New Gun Optics for 2014

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Gun Optics for 2014

For 2014 there were a tremendous number of new optics and next generation releases. Here we will take a brief look at a few of them.

Leupold VX-6 Scopes

leupold vx6 rifle scope for sale

Leupold released the new VX-6 scopes with superior light transmission, optical clarity and performance. Features 6:1 zoom ratio available in the

VX-6 4-24x52mm Side Focus

  • MSRP $1749.99

VX-6 4-24x52mn Side Focus CDS

  • Full Lifetime warranty.
  • MSRP $1874.99

Bushnell Elite Tactical 1 Mile Laser Rangefinder

Bushnell Elite 1 Mile Rangefinder For Sale

For accurate measurement out to a mile Bushnell’s new Elite Tactical 1 mile Laser Rangefinder provides distance readings from 5 to 1,760 yards and accurate .1 yard increments out to 199 yards according to Bushnell. The Elite Tactical provides 7x magnification and comes with five presents for varied hunting conditions.

Bushnell’s Angle Range Compensation (ARC) technology automatically calculates true horizontal distance to a target and in rifle mode provides Bushnell’s ballistic charts to calculate holdover. The Elite Tactical is lightweight with a sturdy rubber housing providing protection for the unit against the elements. The lenses are treated with Bushnell’s RainGuard HD protective coating, providing continued use in the rain. The Elite Tactical is backed by Bushnell’s Bulletproof Guarantee.

  • MSRP $600

Nikon Aculon Laser Rangefinder

nikon aculon rangefinder for sale

Nikon’s Aculon Laser Rangefinder is one of the most compact rangefinders currently available, with a length of 3.6 inches, a width of 1.5 inches and a weight (without batteries) of 4.4 ounces. The large 20 mm objective provides a wide field of view, and the Distant Target Priority Mode adapts for shooting in dense cover where a branch may interfere with ranging.

The 6x magnification easily locks on target, and combined with the various mode settings the Aculon becomes one of the most versatile hunting rangefinders. It accurately ranges objects out to 550 yards and runs on a CR2 lithium battery. It is available in dark green or Realtree Xtra Green.

  • MSRP: $169.95 to 189.95

Nikon Buckmaster 4.5-14x40 Riflescope

nikon buckmaster scope for sale

This high quality riflescope features 4.5x to 14x magnification and 40 mm objective diameter, and your choice of mil-dot, bullet drop compensation (BDC) or Nikoplex reticle. Multicoated optics delivers up to 92 percent light transmission, waterproof, fog proof and shock resistant. The Buckmaster provides ¼ minute hand turn reticle adjustments, appropriate for hunting rifles, muzzle loaders and rimfires. Measurements are 14.4 inches long and weight is 17.6 ounces.

  • Lifetime Nikon warranty.
  • MSRP $329.95-$349.95.

Crimson Trace

crimson trace laser sights for sale

Crimson Trace introduced numerous new products for 2014. At the head of the new product lineup are the compact Rail Master Pro light and laser combinations of CMR-204 (Green) and the CMR-205 (Red).

Other new products include the green diode Lasergrips for the full size 1911 and numerous green and red laser sights for the Glock Third Generation pistol group.

Rail Master Pros have been updated to provide a bright light with a laser in one compact and easy to operate unit.

GrabAGun is your online gun sales source for a tremendous variety of guns for sale, gun optics, gun holsters, gun accessories and parts including AR-15 parts and AR-15 accessories. Give us a call we will be happy to assist you.

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Protecting Yourself From Home Invasion

home invasion defense protection

Guns for Sale

Keeping Your Family Safe from Home Invasion

Reduce the chances of your family becoming a victim of a home invasion with these home invasion protection tips. While most states have no specific laws to define a home invasion or differentiate it from burglary, home invasion can be described as any entrance by force or by deception, of an occupied property with the intention of committing a crime.

There is a difference in burglary vs. home invasion as the average burglar will target homes that look unoccupied, whereas home invaders look for homes in which the residents appear to be in.

Home invasions target occupied homes in order to use terror or violence to force occupants reveal the location of valuables, force the homeowner to open the home safe, debit and credit card pin numbers etc. Many home invaders are more than just thieves, they thrive on terror, and sometimes murder.

Home invasions are especially dangerous because they want violent confrontation to occur, whereas ordinary burglars prefer to avoid it.

Home Invasion Protection Tips

If criminals know that your home security is lacking with poor quality locks on your external doors, they may force their way in with a few swift kicks to your door and hold any occupants hostage until they get your valuables. Often use deception to get you to open the door when they either barge their way inside or continue the deception. Common tricks are borrowing a phone due to an automotive breakdown, an injured person or animal. Offer to make the call for them, but keep the door closed and locked. If they refuse, call the police as they may go down the street to a neighbor’s home. Especially if they drive off in the car they claim was “broke down.”

Be suspicious of anyone claiming to be from any utility company, uniforms can be duplicated or stolen; signs for utility vehicles are easily copied in the digital world of today. As for ID to be held to the door viewer, get his name and call the utility company he claims to be representing. Look the number up yourself, don’t trust any number he gives you as it can be an accomplice.

Protecting against home invasion by forced entry requires the same physical barriers of home security as protecting your home against burglary. All exterior doors and frames should be of a quality as to deter forced entry, be in good repair, connected to a home alarm system and fitted with deadbolt locks. Windows should be in good repair, connected to a home alarm system, and fitted with locks.

Know the construction of doors before you buy them, steel clad is not as strong as steel doors. Wooden door frames are vulnerable, steel frames are stronger. Good grade steel clads for hinge and lock areas can strengthen any door but it is useless if it is only attached to bare wooden frames. A 4 × 4 wooden post clad in a good grade of steel sheathing that completely encloses the 4 × 4 in the lock area is stronger than a 2 ×4 constructed the same way. Solid steel frames are even stronger. Wood as well as locks has little to no resistance against a 16 pound sledge hammer.

Recessed locks are harder to strike with a sledge hammer. Insist upon doors with features providing home invasion safety door protection.

Nothing short of Fort Knox construction can completely prevent a forced entry, the goal is to buy your family time to escape, or for you to arm yourself or retreat to a safe room.

One of the most important features in home invasion protection is establishing good security safety practiced by the whole family. Do not open your door unless you know the caller or are certain of their intention. Do not count on door chains to prevent a forced entry, they are of light weight construction and easily broken. Always have a door viewer on the door, or a home security surveillance system, to establish who is calling. Surveillance cameras with monitors that will allow for two cameras are available for as little as $40. Intercoms are helpful; criminals may purposely speak too low for you to hear, hoping you will open the door.

Not all home invaders are strangers. They may be the man who cuts your grass last summer. They can even be someone you have known for years. When people lose their only source of income and have hungry children they will sometimes do anything to feed them.

Being unemployed with benefits expired is no guarantee of getting public assistance. The 5 year old car they own may be paid for and exceed benefit allowances. Yet they can’t sell it because they need a dependable vehicle to carry a child with a life threatening condition 150 miles to a children’s hospital for treatment every week. Nervous behavior may indicate a neighbor is about to do something he doesn’t want to do, robbing you. Talk to him through the door, tell him you are only in a towel, he may only want to borrow money or sell something.

The man who knocks on your door may claim he has been shot and there may appear to be blood on his shirt but is the area growing? If he has a lot of blood on him and really is injured his lips may be blue or grey (central cyanosis), or he may be wearing makeup on his lips. Ask him to hold his fingernails up to the door viewer, if they are also blue he may be telling the truth-or not. He may even collapse on your porch and you should certainly call for help for him. Unless you have medical training that can assist him, the only thing you will be able to do is to call 911. Tell the bleeding stranger (through the intercom or closed door) that you are doing so. If he gets up and runs away then you know you have foiled a home invasion that could have cost you your life.

Ultimately you must use your own judgment, but never endanger your family due to your compassion. Always keep in mind that criminals are becoming smarter in gaining access. Sharing these home invasion protection tips with all members of your family may save their lives.

GrabAGun provides online guns for sale including concealed carry pistols, concealed carry holsters, tactical shotguns and other home invasion defense weapons for your home protection needs.

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Best Gun Safes Continued

best gun safes for sale 2014

Gun Sales

Gun Safes

How well a safe is constructed and of what materials determines its effectiveness. Unhardened steel can be fragile, while various alloys determine the level of protection from fire, water and forced entry. When you consider well-constructed safes overall, the general rule of thumb is that you get what you pay for.

Cheap, poorly manufactured safes often sacrifice quality for savings leaving a safe vulnerable to entry and locks that are easy to break into or decode.

In the following we will look at some of the best rated gun safes for 2014.


SentrySafe was one of the first to introduce fire proof safes. Today, provided with fire insurance, a lifetime warranty and features, SentrySafe is a great choice for a dependable vault.


Easy to use, fire resistant up to 1400 degrees F for 30 minutes, featuring adjustable shelves and live locking bolt, Look for continuous innovation and redesign with this dedicated and progressive company.

Biometric Gun Safes

Biometric gun safes have only been available in the past decade, before this time biometrics were mainly used in vaults requiring high security, for tagging of prisoners, and for high security government employees. Biometric gun safes use fingerprints for accessing a gun safe.

Biometrics provides the highest degree of protection from unauthorized access. Only those persons whose fingerprints are stored in the database can gain access. They are easy to use, allow fast access and possess 100 percent reliable and accurate.

The biggest disadvantage to a Biometric gun safe is that they require electricity to power the reader, storage and every other feature. If the battery goes dead you are locked out of your own gun safe. A dirty reader will not allow you to access the gun safe and requires cleaning smudges, and if the reader is damaged it will require replacement. The best option if you are going to purchase a biometric gun safe is to choose a model with an override feature.

Barska AX11224

Barska is a leading manufacturer of gun optics, binoculars and military grade equipment.

The Barska AX11224 is one of the highest rated of the biometric gun safes. Its single compartment provides lots of storage space for handguns, ammunition and valuables. It features two live locking bolts, 30 fingerprint memory and a loud signal to warn of false entry attempts.

The Barska AX11224 is one of the most affordable biometric safes, has good construction, and is easy to use and secure.

First Alert 2096DF

First Alert is well known in home security. Their top rated gun safes are affordable and reliable with a variety of locking options available. The First Alert 2096DF features sturdy construction, offers up to 2.1 cubic feet with 2 dead bolts and 4 live locking bolts, with hinges that are located inside the safe. It utilizes a digital keypad with an override key option. The First Alert provides 1 hour of fire resistance rated at 1700 degrees F. The interior features padding and adjustable racks, removable shelves and vertical file hangers.

The First Alert 2096DF gun safe is available in three sizes with the same inside setup for all three models. Available sizes are 0.94, 1.31 or 2.14 cubic feet capacity; weight varies with model and ranges from 100 to 150 pounds.

The exterior construction is of high density tensile stainless steel for both the doors and sides, and while not the most rugged of gun safes it is enough to withstand fires of 1700 degrees F meaning it is more impregnable that your standard gun safe of 1200 degrees F fire resistance.

The warranty will cover damage to contents within the safe due to a fire that is proven to be less than 1700 degrees F. It provides a lot of protection at a decent price and is one of the highest rated gun safes on the market.

GrabAGun sells gun safes for the safe securement and protection of your guns. GrabAGun is your premier source for gun sales. New stock arrives daily so check back with us often. If you fail to find a specific firearm we will be glad to provide you with the GrabAGun discounted price and expected delivery. Give our friendly customer service agents a call today for assistance.

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Tips When Buying an AK47 For Sale

ak47 for sale online

GrabAGun | AK-47 for Sale

The AK-47 for sale rifles are the most produced modern small arms in the world, estimated to account for one out of every five firearms in the world. The AK has justifiably earned a reputation for being an extremely reliable weapon under any possible conditions.

For those of you selecting your first AK-47 for sale, this guide will assist you in making an informed decision.

AK rifles are available in two major receiver groups: milled and stamped. This is where you must decide if you want to go high or low dollar. Just about any milled AK is going to cost more than a stamped model.

A milled receiver begins with a solid block of quality steel and is put through over 100 machining stages until there is a finished monobloc receiver. This intensive mill work is the primary reason a milled receiver on the AK-47 for sale cost more than a stamped.

The stamped receivers are stamped out of a flat sheet of steel and then formed by precision bending until the final receiver is completed. The final work is added such as the trunions, spot welding the bolt carrier welds to the inside, and inserting the heavy rivets that are the stamped AK receiver’s hallmark.

The action is smoother on milled guns, but you can let your budget be the deciding factor as the stamped receiver is just as serviceable as the milled and will most likely cost a lot less.

Wood or Synthetic

The buttstock, pistol grip and handguards of the AK-47 for sale are made of one of two materials, wood or synthetic. Either choice is good and it a matter of personal preference. If you are looking for the traditional you will want to choose wood. You will choose between Soviet black made wood and a U. S. made wood stock set. It is not hard to change stock sets out if you would like to change wood, or interchange between synthetic and wood for different use conditions. Synthetics are available in a variety of finishes.

Folding Stocks

The AK has options when it comes to buttstocks other than fixed position stocks. Folding stocks come in under folds, right side folds and left side folds. AK’s are also available with an AR styled collapsible buttstock. These options are legal in most states, but to be safe it is advised to always check with your state’s gun laws to ensure the stock of your choice is legal before you buy.

Barrel Length

A large number of the AK-47 for sale today are 16.1 inches in length. There are shorter and longer variants. For those novices among you buying your first AK you need to be aware that buying a short barrel AK will land you in the NFA arena and will be restricted from individual ownership unless you purchase the BATFE tax stamp and process the federal NFA paperwork. This can be a very time consuming process, and there are reports of persons still awaiting approval 7 months down the road. The tax stamp is a recurring annual fee that must be paid to retain your short barreled gun.

AK-47 Accessories

If you are going to use a scope ensure the model you choose comes with a scope mount. It takes someone familiar with scope mounting to accurately mount a scope. The best advice for a novice obtaining their first AK-47 for sale is to choose a model with the scope already on it, or use the services of a gunsmith to mount one. The accessories market for the AK-47 for sale continues to grow, just keep in mind, the more you add will also be adding weight. Be aware of the weight as you choose your AK if it will be a problem. GrabAGun offers AK-47 accessories, as well as AK-47 parts.

One of the most important considerations in buying your first AK will be to ask yourself what you are buying it for. Then research it so you have an idea of what you need and should expect in the weapon.

Next, know what your budget is then add $150 to it for transfer fees, shipping and the like. If you don’t spend it all, use it to buy practice ammo.

Select the caliber of choice. Many people associate the AK-47 for sale with a 7.62 caliber x 39. The fact is the AK is available in several calibers. If you want the cheapest ammo go with a 7.62 × 39 or 5.45 × 39.

If you are looking for a long range AK choose the .308 or the 7.62 × 54R. If you already have, or plan to have an AR-15 in 5.56 mm, consider choosing an AK in 5.56 × 45. It will provide the convenience of using the same ammo.

Finally, for those of you buying your first AK, if you are not familiar with folding stocks I would suggest you visit a gun shop or gun show to get the feel of them, especially if you are considering an under fold as not everyone likes them.

GrabAGun offers the AK-47 for sale. Available in numerous brands and configurations you are sure to find the model you seek on GrabAGun. If you fail to find the specific model you seek, give our friendly customer service agents a call, we will be happy to help you. New stock arrives almost daily so check with us often for new merchandise. GrabAGun offers low prices with guns to fit almost any budget. We offer layaway and financing for those special purchases. Click our Layaway tab for further details. Thanks for shopping GrabAGun.

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Buying The Right Gun Safe

Gun Safes For sale

Gun Shops

Gun Safes for Sale

Gun owners have a responsibility to ensure their guns don’t end up in the wrong hands. The factors you will want to consider when selecting a gun are protection, safety, security and size.

Protection for the safe is its ability to keep your firearms safe from water and fire. Security and safety factors are the measures to prevent thieves from stealing your guns, and to keep children or others out of the safe. Size will be determined by how many firearms will go into the safe.

Those factors are your checklist, and you will need to determine which of these you need in a safe. If you want all the factors in a safe, you look for safes that provide all of these factors. If you only want to keep your guns out of the hands of thieves you will need a safe of heavy gauge steel to deter thieves, and you can forego water and fire prevention. If the safety of children is your only concern the more economical 12 gauge safes will suffice. When you have decided the features you require the choices can be narrowed down to safes that fill your need.

Factors to Look for in a Safe

The features that aid in preventing theft are heavy gauge steel, weight of the safe, the ability to attach the safe to a floor and the locking mechanism.

Heavy gauge steel is an important deterrent for thieves. No safe is completely burglar proof, nor can it ever be. The goal is to slow thieves up as most burglars want to run in, grab what they can and be out within a short time. With steel, the smaller the gauge is, the thicker the steel will be. Inexpensive safes most commonly use 12 gauge steel which is easily entered with common tools.

Choose the best gauge your budget allows and if it is within your budget choose at least a 10 or 7 gauge steel. A 10 gauge steel gun safe can weigh 1,000 lbs. or more, and the better the gauge, the heavier the weight and higher the price will be. Due to the weight of a gun safe, you may prefer to have multiple safes, rather than one large safe for all. Multiple anchored safes do have the advantage of reducing weight for movement, and decreasing the chances of a thief getting all of your guns.

Attaching a safe to the floor is another safeguard to deter thieves. This will require holes to be drilled into the floor, and you will have to know how many holes, what size holes and the exact distance between them. Before you buy ensure the owner’s manual provides this information.

If you live in a high humidity climate, either purchase a safe with a de-humidifier, or purchase one with a predrilled hole for the electrical cord to fit through. The cost of a de-humidifier for a safe is very little
Attachment to the floor can also prevent a heavy safe from tipping over when the door is opened. Use large washers on the inside of the safe around bolts to prevent thieves from simply ripping the bolts out of a 12 gauge safes bottom. Another tip is to attach a 4 × 4 post across the bottom of floor joists and attach the bolts through the 4 × 4 and secure with a nuts. Most homes sub-floors are made of ½ or ¾ inch plywood, and the anchors for a safe will easily pull out of this material. The stronger the anchor, the more time it will take them to succeed.

The door and lock are the point at which most burglars will attempt to gain access. Pins are used to lock down the door to the safe. One inch pins are standard in most safes and are generally adequate. Larger and more numerous pins are even better, but will increase the cost of the safe. Higher grade safes will also have pins at the top, bottom and corners as well.

The type of lock is another factor to consider in securing a safe. Your standard lock will suffice for keeping children out of it. For thieves you need the best lock possible.

Electronic locks are popular for convenient and fast access; they are also the root of most problems with gun safes. The most common concern is with batteries which must be routinely replaced.

Mechanical dial locks last and last, but it can take time to open, a negative if you need fast access for home defense.

Key locks are the easiest to use but are no competition for a skilled burglar. Biometric gun safes locks are the most secure, but also require battery power and routine replacement.

If you choose a fireproof gun safe, fire rating will be a critical factor to consider. The majority of today’s fire resistant safes meet basic fire protection standards, with the minimum being able to withstand a 1200º F temperature for up to 30 minutes. This means the temperature inside the safe shouldn’t exceed about 275 degrees during those 30 minutes. At higher cost, a premium safe might be rated at 1200° F for up to 100 minutes. In determining the fire rating of a safe you should consider the response time of your local or attending fire department.

The fast attendance of a fire department does not guarantee they will be able to put out a fire quickly, or at all. There are many factors to consider in home fires, things like wind, the type of material a home is constructed of, the age of the home, the potential for accelerates such as natural gas or propane to feed a fire, and humidity of the atmosphere at the time. These factors can and do converge and result in a home completely involved within minutes, leaving the fire department with nothing to save but the neighboring homes.

If you have extremely valuable or antique firearms it may be wise is to select as high of a fire rating as you can afford. Make sure the safe you purchase has a fire seal, which expands to seal the door when it gets hot. Home fires can get extremely hot, melting copper (1,083 degrees F) and gold jewelry (1,948 degrees F). Buy the best rated fireproof gun safe you can afford.

Finally, before you buy, know the measurements for every door the gun safe must go through. Being forewarned can prevent returning a heavy safe back to the store.

A gun safe should last a lifetime, and will give you an added sense of security while keeping your family safe and its contents secure. In part two, we will look at some of the highest rated gun safes for 2014.

GrabAGun has gun safe de-humidifiers and gun safes for sale, and provides a larger selection of guns for sale than the local gun shop can provide.

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Deer Hunting With Feeders

deer hunting feeders

Gun Shops

Deer Plots and Supplemental Feeding

Planting deer plots and supplemental feeding is one tool many hunters take advantage of-where the law allows. Supplementing the diet of wild deer is often used to help herds survive during extremely cold weather or even drought. Another time food is supplemented is during the winter through spring period when does are gestating and bucks antlers are preparing to grow antlers.

Corn is frequently fed as a supplement but falls short of scientifically formulated products. Low in protein and minerals it does little more than stave off hunger and provide energy. Of course other wildlife will eat corn as well, rodents, squirrels, rabbits, crows and others. It is useful to mix it with pelleted foods to get deer to eat pelleted food initially.

Gravity box deer feeders or bunk deer feeders are generally considered the best method of providing feed. It keeps it off the ground where contaminants can mix in.

Supplemental feeding also poses risks to animals as well as humans. It can promote the transmission of disease and parasites, some of which can affect humans. Moldy corn can poison deer and experts agree it is best to follow your states wildlife professional’s recommendations regarding supplemental feeding.

The final consideration with supplemental feeding is your ability to afford it, which is why many clubs only choose to provide it only during extreme weather such as extremely heavy snowfall and severe cold prevail. Deer become dependent upon supplemental feeding, and it has both short term and long term implications to deer health as well as populations when they do so.

I am always amazed at the reports of officials and hunting clubs who claim to see no benefit or increase in population with supplemental feeding programs. My own story will explain why I say this.

One year two does and two fawns found a delightful feast existing in my day lily beds. Within a month a nearby highway had claimed one of the does as its victim. For a few months the remaining doe and both fawns visited the daylily buffet every day. Come summer they feasted in my garden. One day as the fawns’ spots were fading the doe was dead on the road. The little ones continued to visit my garden and daylily beds and munched on grass almost to the front door.

Eventually they became used to the sight of me outside and would approach within 12 ft. of me. I would run them off as it is never wise to make pets of deer. Grown bucks that were raised as pets have been known and proven to attack.

That winter was extremely cold and I watched the young deer become terribly thin. Knowing they were orphaned, in the fall I had planted winter grass. I bought a mineral block, hay and corn and put it out near the woods for the two young orphans. It was fine and of little cost for a month or so. But then they began to bring their friends, and then it was uncles and aunts, followed by cousins and grandparents. Seriously I don’t know the association but I like to view it that way. The feeding herd went from 2 to 30. That was only the number I did see. Food had to be put out every single day and the cost of corn at the time was $3 per 50 pound bag, and a square bale of hay that I loaded myself from the field was $1.50 per bale. Think what the cost would be today.

Not only that, but the deer became very bold and lost a lot of their fear of me. That spring does would stand no more than 50 ft. from me with their little ones. One night on my way to the car a herd of 20 or more came running from the woods and directly at me, they parted to either side of me, but were so close I reached out and let my hands slide down their sides as they passed.

Nevertheless it unnerved me that something frightened them in the woods and their fear of me was little enough that they chose to pass me rather than go another way.

I let nature take its course now and leave feeding or not to fish and game as well as hunting clubs. Baiting is illegal in many states and it is wise to know the law before you plant or supplement with feed on land you plan to hunt.

This year two orphans showed up on the old homestead once again and I let nature take its course. They brunched on my daylilies, but I tied strips of cloth heavily saturated with strong cheap perfume tied to 2 ½ ft. stakes around the garden and it kept all deer out of the pea patch.

I did find some use of their presence in training my four year old grandchild who is a non-stop chatterbox. She learned that a finger to the lips means to be quiet, and it delighted her to watch the little deer. Hence she got her reward for silence, and I received some relief as well.

This year she learned to identify deer scat and deer track, though animal lover that she is I doubt she will ever be a hunter. She even wanted to bring the wild birds and squirrels indoors when the weather turned polar cold. She quit eating meat for a while when she learned where it came from. We had to tell her the butcher made it from activists who advocate gun control. She thinks they are in same category as zombies, vampires and the IRS for now.

GrabAGun is your online gun shop for gun sales including AR-15 accessories and AR-15 parts, gun holsters and much more. Our extensive line of inventory includes a large assortment of deer feeders .

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New Game & Trail Cameras

trail and game cameras

Guns for Sale

Game Cameras for 2014

If theft your game/trail cameras’ has been a problem, the following provide an alternate solution. Some feature smaller than average size reducing visibility helping to deter the growing theft of game cameras. In the others, advances in features may provide the face of the thief increasing the chances of recovery.

There are a large number of game cameras new for 2014 and a large many of them are smaller, and even wireless. The following are a few with good potential to evade all but the sharpest eyes thieves.

Browning Strike Force and Dark Ops

Browning claims its Strike Force and Dark Ops Trail Cameras are the smallest game/trail cameras ever made, with a size of 2.4 × 3.8 × 4.3 inches. The small size provides a definite advantage in deterring thieves, as well as escaping the notice of sharp eyed game. Powered by 6 AA batteries they are capable of capturing up to 10,000 images in a single set. Easy setup, time, date, temperature, moon phase and camera ID is displayed on each image. The Strike Force/Dark Ops supports SD cards up to 32GB, and includes a silent image feature and the ability to record HD video with sound, and an eight image multi shot mode. Trigger speed is .67 second with a 2.1 second recovery time. Self-adjusting IR night illumination and full frame extended illumination to eliminate dark edges on night images. They include Time Lapse and Time Lapse Plus provides plot watch capabilities.

Covert Special Ops Code Black Wireless Game Camera

Upgrades include 3G capability for the system’s wireless signal with an improved booster antenna. Current models operate on AT&T, T-Mobile and other local GSM networks with 2G towers. It instantly sends pictures to your phone or email.

It features Date, time, temp and moon phase stamping, built in color viewer, 60 ft. invisible infrared flash range, video or pictures function, Adjustable resolution, password protection, Overwrite selection, and is rated for up to a 32 GB SD card.

Minox DTC 1000 Wireless Game Camera

Minox has elevated its trail camera technology with an integrated wireless GSM feature. All images are immediately transmitted to a cell phone or email address through the Global System for Mobile communication. This has the advantage of being able to monitor your home, hunting sites or business quickly from any location. Features include 8 MP images, 1 second trigger speed and 32 GB of storage on an SD card.

Motion sensor sensitivity is adjustable, and night vision is provided by the 48 LED infrared flash which is covered by a black filter to make the flash invisible. Other features include password protection, padlock securement, pictures and video in color during the day and black and white at night and provide a daily report. It will record HD video with audio for 10-30 second intervals. It is powered by 12 AA batteries. Dimensions are 3 × 5 × 2 inches making it a very small trail camera.

GrabAGun offers an variety of trail cameras. Visit our site and check out the fantastic savings on trail cameras, guns for sale, gun accessories and parts, supplies for hunters and much more. GrabAGun’s great prices and our willingness to locate any available firearm is part of the GrabAGun advantage. Give us a call, we will be happy to assist you.

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One of the Best Shotguns For Sale

best shotguns for home defense for sale

Mossberg M500 Flex Modular Shotgun

With versatility being a popular feature in guns today we most often hear of versatility in conjunction with the AR-15. You can also have versatility with a shotgun and the Mossberg M500 Flex modular shotgun is a versatile gun that changes out quickly. The core of the Flex is the 500/590 pump-action platform with its field proven reliability and a ten-year limited warranty.

The heart of this versatile system is a patented and patent-pending Tool-less Locking System (TLS), which is a series of three connectors that allows forends, recoil pads and stocks to be exchanged allowing for a custom fit and a variety of shooting applications.

The system starts with a Flex shotgun base model from three 500 All-Purpose in 12 gauge, four 500/590 Tactical in 12 gauge and 20 gauge and four 500 Hunting options in 12 gauge and 20 gauge. An initial offering of 16 accessory components and a large line of 500/590 accessory barrels compatible to the Flex shotgun are to be available.

Select models will be offered with Mossberg’s patent pending Lightning Pump Action™ Adjustable Trigger System can be adjusted from 3 to 8 pounds with an Allen wrench.

Flex All-Purpose models have 26 or 28 inch vent rib, ACCU-CHOKE™ ported barrels in a matte or optional all-weather Marinecote™ finish, full length synthetic stock and standard synthetic forend.
The Flex 500/590 Tactical model is available in matte, OD Green and Coyote Tan finishes.

Tactical tri-rail forends can accommodate a touchpad. Options include standard synthetic, six position adjustable tactical or pistol grip. The barrel is available in 18 ½ inch stand-off barrel or 20 inch barrel with 6 or 9 round capacity in the 590 model.

Flex Hunting models are available in 24 or 28 inch vent rib barrels. Available finishes are OD Green, Coyote Tan, Mossy Oak®Break-Up®Infinity™ or Real Tree Max-4® camo receiver.

Without using any tools the Flex shotgun is easily transformed with Mossberg accessories that feature the TLS connector system. These accessories include three recoil pads in ¾ inch, 1 inch and 1 ½ inches thickness; four synthetic forends of three standard and one tactical tri-rail and nine stock options. The stocks will include standard full-length stocks with 12 ½, 13 ½, and 14 ½ inch LOP’s. Other options include pistol grips; a six position adjustable tactical stock; a four position adjustable stock and a dual-comb hunting stock. Forends and stocks are available in black matte, Break-Up Infinity and Max-4 finishes.

Legendary Mossberg has made shotgun versatility easier than ever with its tool-less technology. It can readily be adapted for smaller or larger shooters. With fast and easy conversion the Flex exchanges from hunting mode to tactical mode enabling its use for home defense. The Mossberg 500 was already an extremely reliable shotgun, and Mossberg has elevated it to a new level by adding the spice of versatility.

GrabAGun is America’s fastest growing online source for guns for sale. We offer the Mossberg M500 Flex Modular Shotgun in various models available on line today, as well as other shotguns for sale, and an extensive line of pistols and rifles, gun holsters and an extensive selection of accessories and parts for all of your firearm needs. If you need further information or assistance give our friendly customer service agents a call, we will be happy to help you.

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.223 vs 5.56 AR-15 For Sale

.223 vs 5.56 AR-15 For Sale

AR-15 .223 Chamber vs. AR-15 5.56 Chamber | AR-15 for Sale

It occurs commonly when a buyer chooses an AR-15 for sale chambered for .223 and expects to shoot 5.56 ammunition in it. After all, many manufacturers actually print both calibers on the rifles, and it is in the manual that came with the rifle. So it is okay, right?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. The 5.56 will fit into the .223 chamber but beyond this the 5.56 in a .223 chamber is going to create problems.

The cartridges may look the same, but the 5.56 Mil-Spec is hotter ammunition than .223. That is to say, the 5.56 has a higher chamber pressure. The chamber on the .223 is actually smaller, though not enough to prevent it from being inserted. It is a small enough that it prevents the 5.56 case from expanding as it would in a 5.56 chamber.

The firing of 5.56 ammo in a rifle chambered for .223 causes primer blow back to enter into the receiver decreasing reliability, as well as an increase in failures to eject spent cases. That is due to the hotter load of the 5.56. You may even have to use a rod down the barrel to remove the casing. Firing Mil-Spec ammunition may also crack the receiver posing a real hazard to the shooter and everyone nearby. It is far safer and provides greater reliability to purchase an AR-15 for sale chambered for 5.56 ammo to begin with.

Technically, you can fire 5.56 ammunition in a rifle chambered for .223, but why ruin the rifle and endanger yourself and others? If you want to use 5.56 Mil-Spec, buy a rifle chambered for 5.56.

Basically, there are three types of chambers for AR-15 family of rifles.

  • The first is the Mil-Spec 5.56 chamber used in the M16 and M4.
  • Second is the .223 chamber commonly found in the AR-15 rifles.
  • Third are the .223 Match chamber, commonly used in AR-15s by competition shooters.

The common .223 chamber are manufactured to Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute Specifications (SAAMI). This chamber is ever-so-slightly smaller and tighter than Mil-Spec 5.56 chambers.

Match Chamber

The match chamber is the preferred chamber for professional competition shooters. Match chambers are not chrome lined.

The preferred weight of ammunition for match shooters and snipers is 77 grains and above. This ammo is slightly longer and lighter than AR ammunition. Using this grain of ammunition is not a problem in a rifle with a match chamber, but if you try to use it in the common .223 chamber problems occur due to the extra length resulting in the spillage of powder on the receiver and magazine when ejecting an unspent cartridge. To avoid the problems that may cost you a competition, purchase a match caliber .223 AR-15 for sale, if you plan to use it for competition shooting.

Mil-Spec Chamber

Mil-Spec 5.56mm chambers are always chrome lined in M16s and M4s for military use and typically are for the AR-15 equivalents. The 5.56mm Mil-Spec is slightly larger than common .223 SAAMI spec. This is due to the 5.56mm Mil-Spec being loaded hotter and having a higher chamber pressure.

Whereas it is highly discouraged to use 5.56 mm in a common .223 chamber, it is allowable to shoot the .223 ammunition as well as the 5.56 out of a rifle chambered for 5.56, without any of the reliability or safety concerns of a .223 chamber. Just keep in mind, the .223 ammunition may not provide quite the accuracy at long distance as the 5.56 ammo. The .223 ammo is slightly smaller and doesn’t fire as hot or with as much pressure. Plus the bore of the 5.56 is slightly larger; this advantage prevents the problems that may occur when ejecting a live cartridge as can occur in a rifle chambered for .223.

If you are considering the purchase of an AR-15 you may be wondering which chamber you should buy. If you are only going to be firing SAAMI ammunition you can choose a common .223 chambered AR-15 for sale. You should not fire 5.56 in a common .223 chamber.

If you participate in competition shooting do not choose the common .223 SAAMI chambered AR-15. You will need the .223 Match Chamber AR-15 for sale in order to efficiently fire the required ammunition.

Finally, if you ever plan to shoot 5.56 mm Mil-Spec you should purchase an AR-15 for sale that is chambered in 5.56. With the rifle chambered for 5.56mm ammunition you will have the option of firing .223 ammunition safely. The 5.56 chamber is the only chamber with this versatility, so if you have any thoughts of ever having to fire 5.56 ammunition-be safe, take the path that covers your bases and purchase the AR-15 for sale chambered in 5.56.

GrabAGun is your source to buy guns online. Our extensive inventory includes a very large selection of the AR-15 for sale. Whether you require an AR-15 for sale for competition shooting, hunting or other uses, GrabAGun has the weapon you require. If you have a special request give us a call, we will be happy to locate the firearm you desire and apply the GrabAGun discount. That is the GrabAGun advantage we provide to all our customers.

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Gun Cleaning Tips & Tricks

gun cleaning tips tricks

Gun Sales

Essential Gun Cleaning Supplies

There are a lot of good gun cleaning products available, and choosing one can be challenging. If you are like many gun owners, you already have some of the gun cleaning equipment needed for a homemade kit. The basic items required to keep your guns clean and prevent rust that are on the essentials list are the following:

Rod Attachments:

  • Bore Brush- You will need a brass or bronze bore brush in your guns caliber. You will need a brush for different calibers for the correct size. The bore brush will clean the bore of buildup. Other type brushes are available but do not remove the buildup as well. Use only a general purpose solvent to avoid damage to brass or bronze brushes.You will also need a patch loop or a jag. A patch loop resembles an oversized needle eye and holds the patch. A jag is a cylinder attachment with a point that pierces the patch.
  • Cleaning Patches- Patches come in various sizes to fit different calibers. Patches are available in cotton or synthetic, with the cotton patches being more absorbent resulting in a cleaner bore. The cleaning patch attaches to the patch loop or jag.
  • Cleaning Rod- The cleaning rod wipes, scrubs and lubricates the bore. Each function has its own tool that is attached to the rod. The cleaning rod must be a correct fit for your gun to avoid a rod that is too short and misses the furthermost internal area of the bore. Personally, I prefer a rod for each length rather than an extension rod, and I use vinyl coated rods to protect the rifling and muzzle. Buy the best rod you can to avoid scratches to the rifling.
  • Cleaning Solvent- Cleaning solvent will be used with the patches and bore brush. There are a tremendous number of great brands available. For general cleaning a general purpose solvent is sufficient. Keep in mind, if you use the best brushes of brass or bronze you will need to use the general purpose solvent to avoid damage to the brush.
  • Gun Lubricant- A lubricant provides protection to the gun and is especially essential to metal on metal, including bullet to bore. A light application through the barrel with lubricating oil will go a long way towards protecting the gun and maintaining function. Do not over apply lubrication to guns as this will result in the attraction of more dirt, dust, grit and grime. The old saying is “do right-go light”.
  • Protective Items-Because you will be using gun cleaning chemicals which can be caustic or harsh, and because lead is likely in the guns residue wear rubber gloves. Use safety goggles to protect the eyes from fumes or accidental splashes or sprays. If the fumes bother you open a window or door, or wearing a dust mask that may help.

Wipe Down After Handling

When a gun is handled salts and acids are transferred from skin onto the guns surface and can lead to rust. I simply wipe it down after handling with a microfiber cloth (the kind you use to clean eyeglasses, I recommend buying from an optometrist’s office, it costs a lot more but is a better grade of microfiber than from the local dollar store or most retailers). The cloth will last you forever. Just apply a few drops of regular gun oil and wipe down to prevent rust.


If you can see the gun lubricant or grease you have likely used too much. Run another patch through the bore and wipe the gun and action down. Too much lubricant can cause problems just as too little will cause problems.

If you hunt in the winter use an all-weather product whether it is grease or lubricating oil, to avoid the problem of gelling and freezing.

Cleaning totes make great carryalls for most of your gun cleaning supplies.

GrabAGun is your online leader for gun sales, gun parts and accessories, supplies and carries gun cleaning supplies.

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