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An ill-fitting gun holster can be uncomfortable, as well as affect how you draw the firearm. A holster that pokes and jabs, slides around and collapses when you try to reinsert the pistol is a bad fit, and may impair your ability to draw the weapon. A gun and its holster are a duo, and having the correct holster for you and the gun are an important factor to consider when shopping for pistols for sale. A well-fitting holster will provide the following requirements:

Comfort-If a carry concealed holster isn’t as comfortable as possible it may end up sitting beside you as much as on you-or not used at all. A carry concealed pistol can do you no good at all sitting in the safe. You will know the weapon is on your person regardless of how comfortable a holster is, but you can avoid the holster that irritates skin and causes discomfort.

Concealment-A carry concealed holster should fit close to the body to conceal the weapon. The pancake design is engineered to do just that by spreading wide and flat. Only you can decide the best location or holster for draw and comfort. For some people it’s a pocket holster, a shoulder holster, or inside the waist band to name a few. The holster is only part of concealment; your clothing is the other half of the equation.

If the weapon of your choice is a pocket pistol for sale choose a holster that protects the trigger against accidental discharge and allows a smooth draw. Some pocket holster will attach to the pocket remain upright for improved access.

An unintentional flash can bring the police down on those who carry. It isn’t good enough in many states to try but fail to conceal a weapon. If you don’t intend to change your wardrobe consider choosing a pocket pistol and holster. A possible alternative to this is the waist-band holster, or a shoulder holster used with a loose shirt or a jacket long enough to cover it even when you bend over. An open jacket and bending over is one of the most frequent causes of a concealed weapon being spotted.

Consider your clothing when shopping for a pistol for sale. The size of the pistol you use will determine what type of clothing you will choose. Longer shirts and jackets, loose pants, vests or a jacket are some options. Typical casual vests are generally too short to conceal any weapon but those in a shoulder harness.

Concealment is why many people choose the smaller firearms or even a diminutive pocket pistol when shopping among pistols for sale. You may have a permit for a carry concealed, but it must be concealed, at all times, including when you bend over or sit down.

Access-The holster should provide safe access to the weapon as your life may depend upon it. A holster should secure the weapon without the risk of it falling out when you bend over, sit down and etc… A good holster both retains the weapon in place until you draw it, and provides a smooth, flawless draw without catching the trigger. A good holster will also protect the trigger from contact with keys, zipper pulls, drawstrings on jackets, lipstick or any object in a pocket or purse that could work its way to the trigger and cause the accidental discharge of the weapon. Other options are fanny packs and backpacks designed for carrying a concealed weapon.

Pay the extra money to select a good quality gun holster made specifically for your weapon when shopping for a pistol for sale. This generally provides a holster that will retain the weapon while providing good access. A good fit, retention, security from accidental discharge and comfort in a gun holster will assure you are able to easily access the weapon when you need to, and make you as comfortable as possible at all times.

GrabAGun offers an extensive selection of gun holsters. Shop our site for pistols for sale as well as holsters, and if you fail to find the pistols for sale you seek, or any other firearm, give us a call. Our offerings go beyond our online inventory, and we will be happy to order what you require and apply the GrabAGun discount pricing.

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