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Henry Deringer was the son of a German gunsmith, and after an apprenticeship in his father’s shop he established his own firearms manufacturing facility in Philadelphia in 1806. He manufactured flintlock pistols, muskets and later, percussion rifles for the U. S. Army. In 1825 Deringer began the production of percussion dueling pistols. By 1840 he was manufacturing a smaller dueling pistol and by the 1850s the short barreled, single-action percussion pocket pistol which rapidly gained popularity among pistols for sale.

The Deringer’s popularity peaked during the mid-1850s and became a favorite of civilians as a concealed handgun for personal defense. It single shot limitation led to the carrying of two pistols, which were sold in pairs for $22 to $25.

Interestingly, the Deringer lacked a standardized caliber and came with its own bullet mold specific to the caliber of the pair of pistols which varied from .33 to .51 inches.

The diminutive Deringer went down into infamy as the gun that killed President Abraham Lincoln, who was shot in the back of the head at point blank range by actor John Wilkes Booth on April 14, 1865, Lincoln died the following morning. Forensic evaluation of the pistol in 1997 revealed a characteristic unique to the Booth Deringer, unlike the majority of Deringer pocket pistols, the Booth pistol bore rifling with a left twist.

With Henry Deringer’s death in 1868, competitors began applying the breechloading system to their own versions of concealable pistols for sale, and called them derringers to avoid trademark infringements. From then on, guns made by Henry Deringer were the Deringer, while any small short barreled and non-automatic concealable firearm was called a derringer.

The end of the Civil War saw the decline in the percussion Deringer’s popularity. The new .41 Short rimfire cartridge was introduced in 1863 resulting in the availability of more modern pistols for sale using the more convenient rimfire cartridges.

It seems ironic that the President during the time of the American Civil War who was both one of the most hated as well as loved of presidents would be brought to his death with such a tiny pistol and change forever the course of history for the south, if not the nation. Today the infamous tiny pistol is on display in the Ford Theater Museum.

Today’s derringer is an exceedingly popular among pistols for sale used as a concealed carry pistol. The typical modern derringer or pocket pistol is significantly improved over Henry Deringer’s little gun providing greater quality, increased round capacity and improved safety features and performance.

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