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My friend Donna and I went shopping before Christmas several years back. When she arrived at my house I asked her if she was carrying. She replied that she wasn’t as she wanted to wear her Christmas sweater and was only carrying her “pocket wallet”. We exchanged gifts, shopped and made plans to see each other after Christmas. Donna was on her way out of town for Christmas. I never saw my friend alive again.

Donna was a well fit woman who never showed her age. She wore tight jeans that her slim design pocket wallet would barely fit into. Born in Alaska this woman wore shorts in the winter and found our southern winters to be “warm”. In 15 years of knowing her I can’t recall ever seeing her wear a jacket. She rarely carried her weapon unless in a purse. She found southern people to be “mild” compared to Alaskans and felt “safe”.

I often told her that if our southern criminals are tame when compared to Alaskans, then the latter must have bear in their blood. In today’s society you should never compromise your safety, and Donna did quite often for the sake of vanity and convenience and she paid the ultimate price.

That day I packed my carry concealed pistol and we had a fun day together that is still bright in my mind. I talked to her about her habit of compromising her safety by not carrying her pistol, and she replied as she often did, that she could seldom find a place for a gun in her fashion accessories.

Never allow vanity to compromise your safety, in her case a purse upon her person would have sufficed. A purse was an object Donna had trouble keeping up with and carried her “pocket wallet” most of the time.

Her husband Rick made fun of her the few times she carried, and disdained guns himself. Never allow ridicule to prevent you from carrying a weapon to protect yourself.

Stopping for gas at a convenience store on their way to Rick’s family home for Christmas Donna ran in the store to purchase sodas and snacks, and walked into the middle of an armed robbery in progress. Donna had the habit of paying very little attention to the people around her. She was inside the store not over 2 feet from the robber before she noticed him according to eyewitness accounts. She broke the rule to always be aware of your surroundings and the people around you.

The armed perepetrator was yelling at her move and she did, backwards towards the door. That wasn’t what he meant, had she complied moving to where he was pointing his gun she may have lived. Donna continued backing to the door and the perp shot her in the face killing her instantly. In the chaos that ensued the store clerk was shot but survived. The robber ran away without money, stepping over my dead friend as he fled.

Donna’s husband waited in the car with their two children oblivious to her lying dead inside. Donna’s carry concealed pistol was in her purse inside the car.

In summary, our personal safety is something we have to maintain ourselves and can be promoted with a consistently carried concealed weapon as well as observing the rules summarized below.

  1. Be Aware. When you are out in the public always be aware of your surroundings. Look in front, left, and right and don’t forget behind yourself! Don’t just look, really observe what is occurring. The gunman who shot Donna was in full view of the convenience store door.
    Being aware also includes knowing what is in your line of fire behind and beside your target, and know if your caliber will pass through the perp and into the person behind him. Practice often; you will be a more accurate shot for it.
  2. Always Carry. Carrying your carry concealed pistol is your only defense against a gunman prepared to shoot. If you are going to be shot anyway taking the risk of attempting to use your weapon at least gives you some chance of survival. Doing nothing and not having it on you affords you none.
  3. Comply with armed perpetrator's demands. If he says to sit down do so. Keep your wits about you and remain calm, your survival depends upon it. Having a gun doesn’t mean you have to use it. Your gun is for self-defense and the protection of family or an innocent third person only. Complying with his demands may be all it takes for everyone to get through safely. If he has a gun and is facing you and says he is going to kill you or is hostile to you, take it to heart that he intends to shoot you and defend yourself.
  4. Ignore ridicule for carrying a concealed weapon, and be willing to sacrifice your vanity in order to wear clothing that conceals your weapon. Vanity does nothing for the dead.
  5. Recognize a dangerous location. We never know when or where a threat will occur. I used to walk in the park where guns aren’t allowed. After observing drug deals in the park I stopped going there. After several assaults, rapes and finally a murder most everyone I know of did as well. I avoid locations where guns are banned if I can. I have to get my driver’s license renewed (gun must be left in car), but I don’t have to go to many locations where weapons are banned. If I don’t have to-I don’t. Some locations are known "robbers territory", convenience stores are well known as the most dangerous locations. Pay at the pump, observe and don’t linger.

Most of the time, simply being aware of what is going on around you is enough to keep you safe. However, if you do find yourself in a life threatening situation, a cool head, and a concealed carry pistol can be real lifesavers.

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