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Archery for Hunting, Pleasure and Self Defense

While it is true that an arrow has little chance against a bullet don’t discount the bow as an unworthy weapon.

Proficiency in archery played a vital role in mankind’s survival for thousands of years. The skill of armies of archers often determined the fate of kingdoms, societies and countries. Ancient man depended upon the bow for food and protection and they were very accurate with it. As a sport, target archery is very popular and has had a place in the Olympic Games since 1972.

The invention of the compound bow in 1966 by the late H. Wilbur Allen of Missouri created a more efficient bow for hunting. It is very popular due to its being easier to handle at full draw as well as providing a greater velocity arrow, which results in better penetration than recurve or long bows are capable of.

As a defense weapon a great number of ‘preppers’ have bows in their arsenal. Not only is it useful in hunting and fishing, but it provides an almost silent weapon. Under cover, an archer can strike without the tale-tell smoke and noise of guns.

Today’s graphite and alloy arrows do not bend and are shatter resistant, as well as attaining higher velocity and flatter trajectories than older arrows.

There are many factors to consider when a novice begins with archery. Any novice can do well to take archery instruction. It is easier to learn proper form and habit than to ‘un-learn’ improper habits. Here we will look at just a few of the factors that influence becoming a more accurate archer, and will enable the novice to realize that there is a science behind archery.

Spine is the stiffness of an arrow shaft and must be compatible with the archers bow weight. The reason for this compatibility requirement is a phenomenon called the Archers Paradox. When the arrow leaves the bow it does not fly straight toward the target, rather it actually deflects around the bow. A properly released arrow of correct spine will stabilize itself, whereas one that is too stiff or too flexible will create target acquisition problems. An arrow released by a right handed archer will first deviate to the left before stabilizing, and if released by a left handed archer will deviate to the right before stabilizing and traveling to the intended target. This is Archers Paradox. The use of improperly spined arrows will cause an inconsistent grouping of arrows. Your individual arrow length and grain as well as arrow point type and weight are important factors to be considered.

If you do not already know your individual arrow ‘fit’, your best option is to request it at an archery pro shop where measuring will provide your correct length arrow. Archery pro shops are not the same as your local sporting goods store which generally will not know the grain of arrows or how to determine your proper length. Hunting Bows

Modern hunting bows include the compound hunting bow, crossbow, long bow and recurve bow with the compound bow being the most popular. Hunting bows have higher draw weights than target bows. Hunting draw weights are determined by state and wildlife regulation, but generally are established at a minimum of 40 pounds. The crossbow-where allowed for hunting-generally has a higher draw weight minimum of 125 pounds. The higher minimum draw weight ensures adequate penetration for killing game. Most experienced bow hunters will use greater draw weights than this. Check your states requirements under bow hunting rules and regulations to ensure your compliance with the law.

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