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When you’re considering a new gun for this falls hunting season, GrabAGun offers layaway and financing for its extensive selection of guns for sale. Buy now and before fall your gun will be ready to ship. Or, if you select financing, you will have the summer for getting used to the new gun on the range. While you’re dreaming of this falls hunt, and shopping for guns for sale, if you’re considering the purchase of a UTV read the following before you buy a UTV.

The old saying “you get what you pay for” does not necessarily apply to UTVs. With the average UTV costing $5,000 and up you want to ensure you’re buying the best machine possible. Being in a family of small engine repair business owners this is straight talk on some of the UTV imports entering the country in recent years. When hunting season arrives, you want a UTV you can count on. If you want dependable, buy the brands you have long been familiar with.

These uninformed buyers take their purchase to the woods for mud racing, creek crossings and general woods use. The machines end up in the shop, often with a rejection from warranty services and a hefty bill to pay out of pocket as the user has “abused” the machine.

One of the most common problems is due to water and mud contamination. It fouls out the electric winch due to the lack of a seal against the elements. The same problem occurs with the electronics in the unit. Occasionally you can blow out the electronic components with an air compressor and restore function, but they typically require replacement.

These poorly made UTVs are failing in several respects due to cheap parts and poor quality. They simply can’t be used in mud and water or serious horseplay without breaking.

Another tip, use a quality brand of spark plug. The brands your granddad would have used. Time after time I have seen the new kid on the block test good, but be bad. Don’t listen to the tale that they are correctly gapped from the factory, gaps vary by machine. Know your gap, check it and then correct it.

Carbs are rarely covered under any warranty today due to the corrosion ethanol causes. Today, a large number of carburetors on almost all small engine equipment have little or no adjustments, and parts may not be available for them. When it goes, it requires a whole new carburetor.

My advice-stick to the brands you know and trust. That way come hunting season, your UTV can be serviced and be ready for the hunt.

Keep in mind, if you will be taking your machine into steep terrain, buy a machine with an electric fuel pump. That way if you’re on a steep incline the engine won’t lose power or stall out, leaving you at the bottom of the mountain. Use the same careful consideration of the features required for the UTV as you do on guns for sale.

Finally, the last tip is to remember to crank your UTV every 2 weeks and to use fuel stabilizer and ethanol treatment in the gas, if your machine will be sitting in a shed until fall. Otherwise, the best you can hope for is that a good ultrasonic cleaning will restore the carburetor. The guns for sale that you buy require some routine attention, and it’s the same with ATV/UTV’s.

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