Buying Guns as Gifts

buying guns as gifts

Guns for Sale | GrabAGun Gift Certificates

For the gun enthusiasts on your Christmas list, the gift of guns and gun accessories are gifts sure to please. When purchasing guns for sale to give as gifts there are a few tips you need to be aware of beforehand.

With thousands of gun laws on the books, the first rule of giving guns is to know the laws of your state regarding the gift of guns. Some states require the transfer of guns even among family members to be provided by an FFL dealer.

Next, you must know if the receiver of the gift can legally own a firearm. It is against federal law for a convicted felon, drug users, illegal aliens, a person under a restraining order, persons convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence, a person who has been committed to a mental institution, those who have been indicted for a crime punishable with more than a year in jail to own a gun. It is also illegal to transfer ownership of guns to a person outside of your state.

There are many more prohibitions that vary by state of residence. These are but a few examples and knowing gun gifts laws in advance can prevent a great deal of trouble for yourself. Of course you can simplify matters gift by giving a gift certificate. This has the advantage of allowing them to choose their own gun or accessories, and purchasing guns in their own name.

Gun accessories are also an excellent gift. Gun scopes are popular, as are upgrade kits, gun cases, and gun magazines. When you aren’t certain of exactly what the gun enthusiast in your life desires, a GrabAGun gift certificate provides the perfect opportunity for them to purchase exactly what is on their wish list from the warm comfort of home in our online gun shops.

If you have any questions regarding any of our guns for sale give us a call, we will be happy to help you. From all of us at GrabAGun, to all of you we wish you a safe and wonderful Merry Christmas!

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Picking an AR15 Optic

ar15 optics

AR-15 Accessories

Choosing AR-15 Optics

The world’s most versatile rifle, the AR-15 can be configured for the military, target shooting and hunting. With so many AR-15 accessories and parts available, it is the equivalent of having numerous guns in one. Choosing optics for the AR-15 can be completely overwhelming with so many gun optics available. In the following we will take a look at some of the most popular choices from one end of the cost factor to the other. Ultimately, the optimum choice is choosing the optic that best fits your specific use for close-range, mid-range and long-range shooting.

Budget Friendly – Simmons Predator Quest 4.5-18×44

AR-15’s are increasingly being used for predator hunting. As coyote populations balloon, and wild hogs cause increasing danger and destruction to farms and cities alike in the south, the AR-15 is fast becoming the preferred gun for predator control. The Simmons Predator Quest 4.5-18×44mm is a great choice for a limited budget. The Predator Quest provides a wide field-of-view of 19.5’ to 5’ at 100 yards with a generous objective lens that can be adjusted for 4.5x to 18x zoom. The multi-coated optics provides optimum transmission of light, high contrast, superior glare control and extreme clarity. It features turret adjustments and side parallax it provides all the tools for keeping a precise bead on the target, as well as a nitrogen purge system provides waterproofing and anti-fog capability. This gun optic is also available in 6-24×50mm for just a little more.

Bushnell 1-4×24mm AR Optics – The Name Says It All

Bushnell’s Illuminated BTR-1 reticle provides superior low light performance and accurate holdovers of up to 500 yards. The Throw down PCL lever provides power changes in a snap. Good for general use and budget friendly.

Leupold Mark AR 3-9×40 – More for the Money.

The Mark AR 3-9×40 features a multi-coat that provides a crisp clear image by increasing available light while reducing reflection and glare. Utilizing an argon/krypton gas blend waterproofs while virtually eliminates fog. Illuminated reticules and mil-dot are available options. The Leupold Mark AR provides the features of a great optic for mid-range shooting.

Nikon 4-16×42mm M-223 BDC 600 – Provides Accuracy

The generous magnification range and side-focus parallax adjustment increases the accuracy potential and with the Bullet Drop Compensator feature, provides a point of aim out to 600 yards. Featuring a 1/4 MOA target-styled adjustment and clear, bright optics the Nikon provides a tangible upgrade for improved accuracy, as well as being waterproof, shockproof, fog proof and Nitrogen-filled.

Zeiss’ Conquest HD5 3-15×42mm

Hunters may also like the new Zeiss’ Conquest HD5 scope that features a big 5X magnification range contained in a sleek 1-inch tube, zero-stoppable turrets, and a precise side focus. The advanced design provides finer adjustments than previous versions. Accommodating mid to long range shooting, this “hunting” scope would be right at home on any long-distance shooting range.

Trijicon VCOG 1-6×24mm

The combat ready Trijicon VCOG (Variable Combat Optical Gunsight) is a low-range with variable-power optic with an impressive 1-6x magnification range. It is available with a wide variety of LED-illuminated reticules for a variety of calibers. Multicoated lenses allow for superior light transmission and water proof to 20 meters. The VCOG comes with an integrated mounting system for attachment to Picatinny rails. Quick detach mounts are also available. The recently released MIL-spec grade optic VCOG accommodates CQB as well as long distance marksmanship.

Leupold Mark 8 1.1-8×24mm CQBSS – Power & Precision

Designed for the extremes of combat, rugged, tough and waterproof, the Leupold Mark 8 1.1-8×24mm CQBSS is the embodiment of what today’s optics are capable of. The 1.1-8x magnification allows for precision to be maintained as well as the field of view. Providing the ideal in both power and precision allows for fast target acquisition and extreme accuracy. It is a truly versatile scope ideal for close combat or long shots. The CQBSS is the perfect choice for the troops whose input led to the design of the CQBSS and a scope capable of doing it all and doing it exceptionally well. Available with a variety of options the upper price range is well worth the money where supreme accuracy matters for law enforcement, military and competition shooters.

Save Money When You Shop With GrabAGun

GrabAGun.com carries an extensive stock of gun optics to accommodate all classes of shooters. Whether you are shopping for AR-15 accessories and optics, guns for sale or other AR-15 parts and gun accessories, shop GrabAGun.com’s online gun shop with great prices for all of your online gun needs.

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Stopping Game Camera Thieves

game camera

Camo Game Camera

Deterring Game Camera Theft

As many unfortunate hunters have discovered, the theft of hunting game cameras is on the rise. There are claims that night vision cameras infrared function will activate cell phone cameras alerting the thief to the presence of the trail camera. If this is accurate, there is little you can do to prevent the theft of trail cameras with infrared other than placement in little used areas.

GPS technology has yet to develop game cameras with a GPS locating feature. Perhaps in the near future the small GPS components of cell phones and newly released DSLR cameras will be adapted for use in game cameras. For smart phones that are GPS enabled you can download the free app Prey (before the phone goes missing), and for non-smart phones subscribe to the app Accu Tracker with a small monthly fee. If you have a Prey account when the phone goes missing, you simply log into your account to locate your missing smart phone. With Accu Tracker you log into the website to locate the missing phone. Hopefully these apps or others will be soon be of assistance to hunters whose trail cameras go missing.

Until the technology arrives for use in game cameras, the following hints can assist you in preventing theft and assisting in possible recovery.

  • Position long range night vision game cameras well away from commonly used trails and roads.
  • Camouflage game cameras, and don’t make the mistake of cutting brush for this purpose. Dead brush can be a dead giveaway to camera thieves. Some hunters use natural looking artificial plants that blend well into the foliage appropriate for the season. It will keep its color much longer than brush. Keep in mind, during the winter when the leaves fall bright greenery can be as much of an alert as dead natural brush. Use fall colored foliage in the fall, or place the camera in an area where natural foliage and brush help to screen it. If using placed material do not block the camera’s eye, field of vision or motion sensor with foliage.
  • If visual contact alone is the only means thieves have of locating your game cameras, keep in mind that the eye sees the nearest object best, placement where brush and trees are between paths, trails and the camera, will assist in making it ‘disappear’ into the landscape.
  • Shadows are fleeting, but can assist in hiding the camera. Some cameras are camouflaged, but if not placed on the appropriate tree will stick out like a sore thumb.
  • Mark all trail cameras in a means you can identify. It isn’t a bad idea to put your telephone number on the camera with the message to call (your number) if anyone tries to sell it.
  • There are trail cameras available that send the images to a website. This has double the benefits as you can see game in real time and it does the same with thieves. These are photos you can turn over to law enforcement to assist in capturing the thieves and are considered evidence. These models cost significantly more but are well worth the money if your cameras are being stolen as fast as you set them up.
  • Last but not least consider a game camera with password protection. It won’t prevent theft, but it will prevent anyone else from using the camera!

GrabAGun online gun dealers has game trail cameras for sale with the same great discounts we apply to our gun sales. Shop our site and if you have questions give our friendly sales agents a call!

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Deer Hunting Tips

buy deer guns online

Buy Guns Online

Tips for Hunting Whitetail Deer

Deer Hunting is one of the top hunting sports in many areas of the U. S. With deer populations soaring many areas have increased bag limits and/or provide an extended season to allow for thinning of the deer population to provide better health for deer. GrabAGun online gun dealers has compiled a list of tips from successful deer hunters nationwide and are happy to provide the top 10 favorites.

1. Use effective scouting. Scouting can identify bedding areas, food sources, water holes, funnels, and deer trails. Gone are the days when scouting by foot or 4 wheelers were necessary. These means of scouting, while effective leave scent and spook deer. With today’s technology hunters can use game cameras, aerial photos and in some areas game maps are available.

2. Get the most out of game cameras. Set out mineral blocks or feed to bait your cameras locations. This maximizes your cameras potential to locate areas frequented by deer. Keep in mind your states hunting laws and don’t attempt to hunt game at cameras, baiting game is illegal in many states.

3. Hang tree stands 20-ft. or higher, as you are more likely to be detected by sharp eyed deer at lower levels. At this height a deer has to look up to see you. This allows you to have some movement and get away with a little noise, and may make your scent less detectable. Better yet, use multiple tree stands in several locations. Take wind direction into account for placement as well as the choice stand of the day. If you locate a stand on a frequently traveled trail for example, use the tree for shielding as an extra advantage. Exercise prudent precautions and wear a good quality safety harness when hunting from tree stands.

4. Avoid walking through direct areas where deer frequent. This will prevent introducing your scent to the area. Rake leaves, and trim branches in a planned path to and from the stand that avoid bedding areas and game trails and to prevent making noise as you travel to your tree stand.

5. Assure that you have a clear shot from your hunting stand or blind by trimming tree limbs. Use prudence, take away too much and the deer may avoid the area entirely. Use the branches below, along and slightly above your stand. It provides cover to break up your outline and helps to keep you hidden. Fresh cut cedar, spruce and pine can also help to mask your scent as well.

6. Many hunters swear by odor elimination, others hunt without it with successful results. If you don’t want to spray down on the hunt, use wind as your friend. If you stay downwind of deer they aren’t going to smell you. Be clean and perfume free by all means, but keep in mind many hunters have successful hunts without having to scrub up and spray as if you are a biological weapons manufacturer.

Many ancient cultures scrubbed in rivers before the hunt. Others would rub the feces of the game they hunted over body and clothing. They lacked grocery stores when the hunt failed therefore it must be assumed to have been an effective technique. However, most people today prefer modern hunting scent eliminator to the feces.

If you do find you have better results by utilizingscent eliminators, then by all means use it. Shower using scent-eliminating soap and shampoo. Use unscented laundry detergent on all hunting clothing and store them inside a sealed plastic bag. The odor-free group of hunters recommend while hunting to routinely spray down with a high quality odor eliminator, and not to forget your shoes!

Using common sense on the type of clothing worn will help to reduce sweating and body odor. If hiking makes you sweat remove your coat or that extra thick shirt you wore over your clothing. If the feet sweat look into a different type of sock or shoe. Once you reach your location clean up the stinky spots with odor free wipes and spray down with odor eliminator if necessary. Odor eliminating field wipes is available and convenient to carry and use.

7. Don’t forget to clean gear. If you store your gear in a garage, attic, basement or closet reeking of gas and grease, perfumes or other scents your gear can absorb the odor. Clean and air out equipment ahead of time. If bags can’t be laundered clean them with a scent eliminating soap and allow plenty of sunshine and air to clear the scents out. Spray with odor eliminators as necessary.

8. Practice makes perfect. There is no better tool to improve shooting accuracy than practice. Sights can break, fail and be bumped out of place. Learning to shoot deer hunting guns accurately minus the sights at various yardages is the best way to assure your aim, and your guns are ‘dead on’.

9. In a perfect world you will have located your tree stand downwind of the deer. When the world isn’t perfect use the ancient trick of wetting a finger and holding it up to the wind to determine which direction it is blowing from, then get down wind of where you expect deer to approach from. A handy tool to have is a wind direction indicator, but lacking it taking note of the first to dry spot on a wet finger can accurately indicate the direction wind is blowing from and has worked well for many generations.

10. Don’t Smoke! Deer don’t smoke, and neither should you if you expect to tag a deer. Tobacco scent not only carries, it lingers. Many a soldier has met his death due to an enemy smelling burning tobacco. Deer have a much more sensitive sense of smell than enemy soldiers, so don’t smoke.

Make your hunt an enjoyable safe experience. Practice all hunting and firearm safety procedures, be aware of gun and tree stand safety, and inspect before and during the season for potential problems. Finally, be aware that though rare, deer can attack hunters, especially during the rut.

Inexperienced deer may allow a hunter to approach within 50-70 feet if the hunter appears non-threatening (no eye contact, slow movements, moving parallel rather than directly towards the deer), but the mature buck can and have been known to attack. Injuries can be life threatening or even fatal.

From the GrabAGun staff we hope you have a productive and enjoyable hunting season! We stock deer hunting guns, scent eliminators, scopes & sights, game cameras, field gear and much more to provide your hunt with the gear you need and want. If you have questions give us a call we will be happy to assist you!

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Turkey Hunting Tips

Turkey Hunting Tips

Guns Online

Bagging the Elusive Turkey |Turkey Hunting Tips

With fall fast easing into winter the hunter who knows turkeys will have an advantage in the hunt for Tom Turkey. As avid hunters ourselves, GrabAGun.com understands the challenge turkey hunting can prove to be. GrabAGun provides the premier source of online gun sales and with a large inventory of shotguns for sale, we invite you to check out our site when shopping for new hunting guns. The following are a few tips and facts that have proved to be of merit in our own wild turkey hunts each season. We hope you will find them as useful as we have!

Turkeys often favor eating protein-rich insects that also provide a source of moisture. Uncut grasses separating woods and fields attract insects as well as the turkeys looking for a tasty meal. Fresh buds, grasses, small reptiles and snakes, berries and crabapples are other warm weather fare for the wild turkey. Once a frost falls, insects are removed from the menu and wild turkeys will search for beechnuts, acorns, nuts and grain, among other edibles.

Deer and bird feeders will often attract wild turkeys that enjoy a free meal of spilled cracked corn, millet, wheat and other seeds. Nor is it a rarity to see turkeys in an acorn rich yard where the lack of forest deadfall makes for easy pickings, especially if the yard adjoins a wooded area where turkeys will venture with the safety of the woods close by. Many hunters experience the irony of finding wild turkeys on the lawn when they fail to even see a turkey on a recent hunt.

Hens that failed to raise a brood will gather in groups that commonly stay together through summer and into winter. These groups can include hens of different ages and may include the current year’s juveniles. After the breeding season ends, adult and juvenile gobblers will flock together in late spring and summer traveling in autumn groups, and into the beginning of winter.

As any turkey hunter knows, turkeys are wary creatures and often difficult to hunt, especially in certain locales of the south. It is interesting to note that wild turkeys can run at speeds of up to 25 mph, can see in color with daytime vision that is three times keener than that of humans, all of which assist the turkey in his survival and make the hunters task more difficult.

Hunters will find the success of a hunt eased by newer model shotguns for sale that feature state of the art technology effectively reducing recoil by as much as 70%. In addition, GrabAGun.com stocks turkey hunting chokes to provide your next hunt with greater success.

Turkeys generally have favored habitats, and by observing wild turkeys year round hunters can get a fairly accurate assessment of where turkeys can be found during the seasons. Game cameras and residents who live in hunting areas can be helpful in determining where turkeys gather most often at any given time of the year and especially during hunting season.

GrabAGun.com has a large inventory of firearms for sale, including a large variety of shotguns for sale. We provide the best turkey hunting guns prices as well as providing for your entire online gun sales needs.

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Guns For Sale in American History

guns for sale

Guns: An American Tradition

To fully understand America’s dedication to guns one must go back to our country’s beginnings.

In Europe, where most early immigrants hailed from, guns were almost exclusively in the hands of the military, the elite and the wealthy. The majority of land was primarily owned by royalty and nobility. The common man rarely owned land and paid taxes in money made, goods produced or foods grown. Under many royal rulers, taxes often left the common man and his family with insufficient means for survival, much less the ability to prosper. Hunting was forbidden, allowed only for the elite.

Another European factor that greatly influenced the developing American identity was inheritance among the nobility. The custom was for the eldest son to inherit any titles and lands and other assets. If he died, the next oldest son inherited and so on.

Among these nobles’ younger sons who had nothing to lose and everything to gain they immigrated in large numbers to the wilderness that would eventually become the independent nation of the U.S.

America was truly a land of promise with vast lands and resources that afforded the opportunity of individual wealth. The promise of land they could call their own inspired Europeans who struggled in a Europe of dwindling resources and overcrowded conditions to immigrant to the New World.

Not even the settlers who lived in towns could count upon safety from angry Natives and gangs of thieves. Guns were used to hunt for food, valuable furs as well as a means of protection from dangerous wild animals, robbers, Natives and foreign armies.

The militia was born in this setting in a land where a domestic army lacked funding. It was the required responsibility of the citizen militia to protect his community and country. He provided his own guns, ammunition and often his supplies. The advent of newer techniques in firearms manufacturing resulted in cheaper and more plentiful guns for sale in Colonial America. The environment of an American wilderness and the possession of guns created the independent and self-sufficient American of the time and to a great extent the citizen we know today. In time, the citizens began to resent European taxations and demands for more. The American attitude of independence constituted a threat to European authority and abuses against settlers grew by European armies and some governors. In the wars between European nations over the new world, the citizen constituted the soldiers who fought them.

With the Revolution the United States of America was born and the 2nd Amendment was incorporated into the Constitution. The citizen militia had provided the army that won independence from European monarchies, and the need for the citizen to maintain freedom was recognized. The founders were educated and wise enough to recognize history’s lesson that all governments eventually devolve into tyranny. It is for this reason that the 2nd Amendment provides the citizens of this country the right to ‘keep and bear arms’, whether they are a member of a militia or not. They recognized, and even foresaw that the probability that the day would come when the citizen would again have to take up his own private arms, form a citizen militia, and take his country back from a tyrannical United States government.

Thus was born the history of guns in America. Guns continue to figure predominately in American society. Hunting remains popular and there are areas where wild game constitutes the majority of a family’s meat. Marksmanship continues as a sport with American competitors ‘bringing the gold home’ in the Olympics. Those sections of the country known for the largest number of guns and excellent marksmen continue to be among the favorite recruits of the U.S. military.

Today, more than ever people are seeking to protect themselves, and their families with a firearm.

Guns for Sale

GrabAGun.com has guns for sale as well as gun accessories including a large stock of gun holsters. Carrying all major brands in the category of pistols for sale, shotguns for sale and rifles for sale, GrabAGun can provide the guns for sale online that you seek at a great price. Don’t see the gun you want? Give us a call, we will be glad to provide you with the specific firearm you need at the GrabAGun value price!

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Customize AR15 With Parts & Accessories

ar15 parts and accessories

AR15 Parts and Accessories

GrabAGun.com is your premier source for AR15 parts and AR15 accessories when you are looking for online availability and great prices.

We carry a wide range of AR 15 accessories in our inventory. From sling attachments and scope mounts to stocks, lights, kits and much more, we supply rifle enthusiasts, government as well as law enforcement agencies with a large inventory of AR15 parts & accessories nationwide.

The AR15 is a popular and powerful assault rifle, well known for its accuracy and durability. Aside from these attributes, the factor that makes the AR15 so very popular is its tremendous versatility, enabling the AR15 to be customized to fit the individual’s taste as well as needs. By customizing the AR15, an already great weapon can receive greater stability, accuracy and comfort, as well as achieving the looks and style you desire in your AR15.

As if that wasn’t enough, the AR15 can be converted into an extremely wide range of different calibers, resulting in its being a great number of different caliber weapons in one, including using the lower receiver to fire crossbow bolts!

The AR15 is a deadly accurate weapon that was designed to withstand the rigors of war and extreme environments. Thanks to its extreme versatility, in the citizens’ hands it can provide the equivalent of numerous weapons in one. This has a distinct advantage in purchasing numerous guns for different purposes versus purchasing one gun with parts and accessories that enable it to convert into different guns for different purposes.

The multitude and availability of AR15 parts and AR15 accessories provide extreme versatility to a powerful and reliable weapon.

GrabAGun.com carries the AR15 for sale brand new in the box, as well as AR15 parts & accessories including upper and lower receivers and much more. Don’t pay more than you should, shop the GrabAGun difference!

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