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self defense guns

Improving Self Defense Odds

It is a situation we never want to face. An armed perpetrator threatens our lives, or even worse, the lives of our family. Few of us have ever had to actually shoot another human being, but those who have-and especially those in law enforcement-will tell you that there are no guarantees that shooting an individual will stop them.

There can be numerous factors for this, one of which is the perpetrator is unaware of being shot due to alcohol intoxication, the presence of drugs in their system, adrenaline due to rage or fear, as well as the body’s response to serious injury where pain is initially suppressed.

Even a .22 caliber weapon can kill, but unless it hits a critical area within the central nervous system or severs a major artery the person who intends to harm you can potentially keep coming. With that statement in mind you would think aiming for the head is the best choice but this is not advised at all. The perpetrator can move, duck, step aside, and if an innocent person-or even a member of your own family is in the line of fire they can become the victim of your own shot. The latter is also why larger caliber rifles such as the 30-06, AK-47’s or AR-10’s are not favored as in home defense weapons. They are simply too powerful for in home use with typical calibers, easily passing through concrete walls and the soft tissue of your own loved ones in the line of fire near a criminal.

Law enforcement officers aim for the chest where the body’s organs are located. A shot to an organ with a causes rapid bleeding, whereas a poorly placed shot may not penetrate organs or create a large enough cavity for a rapid bleed to incapacitate them.

Having a gun of any caliber absolutely increases the odds of your survival, but the best advantage is without question a home defense shotgun.

When lives are threatened by armed criminals you have no defense without a firearm. You may know martial arts, or carry a pocket knife, but the fact remains a bullet travels faster and has a longer range.

Concealed carry pistols as well as home defense weapons are your best line of defense; it provides you with an edge in survival against armed criminal elements.

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