pressing for gun control and bans. They appear to use any excuse to press their agenda of disarming the American citizen. Recently, some gun control proponents have made clear that gun control isn’t their desired end result, the banning of all firearms is.

The fact of reality is the threat has been good for business among gun dealers with significant increases in gun sales. Added into this mix are a rising number of home invasions and violent crimes by gangs and drug addicts in many areas, and no longer just the large cities. This too, has fueled an increase in gun sales. In 2012 home burglaries were up by 14%, while the number of home invasions is unknown as the Justice Department does not report them separately. According to some reports at least part are counted as burglaries while others are not counted at all. With 48% of victims injured in home invasions, and 50% of all perpetrators armed, home invasions account for over a third of total annual assaults and 60% of rapes.

Choose GrabAGun For Online Gun Sales

It is no wonder families want to purchase a firearm for home defense, and they have every right to protect themselves and their families against perpetrators.
Gun Dealers, including Gun Shops and online gun sales have become a growing business with an increasing demand fueling shortages. In the current political and social environment, a downward turn in gun sales is not expected anytime soon.

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A Look At Online Gun Sales

Online Gun Sales

Online Gun Sales

There is no record for how many guns are sold each year in the U. S., though it is possible to track how many NICS (National Institute Criminal Background Check System) applications for the purchase of a firearm have been processed, but as for data regarding the number of guns sold with or without background checks, it simply does not exist.

How Online Gun Sales Stats Were Found

For 2012 there were 16,808,538 applications submitted by the end of November. Records have been kept since 1998 allowing some facts to be observed based on the data. Approximately 44% of all applications are for long guns such as rifles. Kentucky has the highest number of applications, while Rhode Island had the least among the lower 48 states.

There were 976,255 denials processed through the system for the 2012 data. Convicted offenders account for approximately 59% of all denials in the system.

Gun control advocates like to manipulate the facts. Of the 16 plus million applications processed by the NICS the exact number that proceeded to an actual purchase is not known, there is no accurate record of purchases, period. Any statement made of the number of guns sold in the U. S. can at best be an estimate. If stated as a fact you are viewing a direct attempt to manipulate the public.

Recently you hear a lot about the 40% who are buying privately and in online gun sales without a background check. This is a misleading statement based on a 19 year old study that was never an accurate reflection.

The 40% being quoted is completely false and shows just how manipulative gun control advocates are. The so called data they base their statements upon is like considering the data a preschooler would gather on the number of non-indigenous invasive species in a foreign country.

The frail basis of a claim for the 40% comes from a 1997 National Institute of Justice study by researchers Philip Cook of Duke University and Jens Ludwig of the University of Chicago. This study examined data from a 1994 telephone survey on gun ownership taken months after the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act of 1993 took effect. The Brady Act mandated background checks of individuals buying guns at gun shops.

In this survey 2,568 homes were surveyed with questions regarding gun ownership, including how many guns were in the house, what they were used for, how they were stored and where the owner obtained them.

Of the 2,568 households surveyed, only 251 people answered the question of where the owner obtained the gun. Of the approximate 10% who answered this question 35.7% reported obtaining their gun from someone other than a licensed dealer. This is the source of the infamous 40% and includes guns that were gifts, inherited or won whose source of purchase was unknown by the receiver.

Another problem with this survey is that it was taken in late 1994; months after the Brady Act went into effect. The questions asked were regarding gun purchases that had been made in the previous two years. This means some of the gun purchases occurred prior to the Brady Act going into effect.

The 40% statistic is outdated, inaccurate for the time then, and certainly not an accurate reflection of today’s firearm transactions without background checks.

There simply is no method of accurately assessing guns actually sold requiring a background check, much less tracking gun transactions without background checks.

Let’s be clear upon some other inaccurate claims by anti-gunners. Some states do require background checks be performed by individuals selling a firearm privately. Some individuals require a background check even if not required by their state, and it is federal law that online gun sales by online gun dealers require a background check by a FFL provider.

A citizen would be wise to investigate the facts before believing them. The American people have never been so mislead as is now occurring by elected officials as well as those activists with their own deceptive agenda’s that are dividing our nation.

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Great Deals for Guns Online

Guns Online

Guns Online

With all of the controversy surrounding guns and gun control, gun sales continue to climb making being a gun dealer good business.

While it is good for both online gun sales, and gun shops it can be aggravating for gun buyers who often find both shops and providers of popular guns online out of stock.

With manufacturers producing goods as fast as they are capable of, there simply isn’t a great deal that dealers or customers can do.

Unfortunately, many gun dealers are practicing supply versus demand tactics with elevated pricing. Some dealers are selling exact weapons for twice the price of other dealers and actually receive it! Often, it is a first come first serve situation where gun sales are concerned.

The sale of guns online is perfectly legal. A purchase still requires a background check. You choose a FFL provider from our FFL tab at the top of our toolbar, and we ship it to the FFL provider of your choice who will provide your background check for a fee. Once the background check is approved, you pick up your weapon. Shopping online is a great way to shop from thousands of firearms, models and optional features.

GrabAGun provides guns online and offers a wishlist option. You simply add an out of stock item to your wishlist. As soon as the item comes in we will notify you. We order and receive shipments daily, meaning your order can be filled faster than online dealers who order weekly or even more often.

We also offer guns not listed in our inventory. If you are seeking a particular available weapon that we do not stock, or a weapon lacking all the features you desire, simply give us a call. We will find the firearm for you and provide the GrabAGun value price that we do for all in stock items.

Find Guns Online With GrabAGun

Your fellow hunters and gun enthusiasts at GrabAGun take pride in our dedicated service to our fellow shooters. This dedication has made GrabAGun the premier provider of guns online. Shop our site, give us a call if we can help you, and let us make GrabAGun your premier provider for all of your firearm needs.

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Finding Hunting Guns For Sale Online

hunting guns for sale

Hunting Guns for Sale Online

Leaves of red and gold litter the forest floor this time of year, and while a beautiful sight it is nature’s advanced warning system for keen eared wildlife. Most hunters simply can’t execute a path through the forest without sounding like a herd of elephants coming through.

Few persons in this day and age know how to maneuver quietly, much less silently with a toe-heel step rather than the heel-toe. Modern shoes do little to help in this situation with their stiff & unbending soles. Modern shoe designers have yet to tackle foot gear for silent travel through branch or leaf litter. Ancient designers mastered it of course long ago with moccasin style, soft soled footwear. Unfortunately, they tend to allow rock bruises and cold, wet feet.

Most hunters set up in blinds or tree stands and this resolves the problem of loud feet once you arrive. Until flexible and specialized hunter’s shoes are deemed a necessity, a hunter’s best approach is silence and cover, accuracy and a good hunting gun.

The inexperienced hunter could benefit from knowing that lower grain ammunition may be fine for target practice in some weapons, but a poor choice for an efficient hunt. In some guns, cheap low grain ammo can lead to misfires or even damage to the gun. Always buy a good grade of ammunition, even in lower grains for practice. Practice with both your hunting ammo as well as practice ammo if they are not the same. The recoil may be different, especially if one is a higher grain than the other.

GrabAGun understands the thrill of the hunt and the anticipation of the first kill game on the grill and table. We offer fine quality rifles and shotguns for sale, as well as accessories, supplies and parts to keep you in the game.

You will find our site provides top brand guns for sale online, and well as other brands, and all are at the GrabAGun value prices.

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Selecting Pistol Grips

pistol grips

Pistol Grips

Choosing the Correct Pistol Grip

Choosing properly fitted pistol grips is integral to maintaining control and accuracy of a firearm. Hands are different sizes and so are pistol grips.

An experienced shooter can palm a pistol and know almost immediately if a gun ‘fits right’. It may seem complicated to the novice but it really isn’t. Most weapons come with well-fitting pistol grips, but those with large or small paws will often find many choices among pistol grips that can provide a more custom pistol grips type fit and control of a firearm.

A simple test of a pistols fit, as well as the fit of pistol grips is to wrap your fingers around the grip. If it fits, your thumb and middle finger should overlap. The grip is too large for your hands if your thumb cannot touch your middle finger. At the same time, grips can be too small. A grip that is too small will result in poor control of recoil. With your fingers wrapped around the grip, note the placement of your middle finger. If it is overlapping your palm then the grip is too small. The recommended best fit is for the middle finger to overlap the thumb by the length of a man’s thumbnail.

Grip shape and angle can also affect the line of the gun. With the pistol gripped take note of whether or not it points in line with your arm. If not, choose another grip, or pistol. Pistols can be too large for the shooters hands. Adding large grips will only compound this problem in most cases. It is a balance at times, if you shoot a magnum revolver the larger pistol grips will absorb more recoil, whereas thin and therefore more concealable pistol grips will be the better choice for concealed carry pistols. Some grip manufacturers have separate grip choices for each class of weapon.

Some grips are single purpose; they may work great on the practice field, but fail miserably for any other purpose. Unless you want to be switching grips out routinely it is best to use a grip suited for the main purpose (as with a duty weapon or personal protection gun). You wouldn’t want to obtain accuracy with a pair of grips used only on the practice field when they fit your hand differently than what you are normally using. Accuracy can suffer if you do. A well-fitting and comfortable pair of pistol grips is the best option.

Other factors to consider is how much palm swell and checkering is present on grips. Too much palm swell or thumb swell will prove detrimental to grip and accuracy. Too much checkering will be uncomfortable, while too little creates a slippery gun in a sweaty hand.

Pistol grips are the contact point between the hand and gun and proper fitting is imperative to accuracy, comfort, control and safety.

GrabAGun is the premier choice of online gun dealers for firearms, parts and gun accessories. We offer pistol grips to fit a variety of pistols and paws. For any questions you may have contact any of our customer service agents who will be happy to help you.

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