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My first gun laser was mounted on a 9 mm carbine. I received a lot of comments along the line of “if you can’t acquire a target you don’t need a gun.” One of these men lost every single calf born that year to coyote. One Saturday after a group of us had been coyote hunting, and seeing how many more I was able to kill with a laser, half of them were soon on the internet comparing lasers under gun parts and accessories.

When sighting with a scope to target one coyote the others are running at the sound of the first shot, leaving insufficient time to draw a bead on coyote running the 30 to 50 ft. to the woods (depending upon where they are). The laser does not require me to sight my target, I simply point the laser on the target, fire and have it on another before they can disappear into the woods.

A laser will increase your accuracy and target acquisition speed. Having a laser is no reason to stop practicing. Any equipment will eventually fail so keep plinking on the range, with and without the laser.

That said, with the large number of options available today under the gun parts and accessories categories, you will need to do some homework when making a choice. First, you will need to answer some questions before you begin your search:

  • What firearm are you mounting the laser on? The manufacturer, model, caliber and length of the barrel will matter. How the laser sight will be mounted is all important.
  • Whether you will be shooting in the day or night will affect your laser choice and color.
  • Whether you will or will not be mounting a light or night vision will be a consideration.
  • If the weapon will be used in a holster will be a factor.

Knowing these answers before you buy will avoid the mistake of a laser that’s insufficient, that you can’t mount on your gun, or fit into your holster.
If I had large fields around my home I’d have time to shoot more. I don’t, the woods are so close that a falling tree would indeed cover my house up. The 1,500 acres adjoining mine belongs to someone else.

Some pistols will accommodate red or green lasers, while others are too small for anything but red. Holster fit may be another consideration. You can probably use the same holster with a grip or slide mount laser, but are almost certain to need another holster with a rail mount.

I would recommend a laser to anyone considering one. If you are planning to customize a weapon with new gun parts and accessories I would definitely recommend a laser.

I suggest you have some hands on experience before choosing red or green in various lighting conditions.

Finally, you may be asking if you can install a laser yourself. That depends upon the weapon and laser, as well as your skills in installing gun parts and accessories. The best advice is to ensure a purchase of a laser made for your weapon, model, barrel length and caliber specifically.

Some lasers come with great instructions (and sometimes the tools) for mounting and adjusting. Other laser manufacturers require that you ship your unloaded firearm to their factory for mounting. Your warranty may be voided unless shipped to the manufacturer for the mounting of any gun parts and accessories. The variables are going to depend upon the specifics of your weapon and your choice of laser.

If you are considering the purchase of a new pistol for sale, or a rifle for sale, you can order a model with a factory installed laser. Once a laser is tried, I have no doubts many more people will be impressed.

GrabAGun is an online gun dealer offering an extensive selection of guns for sale, and gun parts and accessories such as gun lasers. Give us a call if you need assistance, we will be happy to help you.

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