What to Do After Shooting in Self Defense

what to do after shooting in self defense

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Use of Deadly Force in Texas

A report is available regarding “Stand Your Ground Laws” available as a free PDF from the website www.FreeGunReport.com. Currently the only reports available are for the states of Colorado, Florida and Texas.

Reading through it I realized it provided some great advice for Texas residents and in the following provide excerpts of that information. The information can be viewed in full at the above provided link. Great advice is offered by Free Gun Report. Print the tips and place them in a wallet and the event you find yourself in the situation of having had to use deadly force follow them! The following information is almost verbatim from the site regarding Texas law.

Tips to Follow If You Have Had to Use Deadly Force

  1. Ensure the threat has been controlled.
  2. Call 911.
    Excerpted from the site as follows:

    “If you use your gun, call 9-1-1 and get medical and police assistance. However, the only information that the 9-1-1 dispatcher needs to know from YOU is your name, the location of the emergency, what assistance is needed, and that you have been a victim of a crime. DO NOT DISCUSS WHAT HAPPENED WITH THE OPERATOR! All calls are recorded.”

  3. Return the firearm to safe keeping if possible.
  4. Do not disturb the scene.
  5. Call Your Lawyer!
  6. When police arrive, comply with all commands in a non-threatening manner, keeping your hands clearly visible. The police don’t know who the victim is or who the assailant is when they first arrive on the scene.
  7. Inform the police that you have been a victim of a crime. State to the police: “I wish to invoke my right to remain silent, and I want to consult my attorney before making any statements.”
  8. Make no statement to anyone; wait to talk to your attorney. Advice from Free Gun Report is as follows:“Law enforcement’s main job after a shooting is to investigate. Remember what you say to the police can and WILL be used against you. Note: the U. S. Supreme Court, in 2010, held that a police interrogation may go on indefinitely until you invoke your legal rights-so INVOKE YOUR RIGHTS!
  9. If asked to accompany law enforcement, comply, but make no statements.
  10. Do not make jokes or cute remarks and say nothing, even if you believe you have done nothing wrong.It is a common misconception that in the use of justified deadly force that §83.001 provides complete protection or “immunity” from the entire civil legal system. This statute has some serious legal limitations and does not protect you from being sued.

These statements are excerpts only from the website www.FreeGunReport.com. You are encouraged to visit the website to read the complete information. It explains when you can use force and when you cannot and much more. I recommend everyone read it in its entirety. The information is provided by U. S. Law Shield who provides insurance for members with coverage in the event you are required to use deadly force.

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