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gun holsters

Gun Holsters

Gun holsters provide protection for the gun, firmly secure it, and can provide for ready access to the handgun. In choosing a gun holster, the user must consider their requirement from a holster. For example, law enforcement personnel require fast access, and secure holding to retain the weapon when taking down a perpetrator. The failure of a holster to provide this may result in severe injury or even death to the officer.
Holsters are generally extracted with one hand, requiring its construction material to be stiff thereby preventing the holsters collapse that can lead to failure for a timely extract as well as difficulty reinserting the handgun.
Individual needs must be considered with securement design. Police as well as individuals often choose a closure to prevent the weapon from being easily removed or the trigger engaged within the holster. A personal handgun in a home where children especially requires close attention to the presence or lack of one or more safety’s on the weapon, as well as consider a hooded closure or other design to prevent children from firing or extracting a holstered weapon.
Holsters also assist in protecting the firearm from dust and lint, the presence of which can cause a misfire. Another environmental factor to consider is when using carry concealed holsters is perspiration. A weapon carried close to the users body can contact perspiration, thus, a good holster that will enclose and protect the firearm is necessary.
Comfort is another consideration with carry concealed holsters. Gun holsters should be broad to break up the handguns outline beneath clothing, as well as to distribute the pressure of the weapon and holster over a larger area. Broad carry concealed holsters will prevent abrasions to the skin.
The fit of the weapon is another factor to consider. Gun holsters that are too tight are difficult to remove. Gun holsters that are too loose can allow the handgun to slip out, and depending upon the weapon, increases the odds of a misfire. An unsheathed weapon in a purse, bag, backpack or briefcase can misfire on certain handguns when items like ink pens, lipstick, mascara or other objects work their way in and depress the triggers on guns without a safety. A well-fitting holster is perhaps the most important of gun accessories you can purchase.

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Be a responsible handgun owner, secure your weapon in a suitable holster, carry in a responsible manner and ensure children or young persons do not have ready access.

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