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Selecting a concealed carry pistol is an individual decision that will be based upon your own preferences, needs, lifestyle and abilities that will influence what pistol you select for a concealed carry weapon. Once you have made your decision and chosen a pistol, shop our site for the best prices before you visit gun shops. You will find GrabAGun to have the lowest prices, as well as an extensive selection of firearms.

Some of the factors that will most likely influence your decision include the pistol’s weight, size, caliber, design, barrel length, capacity, ease of concealment and where you plan to conceal the weapon.

Your first decision is whether to carry a semi-automatic pistol or a revolver. There are advantages and disadvantages to each to consider in your selection of a concealed carry pistol. When shopping for a concealed carry whether online or in gun shops keep the following in mind:



  • Provides a larger capacity of rounds
  • Faster to reload using magazines
  • Easier to conceal


  • Has more parts to wear out
  • Harder to clear a jam
  • Racking the slide is more difficult for some persons



  • More basic operation, fewer parts; less to go wrong
  • Easier to operate, simply point and shoot. Petite women, the elderly or disabled are more likely to be able to fire a revolver, than to manage the slide of an automatic
  • More reliable
  • Easier to clear a jam
  • Easier to grip and retrieve from your concealed carry location
  • Fires with direct contact to an assailant’s body
  • Generally more accurate at longer distances
  • Tolerates lack of maintenance better
  • If it fails to fire simply pull the trigger again
  • Generally more affordably priced
  • Less finicky about ammunition. You can fire mixed loads (of the same caliber, of course!)


  • More difficult to conceal due to the bulge of the cylinder
  • Slower to reload, each cylinder has to be individually loaded.
  • Has a limited capacity of rounds, typically 6 maximum.

The best concealed carry pistol selection is the one you are most accurate and comfortable with. A reliable firearm is only half of the equation. The other half is accuracy, which requires a great deal of practice to achieve and to maintain. You have the option of having different pistols for concealed carry. When you are in a suit you can carry a larger concealed carry in a shoulder holster, but may need a pocket pistol when jogging in shorts and a t-shirt, for example.

GrabAGun offers an extensive selection of guns for sale. You will find pistols, rifles, and shotguns by a tremendous assortment of manufacturers.

Our inventory doesn’t stop on our website. If you are tired of visiting gun shops looking for a particular weapon we can help you. We will obtain a price for any currently manufactured firearm, with the features you desire and apply the GrabAGun discount. As an online dealer in firearms, we have the advantage of selection that you will be unable to obtain in most walk-in gun shops. Give our knowledgeable customer service agents a call for questions or assistance.

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