Squirrel Hunting Tips

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Squirrel Hunting

Squirrel hunters shoot them in trees, but it is just as easy, if not more so, to shoot them on the ground. The fact is in some southern climes you can have squirrel for supper anytime you like, and never, not once, have to shoot a squirrel in a tree.

The woods in many areas are full of oak trees of all kinds. You seriously can’t walk across the ground in many areas without your feet crunching and cracking acorns. All of these acorns are like a magnet to a steel button with deer, squirrel and feral hogs.

Any hunter can easily take 5 squirrels within a few minutes. Give it a half an hour to an hour and they are replaced by others harvesting the rich supply of acorns. Squirrel do have a sharp eye for humans invading their territory, so utilize your squirrel hunting techniques of camouflage. Generally, just being out of sight, and being able to sit still is enough.
Sure, you can hunt squirrel in trees. Squirrel are a creature of habit, they have favorite locations that they like to carry the acorns to eat. If they use a particular branch or fence railing once, they are likely to use it again.

The evidence is clearly visible, just look for cracked acorns on the ground, railing or tree limb. Binoculars and scopes are great for this.
Many hunters like to use shotguns for squirrel hunting, others like a little .22 such as a lightweight youth rifle. The .22 rifle provides the advantage of not have to chew and spit shot when you eat squirrel, while the shotgun provides an improved bag count. Either gun is suitable for squirrel hunting.

Squirrel cuisine is not as much of a southern favorite as it once was. The presence of parasitic ‘wolves’ have dampened many an appetite for squirrel. Wait until a few frosts have fallen and the parasites will be gone. Within a week, the wounds will be healed.

The southern cook simply mixes flour, salt, pepper and milk for the batter in which the squirrel was dredged, and then fried in hot oil over medium high heat. If you can’t make southern "white country gravy," Pioneer brand sells a white country gravy mix that is a close approximation to homemade, with less cholesterol. If you like it thicker simply add a teaspoon or so of white flour and mix in. Homemade biscuits are in order with this southern dish, but few people today can actually make them as they require a practiced skill. Southeastern meats sells a frozen biscuit that closely approximates homemade. Better yet buy a bag of Southern Biscuit Restaurant Style mix and follow directions. The latter is even better than scratch.

Squirrel hunting isn’t as popular as it once was, but it remains a great way for youth to learn to hunt a moving target, as well as a means for experienced hunters to practice up their skills. Serve it up with hot biscuits and gravy and it is becomes more than a sport; it may even become a favorite game dish among your family.
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