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GrabAGun provides the largest selection of AR-15 accessories available online. We carry an extensive selection of accessories for your AR-15, from scopes and night vision, to rails, tactical lights and mounts, slings, suppressors, recoil pads and much more.

The popular AR-15 is well known for its accuracy and reliability, but it is the versatility of the gun that is the crown of the AR-15 for sale. With the ability to exchange receivers, the AR-15 can provide multiple caliber weapon options and various configurations. The wide availability of parts and AR-15 accessories enable you to customize your AR-15 with the features you desire, and the ability to exchange parts and accessories for a different purpose in a snap.

Like a great number of rifles, the AR-15 was developed for military use, providing a durable firearm to withstand both harsh environmental conditions and heavy use. It is from this platform that today’s semi-automatic AR-15 was developed for public use.

Redesigned for the civilian market, the AR-15 has become America’s number one rifle with a continually expanding market of parts and AR-15 accessories.

Dominating in competitive matches, used for hunting, predator control, as home and perimeter defense, for target practice and used among the law enforcement and security community, the AR-15 for sale continues to enjoy a growing popularity.

The AR-15 is rapidly gaining popularity among hunters. It should be noted the standard AR-15 is a 5.56mm or.223, and the two rounds are not interchangeable. The .223 Remington can be used safely in a 5.56mm chamber, but it is unsafe to use the 5.56mm in a .223 chamber. The higher pressure of the 5.56mm round is too great for a .223 chamber. If you will be using 5.56mm, buy an AR-15 chambered for 5.56mm. You can use the .223 in it allowing you greater versatility; you just can’t use the other way around.

Furthermore, the 5.56mm is the best option of the two for big game hunting. The .223 will be sufficient for some of the larger game, but simply lacks the firepower to use for a general big game weapon and ensure a humane kill.

People often ask which AR-15 accessories they should have. AR-15 owners often accessorize their guns to the max, only to find it too heavy to be comfortable. Tactical lights are often added, whether they are used or not. If you will be using a tactical light after dark, it becomes a prized accessory; otherwise, just keep in mind, adding accessories will also add weight. Luckily, the AR-15s versatility also imparts ease of accessorizing, or removing them. One of the best investments in AR-15 accessories is a sling. It frees up your hands, enables you carry more and can help you to hang on to your gun.

Pay extra for the chrome lined barrel, or other lining that will extend the barrel life. Don’t use jointed cleaning rods, doing so can damage the interior finish of the rifle.

If you are going to mount a scope or other optic, select a flat top rifle or ensure you purchase a rifle with a removable carry handle. Mounting a scope will be easier.

From a legal standpoint (in the event you have to use the gun to defend yourself), it is better in the long run to purchase the features and AR-15 accessories you desire factory installed. Not only will accuracy, performance and safety be assured, but if you have to defend yourself, the criminal’s family couldn’t claim your rifle was an unsafe weapon altered by yourself. As unbelievable as it sounds it is a factor used successfully in civil lawsuits against victims of crime who have used their gun in self-defense. For further information on stand your ground laws visit www.uslawshield.com

GrabAGun offers an extensive selection of guns for sale, including the AR-15 for sale. We offer an extensive line of AR-15 parts and AR-15 accessories for your convenience.

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