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The .22 Rifle

It is generally a shooters first gun, the perfect weapon for youth and novices alike to train and gain accuracy with. Some small game hunters prefer it, and many outdoor enthusiasts carry it for protection from the threats of predators. You have probably guessed the identity of the weapon I refer to, it’s the .22 rifle.

A great many of us have fond memories of our first gun, generally a .22 cal. By today’s standards, many consider it obsolete, yet it has a large fan base, and that number is growing on the practice range. The evidence of this is in the supply of ammunition, the retailers and even the gun shops stay sold out. I have been unable to locate any in 4 years in my locale. Buying online is my only alternative.

It is generally a very affordable firearm, and there is a .22 rifle for almost any budget.

Ask anyone why they like the .22 caliber guns and most answers will be the same, because it’s cheap. You can buy 10 times the .22 cartridges for the same price of a box of centerfire cartridges, and when you compare it to your big guns the .22 rimfire is the big bargain. A day on the range is actually affordable if you’re using the .22 cartridge.

The .22 is a lot quieter than other guns and has almost no recoil. You can shoot the .22 without the pain that comes from other guns after a long day on the range. It also enables some shooters with degenerative conditions in the hands due to age or injury to continue shooting. Any shooter with nerve damage in the hands is going to shy away from recoil.

Most .22 rifles are lightweight, easily carried in hand or on a sling and as a rifle or pistol the .22 is many peoples auxiliary weapon. Overall, the .22 is a very reliable weapon. Some writers will say the .22’s accuracy is in the medium range. That certainly hasn’t been my experience, I know plenty of people who use the .22 on the firing range, hunting small game, killing predators, riding trails on four-wheelers or just checking on the cattle, and especially for plinking. From cheap to expensive all the brand names are there, and they are accurate.

My reasons for having three .22 cal., (one pistol and two rifles) in my possession is that it enables me to practice without breaking the bank. The .22 is absolutely perfect for small game as it does very little damage to the meat.

There are also a lot of gun accessories available for the .22 caliber, enabling you trick it out. The .22 rifle is a fun gun, reasonably priced, cheap to shoot, light to carry and can put dinner on the table if you are a decent shot. Every gun has its niche, and I don’t see the need, or the popularity for a .22 cal. going away any time soon.

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