Gun Safe Ratings & What They Mean

Gun Safes

Gun Safes

A gun safe secures and protects multiple weapons and ammunition from unauthorized access and burglary. Gun safes are also available that protect the contents from fire, flood and other naturally occurring disasters.

Gun safes or vaults may be in a dedicated area and secured with vault doors allowing them to double-up as a gun safe as well as safe rooms and tornado safe rooms.

Gun safes should always be locked, especially in homes with small children. Bolting a gun safe down will prevent their being tipped over on a person and to prevent burglars from being able to carry the entire safe away.

Gun safes may be rated with one of 7 burglary ratings and 3 fire ratings.

Burglary Ratings

B Rated Safe:

Has not been tested and has a locking device. This rating complies with the minimum requirement of a 1/4 inch thick body and 1/2 inch thick door.

Residential Security Container RSC:

This rating has an U. L. rating. This rating requires the safe to withstand 5 minutes of burglary style attempts of entry with prying, drilling, chiseling, punching, and other tampering with common burglar tools.

C Rated Safe:

Requires a 1/2 inch thick steel box and a 1 inch thick door containing a lock as well as a hard plate and relocking device. No tests are required for this writing.

E Rated Safe:

Tested by an independent company and is typically a plate or composite safe. This is an insurance rating.

ER Rated Safe-U.L. ™ TL-15 Rated:

ER is an insurance rating. The U.L. means it has passed standardized tests as defined by U.L. © Standard 687. This rating requires the safe to be manufactured of 1 inch solid steel or the equivalent. This safe has been tested with a burglar entry of 15 minutes using the same tools as previously noted plus devices applying pressure.

F Rated Safe-U.L. ™ TL-30:

An insurance rating. The tests are the same as for the
TL-15 except burglar effort is extended to 30 minutes.

G & A Rated Safe-U.L. ™ TL-30X6:

An insurance rating that undergoes the same tests as the TL-30 except that testing is on all 6 sides (the addition of top and floor).

Fire Ratings

1/2 Hour-U.L. class 350 Rated Safe: Tested by U.L. and heated for one-half hour to reach an exterior temperature of 1550 degrees. It must maintain an internal temperature of less than 350 degrees to earn this rating. In addition of being removed from the oven it is then raised to a height of 30 feet and dropped onto concrete rubble. Once cooled, it is lifted and returned to a preheated oven of 2000 degrees F. The contents of the safe must remain unharmed and the door must remain in place.

1 Hour-U.L. ™ class Rated Safe: The safe is heated for 1 hour to reach an external temperature of 1550 degrees and then goes through the cool down test. Like the 1/2 hour rated safe it is hoisted 30 feet and dropped onto concrete rubble, is allowed to cool and is then placed back into a 2000 degree F oven. The contents of the gun safe must remain unharmed and the door must remain in place.

2 Hour-U.L. ™ class 350 Rated Safe: This test is like the 1/2 Hour and the 1 Hour test in all respects except it is initially heat for two hours.

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