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AK-12 – The Next Generation | AK-47 for Sale

In 20 10, a new generation of the venerable AK-47 for sale was introduced with the AK-200. The AK-200 is gas operated with a rotating bolt firing action chambered to fire the 5.45×39mm, 5.56×45mm NATO, and 7.62×39mm cartridges from detachable box magazines, a casket magazine or the RPK-74 styled drum magazine. It was designed to accommodate the addition of a Picatinny rail.

By 2013 the AK-12 (formerly the AK-200) was developed with a rail for optics, and available with a wider range of calibers to include a 6.5mm still under development, a 6.5 mm Grendel and 7.62×51mm NATO.

Trials in 2013 revealed numerous problems with the AK-12, but the precise nature of the problems were not revealed, only that they would be corrected. The Russian government declined to accept the AK-12 produced at Ishmash Arms by Mikhial Kalashnikov and Vladimir Zlobin. Additional models are planned, including a Carbine (AK-12U), a compact carbine, submachine gun (PPK-12), sniper rifle (SVK-12), a light machine gun (RPK-12). A civilian variant will be produced in .223 Remington and 12 gauge.

With the new AK facing numerous setbacks from the start, it has to be said that it is a tough act to improve upon the original AK-47 for sale but the AK 12 does just that, provided of course, all the bugs can be worked out.

The replacement of the wooden furniture reduces the weight to just over 7 pounds. The addition of rails enables the attachment of scopes, lights and other accessories. Greater accuracy would be an improvement, but the typical AK was never intended to be a long range weapon. I have seen pre-bans with the slider to automatic routinely produced 2 inch groupings. Accuracy with a gun is similar to driving a car in one respect – some cars are harder to steer, but it is still up to the driver to keep it between the lines.

However, accuracy isn’t what made the AK-47 so popular. Rather, it is the fact it is so easy to use, easy to repair and its reliability in even extreme conditions. The windy, dry sandy conditions of the Middle East and the massive number of AK-47s used in the region are a testament to the guns durability.

Another reason for the AK-47s popularity is price, while the milled gun will cost more due to the hundreds of machining’s it requires, a stamped AK is one of the most affordable guns of its class, and will last just as long as it’s more expensive counterpart. The main difference you will note between the two is the smoother action on the milled AK-47 for sale.

Ammunition is for the AK is cheap, adding another reason for the continued popularity of the rifle among modern guns for sale.

The AK-47 for sale is available in various chambering’s. The 7.62×39mm is the most common, with 7.62×54R for long range shooting, 5.45×39mm and 5.56 NATO.

As for the AK-12, news has been sparse since the Ukraine troubles. Nevertheless, AK enthusiasts will be watching the guns continued development and availability in the not too distant future.

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