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Double Barrel Shotguns | Guns for Sale

Double Barrel Shotguns-Over-Under

There are two types of double barrel shotguns, the over-under, and the side by side. Double barrel shotguns once used two triggers that allowed for each barrel to be discharged. In time, the single selective trigger (SST) that allowed it to alternate between the two barrels when firing. Today’s double barrel shotguns are typically the most costly shotguns you can purchase among guns for sale.

Today, the over-under shotgun is used for sports such as trap, clays and skeet, and waterfowl hunting. The choke design of double barrel shotguns allows the shot group to converge at a particular range, usually the maximum distance. Each barrel can be individually set for distance at the point of convergence. This means one barrel can be set to fire at a closer range, while the other barrel can shoot a further distance.

Hammerless shotguns were in use in Europe in the early 19th century. By the 1930s the over-under design started to replace the side by side in the U. S. due to the high cost of side by sides.

The over-under is typically finely crafted with a sleek design, it may be embellished with engravings, premium wooden stocks and other cosmetic extras. This is the reason they typically cost more among guns for sale.

The over-under generally features less recoil than other types of shotguns, partially due to its greater weight.

Break open action, also called breech-loading, is the most common for over-under shotguns. The opening of the action can also be used to cock the shotgun.

Double Barrel Shotguns-Side by Side

Side by Side shotguns are typically more expensive. Finer craftsmanship typically results in higher prices. Recoil is typically greater in the Side by Side than other types of shotguns. Today’s side by side uses a single selective trigger that alternately fires both barrels. Both barrels can’t be fired at once, as the single trigger has to be pulled twice to fire both barrels.

Some side by side shotguns utilize an inertial system. In an inertial system the recoil of firing the first barrel toggles the trigger to the next barrel. This system will function best with the heavier shotshells, as using lighter shot with lower recoil does not reliably toggle the inertial trigger resulting in an occasional failure to fire of the second shot, requiring a manual selection of the second barrel to fire.

The production of side by side shotguns eventually priced themselves right out of production. In recent years a few companies have returned them to production, but their price remains beyond most shooters means or desire to pay for guns for sale. Especially when other more modern shotguns among guns for sale can be purchased for considerably less.

The double barrel shotgun that remains popular due America’s fascination with the old west is stage coach guns. In good condition, these historic guns are highly desired, fetching premium prices, especially if they authenticated to be associated with the stage coach service of Wells and Fargo.

Contrary to what most people believe, there was no single manufacturer of coach guns which were offered in barrel lengths of 12 to 20 inches. In some cases, gunsmiths cut the barrels of shotguns down to length.

Some of the early manufacturers were Buckley, Burgess, Colt, Hunter, Ithaca, Lefever, Parker, Remington, Savage-Stevens, and Sharps to name a few. An authentic stage coach gun that can be proven to be related to a Wells and Fargo stage coach can be worth a great deal of money today, and are treasured by collectors. The history of our country is prized by its citizens and is best exemplified in what collectors are willing to pay for Civil War and Old West collectibles, and especially its guns.

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