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.45 Colt vs. .44 Magnum | Guns for Sale

The .45 Colt has been around long enough to have a solid reputation, since 1873 in fact. It has fought in numerous wars and proved reliable in all. The only blight on its service record was the original frames would not withstand additional pressure. It was this fact that led to the development of the .44 Special which in turn gave rise to the .44 Magnum. Today’s guns for sale are engineered with precision for strength, durability and accuracy.

Due to its heavy recoil not just anyone can-or will-shoot a .44 Magnum pistol. You can’t beat a .44 Magnum for dispatching a wounded bear or a ticked off feral hog that is charging you. If you use a .44 Magnum for personal defense and use it-the criminal isn’t likely to get back up.

The reason less persons own a .44 Magnum than a .45 Colt is due to its recoil. It is often called a beast and it is indeed. The sight of it is enough to send some would be attackers running for the hills. Though not as popular as when it was first introduced, the .44 Magnum still receives a great deal of respect among guns for sale.

There are big game hunters prefer to use the .44 Magnum. Other hunters carry it into the woods to dispatch wounded and dangerous game or predators. The .45 Colt is easily designated a personal defense weapon, and compared to the .44 Magnum is easier to shoot.

When placed side by side you realize the .45 will create a larger wound. That is due to the .45 caliber being true to its size, while a .44 Magnum is actually a .429. Wound size is everything in how fast the target will bleed out, be it a deer or a thug. The .45 caliber has the advantage in this factor, as well as being more manageable for those who dislike heavy recoil.

For those shooters seeking a personal defense weapon, the .45 Colt factory load provides the firepower, the reliability and the ability to control and follow up the shots that you need. Self-loading hunters can fire it up to handle anything dangerous coming from the woods.

If you don’t self-load, a .44 Magnum pistol will provide the velocity you want for a hunting pistol. As is often the case with gun selection, your personal preference, shooting skills and purpose will provide the deciding factor. However, it should be noted that the .45 Colt will provide for greater flexibility when considering between a .44 Magnum vs. .45 Colt guns for sale.

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