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PETA vs. Hunting

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) are the world’s largest animal rights organization, with more than 3 million members and supporters. PETA does a lot of good as advocates for the ethical treatment of pets, domesticated livestock and often intervenes when other animals are abused or neglected.

PETA states that “hunting has nothing to do with ‘conservation’ or population control,” and goes further to claim that “animals are often specially bred and raised for hunters to kill.” While it may be true of some wild game, it certainly isn’t true of deer in my state. In fact, when wildlife rescue is called regarding orphaned or abandoned fawns they refuse to take them citing “letting nature takes its course”.

In addition, PETA apparently supports the capture of female deer and providing sterilization. I can see it now, ‘10 down and two million to go’. Surgery and veterinarians are expensive, if PETA wants to pay for the capture of two million deer, and their surgery fine. Otherwise I don’t see it in the budgets of cash strapped state or federal agencies. Agencies I must note, who use funds from hunting permits to keep conservation efforts going. The fact is hunting fuels gun sales in gun shops, online gun sales and the hunting supply industry which helps to fund the economy.

Personally, I think PETA members who spread deer repellant and human hair in hunting areas are promoting a double standard. On the one hand they claim the noise and stress of guns makes wildlife lose a meal endangering their winter survival. Yet they promote spreading deer repellant in hunting areas which are feeding grounds.

PETA states the first day of hunting is directly correlated to an increased number of vehicles vs. deer accidents. They may be correct, but vehicle accidents involving deer occur every day, with or without hunting season being in effect. If you want to stop these accidents it should be year round, rather than using it as an excuse to ban hunting.

PETA states modern “man doesn’t need to eat game, there is no reed to.” Dear PETA, I know many persons who eat wild game as it is healthier meat, and some persons eat it exclusively, not liking domesticated meats. There are persons who are allergic to the antibiotics and hormones being fed beef and pork. Such persons purchase deer meat processed from the local game butcher-or hunt- and stock it in freezers to last until the next hunting season. The medical community tells us it is especially healthier for persons with high cholesterol and heart disease.

People do still eat wild game. I grew up on it predominately, with very little “bought” meat from the local store. I had rather eat grouse than any other meat any day. More people now than I have ever known eat deer meat simply because the grocery store prices exceed their incomes.

PETA states “killing animals is inhumane, they want nature to take its course for control”. They appear to forget that in many areas the only predators to control the deer is man. They also appear ignorant of the fact that if nature does indeed provide a predator to take on the game population those predators are a potential danger to humans. What do you prefer? A hunter in the woods 15 miles down the road or a cougar who considers your subdivision back yard his territory and your children fair game?

Whether by intent or ignorance PETA seems to dismiss the human rights factor, or the fact that we are after all, predators ourselves.

I always encourage owners of any guns to practice weekly to ensure proficiency and accuracy. I don’t know of any hunter who isn’t after a one time kill shot though admittedly, not all succeed.

In this country hunting is legal, and just because Jane Doe eats tofu and mushrooms gives her no right whatsoever to dictate what I as an individual eat.

As an animal lover I have every respect for PETA’s activities in the humane society. Domesticated animals and pets have every right to proper care by their owners.

However, when it comes to PETAs attempts to force a vegetarian state upon our nation I cannot agree. In this country we have individual freedom of choice that includes the hunter’s right to continue to do so, and PETA nor anyone else have the right to force us into the mold of their personal belief system.

Our personal liberties are indeed narrowing, but as long as Americans have free will some things will not be tolerated. Making me eat tofu and mushrooms is one of them. I like neither, and I do like my barbecue, and my pit roasted grouse.

Continue your good work PETA where it needs to be. But as for sterilizing a large number of female deer I find this notion just as ridiculous and budget-impossible as expecting politicians to stop spending on pork and fund the Affordable Health Care Act.

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