Top 10 Gun Enthusiast Pet Peeves

top 10 gun owner pet peeves

Gun Enthusiasts Top 10 Pet Peeves

We all have pet peeves with our fellow gun enthusiasts and others. This survey was conducted among deer hunters from 4 states. Here are the Top 10 Pet Peeves that our survey found.

1. People who wave guns in your face. We all know someone who waves a loaded/‘unloaded’ gun around in the direction of others. These people are careless dolts. Regardless to how often you ask them nicely to put the gun away and stop waving it in your direction, they continue to have this dangerous habit. Too bad guns don’t have a water reservoir to spray them in the nose when the gun begins to weave. It works on training dogs and cats …

2. The hunting buddy who carries his gun over his shoulder with the barrel staring into the face of the person behind him. This guy may be your best bud, but he has the same careless stupidity as the guy in number 1. Buy him a sling and attachments.

3. The fellow hunter that carries extra ammo in his insulated carry cooler along with his beer. No way is this guy deer hunting with me!

4. The hunting buddy who never cleans his bolt action rifle. If you wish to remain friends buy him a cleaning kit with easy instructions. Maybe he doesn’t know how.

5. The middle age rich guy who brings his 20-30 year old new wife on the hunt with him. Oh yeah, I remember a hunting trip like this! Her feet hurt, her makeup was running because she was sweating! How was she to bathe with no bath facilities? How could there be no bathrooms, where was she supposed to go? Her cell had no reception. The campfire was smoking, her yogurt had frozen overnight. Welcome to wilderness camp baby! Next time leave her at home.

6. Hunters who shoot at unverified targets. We all know plenty of these as well. My favorite story involves a couple of game wardens who upon seeing a hunter they knew in the woods gave out turkey gobbles from behind the bushes they were hidden in. The hunter shot them both, thankfully it wasn’t life threatening. The friend never shot without verifying target again and the game wardens never lived down their short stint as a couple of gobblers.

7. Noisy stomper hunters. Honestly, I have known very few deer hunters who can truly walk through the woods quietly. Sorry to my own buds, but I have tried to teach you all how to walk quietly.

8. The guy who pulls his stinky boots off and props his feet near the fire every day after the hunt. Odor eaters, wipes, talc powder and wick socks are a great pre-season gift-upon-arrival-in-camp for this guy! If that fails tell him his feet are a bio-hazard and not allowed near the cooking pot. Never having had a stinky footed friend I wonder if scent remover would work? Apparently there are a lot of stinky footed hunters…

9. Those hunters who urinate from their trees stands on the ground below and smoke cigarettes. If you know this you are apparently hunting in sight of them. If they are your buds give them a wizzle bag, some gum and use their ignorance to your advantage. You know where the deer won’t be. You hunt near these guys, really?

10. People who hunt on private property without the landowners’ permission. I can identify with this. A neighbor’s son-in-law shot a solid white buck with a rack reminiscent of a giant red deer right in my brother’s back yard using a 30-06, in a subdivision where it is illegal to fire guns.

Now you know what bugs your fellow hunting enthusiasts, so don't be "that guy"! Follow proper firearms safety procedures, and be courteous to your hunting buddies.

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