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The first known "gun" was a bamboo tube using gunpowder to propel a spear and appeared in China at about 1000AD. Gunpowder was invented by the Chinese in the 9th century.

The fire lance was an early form of a fire arm. It consisted of a black-powder filled tube attached to the end of a spear and used as a flamethrower. Shrapnel was occasionally placed in the barrel and would fly out with the flames. Over time the amount of saltpeter was increased to provide a greater explosive force and metal replace paper and bamboo barrels as a direct need of increased explosive force.

This was followed by a projectile which replaced the shrapnel and more fully filled the metal tube. This provided the metal barrel, high nitrate gunpowder and a projectile occluding the muzzle allowing the powder charge to provide a guns propellant potential.

Gunpowder came to Europe by the 13th century. The oldest known firearm in Europe was found in Otepaa, Estonia and dates to 1380 or earlier.

In Italy during the late 13th century small portable handheld cannons were developed, creating the first smooth-bore personal firearm.

During the early years of the modern age, these personal hand held cannons were developed into the flintlock rifle, which then evolved into the breech loader and lastly into the modern automatic weapons of today.

The paper cartridge was developed in 1586, and by 1850 brass was used for fixed ammunition. Repeating firearms was the next innovation with repeating revolvers. The first successful rapid-fire firearm was the Gatling gun, invented by Richard Gatling and used by the Union forces during the American Civil War. At the time, it required four men to operate it and subsequent upgrades saw it used in the Spanish American War. Its unreliability on the battlefield resulted in its retirement.

The early guns that came to America’s shores helped to tame it and to develop it. America and guns grew up together, and the advances in firearms and weapons at the hands of Americans grew faster than in all of weapons history that had come before. America was born, American gun legends were born, and American ingenuity had begun with a rapid succession in inventions and innovations that would change the world.

Through the ages guns have grown increasingly sophisticated and continue to do so year after year. From a primitive bamboo tube “gun” to modern firearms able to acquire targets, and see in darkness and through walls, the ages offer a peek into the future. Where mankind finds a need his ingenuity will provide a solution, where his imagination explores, his intelligence will take him.

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