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The Comeback of the Side by Side Shotgun

Side by side shotguns are experiencing a rise in popularity of late, and are considered by many to be the best home defense weapon. After 1883 the popularity of the S x S declined to the point where some manufacturers ceased production. A recent climb in popularity of the venerable S x S is again placing it back on production lines. Many would question the purchase of an outdated gun, but the fact is the S x S has advantages not featured in today’s pump-action or semi-automatic shotguns.

First of all, the side by side shotgun is pure simplicity. Even a first time shooter can learn to use one in less than a minute. It is easier to operate than any pump action or semi-automatic shotgun.

Next, it has no action making it shorter, lighter and easier to operate. The S x S is easier to move through the narrow confines of a home accounting for its rise in popularity as a home defense weapon. Its smaller size and easier maneuverability is a plus when hunting in dense thickets and is gaining ground with feral pig hunters.

Third, the break action enables the use of non-standard rounds that won’t cycle well in auto-loading or pump action shotguns. If the shell will fit and close it will most likely fire.
Having two separate barrels and triggers enables you to use a mixed load. You can use buckshot in one and a slug in the other for example.
Any hunter who has missed a shot, or home owner defending himself who has ever had a shotgun to jam will appreciate the S x S. It is almost unheard of for the reliable S x S to jam a shell. On the rare occasions that one has, it is a 2 second fix.

The use of short shells provides a very mild recoil and this type of ammo is frequently used in home defense. It is great for those less experienced or unable to effective handle a weapon due to heavy recoil.

The disadvantages of the S x S are the need to reload after the two shots. More importantly is the fact that an S x S presents serious safety issues in a home with small children. Your best bet-leave it unloaded with the shells locked away or the gun in a gun safe. Not the best scenario when using it for home defense but absolutely necessary when safety is an issue.

Easy to use, fun to shoot, dependable and effective the side by side has advantages for the right user. With production increasing to meet the demand we can expect to see more of the S x S in use.

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