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Recently two safety recalls affecting rifles were issued, one involving a Ruger American Rimfire Rifle product and the other involving Winchester M22 plinking/target ammo.

Ruger is an American firearms manufacturer of pistols, shotguns and rifles for sale, and has issued a recall involving rifles chambered in .22 Winchester Magnum (.22WMR) as well as .17 Hornady Magnum (.17 HMR) and were manufactured November 17, 2013 to January 8, 2014.

The affected rifles for sale and those already sold are missing a vent hole. According to Ruger, “the hole does not serve any function during normal operation of the rifle, but is a safety feature and may help vent gas in the event of a problem such as a ruptured case head or bore obstruction, for example. We want to recall the rifles and add the vent hole.”

If you believe your Ruger American Rimfire rifle may be affected, check for a vent hole on the left side of the chamber, if the hole is missing you should send your rifle back to Ruger. Ruger’s contact information and further details on the recall can be found at Ruger.com .

Winchester Ammunition Recall

In case you missed it, from the Winchester issued a statement on its website here regarding M22 Ammo. The website states:

“Olin Corporation, through its Winchester Division, is recalling two lots of M 22™ 22 Long Rifle 40 Grain Black Copper Plated Round Nose rimfire ammunition.”

Symbol Number: S22LRT

Lot Numbers: GD42L and GD52L

“Winchester has determined these two lots of .22 caliber Long Rifle rimfire ammunition may contain double powder charges. Ammunition with double powder charges may subject the shooter or bystanders to a risk of serious personal injury and/or death, or cause firearm damage, rendering the firearm inoperable.”

Winchester’s website indicates that the Lot Number is stamped without ink on the left tuck flap of the 500-round carton, while the 1000-round intermediate carton does not display a lot number.

Winchester advises if your ammunition is Symbol Number S22LRT with a Lot Number containing GD42L or GD52L to immediately discontinue use and contact Winchester on their toll-free number at 866-423-5224 or visit their site at: http://www.winchester.com/Product-Service/Pages/Contact-Us.aspx for free UPS pick-up of the recalled ammunition.

They advise other Symbol Numbers or Lot Numbers on Winchester are not affected by this recall.

This serves as a reminder of the wisdom of eye and ear protection when an overheated (and probably burning) cartridge blasts the inside of the semi-automatic AR-style .22 this ammo was created for.

Heed the warnings GrabAGun fans; we want you to remain safe.

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