Gun Control Causes Remington, ATI, Kahr & More to Move States

gun control causes manufacturers to leave states

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Gun Control

Remington Outdoor Company, the nation’s oldest firearms manufacturer, has announced it will move its operations to the closed Chrysler manufacturing plant in Huntsville, AL. In Ilion, New York, where Remington has manufactured firearms since 1816 employees of Remington will be the latest victims following New York Governor Cuomo’s SAFE Act, gun control legislation which bans the in state sale of the Company’s AR-15 among other gun-control legislation.

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley welcomed Remington to Alabama in a news conference on Monday February 17. Remington’s relocation will add 2,000 jobs to Alabama’s workforce. The facility in Huntsville will receive upgrades and is expected to open within 18 months.

New York Remington union officials are blaming the SAFE Act for the loss of Remington and its jobs. Nationwide, as gun control legislation is being passed by Governors not giving their state residents the option of voting on it, firearms manufacturers have been defecting gun control states and flooding south and west where the 2nd Amendment is being upheld.

Just last year, American Tactical Imports (ATI) left New York for South Carolina following the passage of the SAFE Act. Another New York manufacturer, Kahr Arms also chose to leave New York, relocating to neighboring Pennsylvania.

Many New Yorkers are angry to learn that overnight the SAFE Act had been forced upon them without the benefit of their opinion. It appears to be the mark of the modern liberal to make laws in violation of the Constitution in an act upon their own, as well as they appear to feel they are entitled to do so like the Kings of long ago.

Following the passage of the SAFE Act legal gun owners in NY are being arrested for having one bullet too many, even when they are target practicing. The new law limits rounds to 7.

In other gun news, Beretta USA recently announced it would build its newest plant not in Accokeek, Maryland but in Gallatin, Tennessee. The Gallatin plant will house the $45 million research and development plant and will employ 300.

Last year Magpul, one of the nation’s largest manufacturers of ammunition magazines announced it will leave Colorado and move its production, distribution and shipping operations to Cheyenne, Wyoming and its headquarters to Texas after Colorado passed gun control measures after a mass-shooting at a suburban movie theater. Magpul was preceded by the announcement that HiViz Shooting Systems, a Fort Collins, Colorado manufacturer of gun sights and other gun accessories was moving its core operations to Laramie, Wyoming.

In the past year other manufacturers to relocate were PTR Industries from Bristol, Conn. moved to Aynor, SC while Sturm, Ruger & Co. announced plans to relocate to Mayodan, NC. Bold Ideas who manufactures the AR-15 style rifles for Colt announced in April, 2013 that it will relocate from Oregon to Breckenridge, TX. This came as Colt Manufacturing in Connecticut said there would soon be few reasons to remain in Connecticut, after gun control was legislated in the state. Stag arms is also relocating but has yet to confirm its chosen location, though SC seems a likely candidate. Rumor has it Mossberg is also considering a move though has not announced any definite plans, citing hostile conditions for gun manufacturers in Connecticut as to why it is considering relocation to a more gun friendly state.

Undoubtedly, the jobs these re-locations will provide to the recipients will be welcome additions to their states economies, and in gun friendly states the very nature of the industry will be a welcome addition to its products.

For the time being, while American society and manufacturing shifts and changes, the winners are those who receive the uprooted manufacturers, and with 2,000 jobs coming, Alabama is the big winner in the latest of the moves. Congratulations Alabama, and the south looks forward to being able to purchase the AR-15 for sale and other Remington products made in the USA. The only thing better than Made in the USA, is made in the Southern USA where workers still take pride in the products they manufacture.

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