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Selecting a gun holster that is right for you is a lot like trying to decide which gun among pistols for sale is right for you-it is a matter of personal preference. So what should you choose-Leather, Nylon or Kydex? Let’s look at each materials advantages and disadvantages to help you make that decision.

Top Grain Leather Holster

Leathercraft takes skill, and these holsters typically cost more than others. Top grain leather is the outer portion of the hide and is one of the two top leathers you can buy. Most imported leather holsters are made from split grain, from the lower portion of the hide. Split grain is not as strong or durable as top grain leather. If you choose to purchase a leather holster look for one made of 9-10 oz. leather, it can last a lifetime. Most holsters are made from 5-6 ounce leather and won’t last like the heavier leather will.

Many people find them more comfortable, but leather does require some care. Leather has long been popular among law enforcement and is a good choice for durability, comfort and protection when you are making a selection from pistols for sale.

Cleaning a Leather Holster

Keep a leather holster clean and wipe it down with a soft cloth occasionally. Dust, blood, sweat and dirt can damage it if it isn’t removed in a timely manner, and may require a leather care product. Use only those approved for gun holsters in minimal amounts to prevent softening, which over time could cause your gun not to fit. Most leather holsters are made for a specific pistol for sale, be sure to choose one compatible for your gun. If possible use clothing as a barrier between your skin and the holster to minimize the potential damage from sweat. Wipe a sweat stained leather holster down with a dry cloth and allow to air dry out of the sun.

Never use direct sunlight, hair dryers or any other heat source on a leather holster, it will damage the leather. If it becomes wet, gently wipe it down and let it dry at room temperature. Never rub hard, it is likely to rub off any coloring leaving a spot on the holster.

Nylon Holsters

Nylon gun holsters are inexpensive and come in different grades. Select a nylon holster sewn with nylon or even stronger polyester thread for longer service life. Even the best nylon holsters will eventually wear out but good grades will last for many years. Many nylon holsters are also made for specific pistols for sale, ensure the gun holster you select is made for your handgun. Nylon is popular, fairly durable and also makes a good holster when selecting among pistols for sale.

Kydex Holsters

Kydex has become popular due to its low cost to produce and its long term durability. Environmental conditions won’t adversely affect Kydex as it does leather and nylon. Kydex is lightweight and is the least expensive holster you can buy.

Kydex is hard, and therefore is not suitable for use with concealed carry. It is incapable of following your body contours like leather or other products and can affect the finish of the handgun in a short period of time.

Synthetic Suede Holsters

Synthetic suede holsters are very inexpensive, extremely comfortable and very light weight. They will not wear the finish on a handgun. On the negative side they are considered disposable with an approximate 6 month life span. These holsters collapse and require removing the holster to re-holster the gun due to this.

Suede Leather Holsters

Suede leather holsters come in many grades, are inexpensive, fairly durable and if a good grade of leather by a good manufacturer can last many years. Look for one with a metal clip as they are more likely to use heavier nylon thread. Select cowhide over other leathers. Choose natural color as dyed products will bleed color onto clothing. Suede holsters will collapse when the weapon is drawn and must be removed to re-holster the gun.

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