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Gun Sales for 2013 up 1.6 million

Though the reasons completely lack any mystery, gun control advocates are likely irritated by the irony of gun control, or even the threat of gun control, having the direct impact of raising gun sales.

The FBI recently released the statistics for 2013’s background checks. Unsurprisingly, the more gun control is pushed, the higher the number of gun sales that occur.

Though many anti-gunners seldom acknowledge it, all states are required to comply with background checks on any firearms sold through a federally licensed dealer. This is the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.

The year of 2013 set a new record in gun sales across the nation. The total number of background checks provided for gun sales last year was 21,093,273. This beats the previous 2012 record of 19,592,303 by 1,500,970. The state of Texas conducted the most background checks with Kentucky coming in second.

States that forced more gun control on its citizens also saw an increase in gun sales. Maryland almost doubled its sales in 2013, with Colorado, Connecticut and New York all seeing an increase in gun sales. Many states set a new record number of sales, Virginia despite new background check legislation saw a 10.8% increase in sales over its previous record.

These statistics should serve as an eye opener to law makers and gun-control advocates that Americans across the nation are unwilling to give up their guns or rights to guns.

Gun Control 2014 Elicits Executive Action

In January, 2014 President Obama signed new Executive Orders aimed at reinforcing background checks, and developing emergency response plans for schools and religious institutions, and addresses mental health issues related to gun violence.

One of his new executive actions addresses making it easier for states to report “limited information necessary to keep guns out of potentially dangerous hands,” and is regarding mentally ill persons. The patient right to privacy is protected under The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) Privacy, Security and Notification Rules. This executive action would allow federal databases to access mental health records by circumventing federal patient privacy laws.

It is currently up to individual states to establish and maintain a database and the procedure for reporting information regarding potentially dangerous mentally ill patients. Currently only two states have such a program in place. The Presidents executive order bypasses the states providing this database and enables the federal government to develop a nationwide program aimed at preventing mentally ill persons who are a potential danger to others to be identified on a national database that would be accessed during firearms background checks.

The second of the presidents executive actions would clarify that those persons involuntarily committed to a mental institution, whether as an inpatient or outpatient could qualify under the law as “committed to a mental institution,” and result in their inability to purchase a firearm from a federally licensed dealer.

While on the outset keeping guns out of the hands of those mentally ill persons who are a threat to the safety of others seems like common sense, the question must be made of who determines a person is a danger to others. The mental health field is not an exact science and leaves room for omissions and errors.

When American’s gave the government the go ahead for the Patriot Act it opened up a can of worms that has been growing ever since. History proves government not held in check always becomes tyrannical. Tyranny does not require the weapons of war to overcome a nation. It is often conquered with a mere pen.

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