Remington AR-15 For Sale


Remington R-15 | AR-15 for Sale

The popularity of the AR-15 for sale platform has continued to expand from tactical, to a wide field of sports. For example, popular sports for the AR platform to name a few include, competition matches, target practice and hunting, with the latter including varmint hunting. The AR’s popularity in hunting is partially due to the reputation of the AR-15 for sale, for its accuracy and the ability for rapid follow-up. These features are essential when shooting at large numbers of predators such as coyote.

America’s oldest gun manufacturer, Remington founded in 1816, entered the market of the AR-15 for sale in 2008, with the Remington R-15 VTR. The R-15 VTR was created for the hunting of varmints and predators, and strategically engineered to provide the features that would enable these hunters’ with the best tools for success.

Since the initial introduction of the R-15 VTR, Remington has continued to expand its line of R-15 and offers a number of configurations for this modular firearm. The calibers available include the 204 Ruger, 223 and 450. The R-15 line-up includes models with fixed stocks and a model with a collapsible stock, as well as other features.

The Remington R-15 was created for the predator hunter, to assist him/her with the best tools available to insure a humane shot to a moving predator. The carbine features an 18-inch barrel and the Advantage MAX-1 HD camouflage finish. Weighing only 6 3/4 lbs., it was designed to provide rapid, long-range shooting. This short barreled version is also offered with a fixed stock.

In addition, the R-15 VTR is offered as a rifle with a 22” barrel and features a fixed stock and pistol grip. Weighing 7 3/4 lbs., the R-15 VTR Rifle provides superior stability for a long range target.

When chambered in the recent .30 RAR cal., this lightweight, smooth actioned firearm becomes the perfect accompaniment for deer hunting. Be sure to check out the full line of the R-15 VTR weapons.

According to Remington’s website the R-15 VTR provides the following:

Key Features:

  • Semi-automatic AR-15-style rifle engineered for the hunting of predators
  • Free-floating button-rifled 0.680” Muzzle OD ChroMoly barrels with recessed hunting crown for exceptional accuracy
  • Fluted barrel design provides a reduced weight and promotes accelerated cooling of the barrel
  • Clean-breaking single-stage trigger
  • Receiver-length Picatinny rail
  • Ergonomic pistol grip
  • Fore-end tube drilled and tapped to provide for accessory rails
  • Full Advantage® MAX-1 HD™ finish
  • Ships with a 5-round magazine
  • Legal for hunting in most states
  • Compatible with all aftermarket AR-15 magazines and other AR accessories
  • Ships with a lockable hard case

GrabAGun offers the Remington R-15 VTR with pricing significantly below the MSRP. GrabAGun is an online gun shop providing the fine quality guns you desire at the GrabAGun discounted prices. We offer an extensive selection of pistols for sale, shotguns for sale and rifles for sale including a very large selection of the popular AR-15 for sale in the brands you want. In addition, you will find hunting, camping, archery supplies and much more on our site. Thanks for shopping with GrabAGun.

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Lone Star Tick | Guns For Sale


Lone Star Tick Disease | Guns for Sale

This blog discusses the growing problem of the Lone Star Tick Disease rather than Guns for Sale. The Lone Star Tick is spreading eastward through the deer population. It is a vector of disease and could affect hunters, as well those in almost any outdoor setting. As a large sector of our customers are hunters who will be checking trail cameras, tending food plots soon and checking on hunting camps, we felt it important to dedicate this article to inform you of this tick born disease, rather than guns for sale. We want all of you to enjoy the summer safely and hope you find this article informative.

The Lone Star ticks are distinguishable for the white spot on their back, and are commonly found in wooded areas, alongside animal bedding sites and in other locations such as tall grass.

It is the carrier for various diseases in humans, primarily Ehrlichia chaffeensis and Ehrlichia ewingii, which are the main causes of ehrlichiosis in humans.

These diseases infect blood cells. Symptoms occur within 1 to 2 weeks of infection. The early symptoms are fever, headache, low-back pain, malaise (discomfort), and gastrointestinal symptoms. In addition, some persons may experience myalgias (tenderness or pain in muscles), arthralgias (joint pain), with 10-40% developing cough, pharyngitis (sore throat), diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain and a change in mental status. Body rashes occur in 40 % of patients, but the rashes will not be present on the hands or feet. Blood testing can diagnose it, treatment is with tetracycline.

As a general rule, if you become sick after receiving a tick bite, see a doctor.

A report posted by Vanderbilt University Medical Center informs of a new complication related to the Lone Star Tick Bite:

“Lone star tick bites are likely the cause of thousands of cases of severe red meat allergies that are plaguing patients in Southeastern United States including Tennessee, North Carolina and Virginia and spreading up the Eastern Seaboard along with the deer population. The allergy can cause hives and swelling, as well as broader symptoms of anaphylaxis, including vomiting, diarrhea, trouble breathing, and a drop in blood pressure. Persons with the allergy can go into a delayed anaphylactic shock four-six hours after eating red meat.”

For some persons, it’s for life.

From the CDC website on repelling ticks with DEET or Permethrin:

  • Use repellents containing 20-30% DEET on exposed skin and clothing for protection that lasts up to several hours. Always follow product instructions. Parents should apply this product to their children, avoiding hands, eyes, and mouth.
  • Use products that contain 0.5% permethrin on clothing and gear, such as boots, pants, socks and tents. It remains protective through several washings. Pre-treated clothing is available and may be protective longer.
  • Other repellents registered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) may be found here.

The CDC suggests avoiding wooded, bushy areas with high grass and leaf litter, and to walk in the center of trails. Furthermore, it is recommended to bathe or shower as soon as possible after coming indoors to remove any ticks crawling on you.

Parents should check their children including under the arms, in and around the ears, inside the belly button, behind the knees, between the legs and especially in their hair.

Tumbling clothes in a dryer on high heat for an hour will kill any remaining ticks.

GrabAGun offers guns for sale. Shop our site for the lowest prices on guns for sale, and be sure to visit our current clearance page for incredible savings on guns for sale, accessories and other gear. Thanks for visiting GrabAGun, we hope you found this information on the Lone Star Tick informative.

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Slide Fire AR 15 Parts


Slide-Fire | AR 15 Parts

The line of available AR-15 Parts for AR-15s and other semi-automatic firearms now have an additional tool that creates a simulated automatic fire, and it is perfectly legal, without a background check or forms to be filled out. To understand the device, you first need to understand a process called “bump firing”.

To bump fire a semi-automatic rifle, your non-dominant hand pulls the rifle forward until the trigger hits your trigger finger, at which time the rifle will then fire. When this occurs, the recoil directs the rifle back against your trigger finger, causing the rifle to fire again and the process cycles until the ammunition is depleted. By changing out the stock with the SSAR 15, this AR-15 parts component enables this process to occur at an accelerated speed, mimicking automatic fire. In fact, the company claims a rate of fire of 900 rounds per minute.

Bump firing is typically “shot from the hip”, and lacking the ability to aim is really nothing more than waste of good ammo unless you are shooting into a crowd of enemy combatants.

That is no longer the case, the process of bump fire has been put to use by a company called Slide Fire Solutions. Slide Fire patented a replacement stock in 2012 called the SSAR 15. The SSAR 15 allows you to bump fire the AR-15 style rifle from your shoulder, enabling you to aim while maintaining control with increased accuracy and reducing the fatigue that “bump fire” would normally cause. The company videos are impressive, and undoubtedly leaves many shooting enthusiasts’ with a taste to try it out.

As for the ability to safely control the guns recoil, the company’s website states, “ Applying principles that have been used for over 40 years to Bump Fire – this new radical design ensures the operator can hold the rifle correctly without compromising their own safety or the safety of others around them. Unlike when bump firing from the hip; the SSAR-15 allows the shooter to properly aim the firearm. In addition, the shooter must push forward to discharge each round, as a result, the shooter corrects their point-of-aim for each shot discharged instead of allowing recoil to push the muzzle upward.” The SSAR 15 is undoubtedly another example of American ingenuity for expanding the versatility of AR-15 parts and its modular nature.

The SSAR-15 is currently available for multiple platforms and include the AR-15; AK-47; M & P 15/22; Saiga and 308. GrabAGun offers the SSAR-15, priced below the MSRP, just type in gun stocks in our search engine.

GrabAGun is your online source of guns for sale. We offer pistols for sale, rifles for sale, shotguns for sale as well as gun parts and accessories which include a large selection of AR-15 parts. Shop our site, you find our products are always priced right with the GrabAGun discount. We offer firearms that extend beyond those available on our site. If you desire a specific model not among our products give our helpful customer service agents a call, we will assist you in locating the model you seek, and apply the GrabAGun discount.

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Gun Holsters at Gun Shops


Gun Holsters | Gun Shops

There are several factors to consider when shopping for gun holsters. The first factor is to ensure the holster you purchase is made for the gun, as well as any accessories such as laser. Finding a holster that accomodates accessories can be difficult in gun shops.

The second factor to consider is that the holster should secure the pistol. A hooded holster can prevent dangerous accidental discharges from coat strings, an ink pen or other objects. GrabAGun offers a large selection of holsters, more than any other gun shops online or local box stores.

The third factor to consider is that the holster must allow fast access to the weapon when it’s needed. Fumbling to draw a gun out of the holster can cost you your life.

Fourth, consider how and where you will wear the holster. Your wardrobe may require a change for concealed carry. Any sight of the gun is not allowed, not even accidental.

Gun holsters come in various grades of quality. You need a holster that is safe, functional, fits nicely, as comfortable as possible and long lasting. Considering a holster protects the gun, provides fast access, secures the gun and fits as comfortable as possible, it is wise to spend the extra money for holster that fits all of the criteria.

The “level of retention” refers to the number of features that help keep the gun in the holster. An increased retention will slow the draw, but it also prevents an assailant from grabbing the gun with no resistance. Retention level is an individual preference, as is how much risk you are willing to take. The majority of police officers prefers level one-or single retention gun holsters for this reason.

Smooth draw is essential; a gun that hangs upon the holster is dangerous. Snagging slows the draw and creates the risk of accidental discharge and damage to the firearm. Try out new holsters to ensure a smooth draw.

Having a holster is imperative for weapons with no safety. A strap engaging a light trigger upon draw can result in accidental discharge and injury. The holster also needs to provide a smooth re-holster.

Concealed Carry Holsters

Concealed carry holsters are designed to provide concealment of a firearm. A carry concealed holster should have the same desirable features as any other holster plus concealment. How you plan to carry will be the first consideration in the selection. If you carry your pistol in a purse and have a young child, it is wise to have a gun with two or more safeties, a hooded holster and a high level of retention. When shopping online or at gun shops look for these features to help keep your child safe.

In home’s with children it is essential to have a trigger guard, keep the gun unloaded, and out of reach or locked away. Your child may mind well, but curiosity can overcome any child’s good intentions. There are rarely second chances when a gun is fired. Compare our holster prices before you purchase a holster from local gun shops.

Duty Holsters

Duty holsters are available in passive retention or active retention systems. Passive systems feature devices that must be manually engaged such as a thumb break, which is a strap opened with your thumb. The passive system holster is the most common holster and is available online or in any gun shops.

An active system is an automatic locking system or ALS that locks the pistol into place when it is re-holstered. You must disengage the retention when you need to draw the weapon. The ALS prevents a gun from falling out of the holster. The type of holster you select is a matter of individual choice that only you can decide. If you are unable to locate the holster of your choice at local gun shops, or online, shop our site or give us a call.

Few gun shops are able to carry the large selection that we offer. Feel free to contact us for questions regarding a specific holster.

GrabAGun is your premier source of guns for sale. We offer one of the nation’s largest selections of guns and accessories that are available online or in gun shops. Our gun sales

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Keeping Guns For Sale Safe


Gun Security | Guns for Sale

When you purchase a firearm it comes with a responsibility to keep it out of the wrong hands, be that a child or a burglar. There is no single solution for all guns for sale. Numerous factors come in play when deciding the best solution for securing a gun. Your environment, the ages of any children in the home, the number of guests in your home, the likelihood of your home being burglarized-all come into to play, and should be considered when shopping for guns for sale.

The majority of people will agree the following is standard protocol for any gun owner:

  • Guns should not be accessible to children and unauthorized persons including visitors to the home.
  • The gun should be readily accessible to the gun owner in the event of a home invasion or other danger.
  • The place of storage should be burglar proof.

Types of gun security: Trigger locks are one of the cheapest solutions to keep unauthorized persons from firing the weapon. A trigger lock will not prevent theft, but it will prevent the firing of the weapon by all but the most determined of children. The locks provide scant protection, and are broken without specialized tools. Today, any guns for sale that are shipped come with a trigger lock.

Concealment is some people’s choice: People are really inventive in hiding their guns; unfortunately burglars know all the secret places. Don’t assume your child doesn’t know where the gun is, he/she has probably seen you put it there without your knowledge.

There are a number of products available for hiding handguns in. Books, picture frame vaults, fake food boxes, furniture with secret drawers-the list could continue indefinitely. Unfortunately, if it is publicly available a thief will be aware of it.

Digital safes provide owner access. Digital safes are one of the best options to secure your handgun from children and other unauthorized in-home would-be users. However, unless you bolt them down, a burglar will just carry them away. A frequent complaint is the short battery life.

Quick access desk vaults are an excellent option for offices, even the home office. They also depend upon batteries.

Gun Safes are not always the best option. A number of the safes sold in box stores provide no security against burglars due to thin metal of 12 gauge or thinner. Burglars can be in them within 2 minutes. Look for UL approved safes, if it is lacking the UL stamp, leave them in the store unless you are only seeking to secure it from children.

A quality safe will provide protection with 10 gauge or better steel (the lower the number is the better protection it will provide). The drawback is the price, $2,000 and up. Select a safe that can be bolted down to prevent the thief from simply carrying a gun safe off.

Wall safes can be a excellent option to secure your guns, Mounted between the studs they won’t be simply carried away. They are available for handguns or rifles.
Custom made solutions are a viable option for those who can afford it, or prefer to do the work themselves. Some homeowners construct “faux walls” with a lock or keypad entry (hidden of course) for entry into a gun room. A simple solution is a faux wall in the back of a closet. Internal piano style hinges are used. Locks can be hidden behind shelves. Don’t forget to install a dehumidifier to protect your guns in whatever form of safe or room that you use!

GrabAGun offers an extensive selection of guns for sale. Whether you are shopping for pistols for sale, rifles for sale or shotguns for sale, we offer a large selection of each. If you fail to find the guns for sale that you seek, give us a call. We offer any firearm currently manufactured in the configuration you desire. Thanks for shopping with GrabAGun for guns for sale!

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.38 Special Guns For Sale

38 special guns for sale

The .38 Special | Guns for Sale

The .38 Smith & Wesson Special is a rimmed, centerfire cartridge designed by Smith & Wesson. Commonly used in revolvers, the .38 Special was the service cartridge of the majority of police departments in the U. S. from the 1920s through the 1990s. Today the .38 Special has its following for its accuracy and limited recoil. The common use for the .38 in modern times is target practice, formal competition, personal defense and small game hunting. It remains a popular selection among guns for sale.

The caliber of the .38 Special is .357-.358 inches (9.0678 mm). The .38 Special is identical to Short Colt, .38 Long Colt and .357 Magnum except for its case length. While the .38 Special can be safely fired in revolvers chambered for the .357 Magnum, the reverse is not the case as the .357 is longer and more powerful. By the 1950s and 1960s, there were numerous complaints by law enforcement of the failure of standard .38 Special 158-grain cartridge to stop assailants in armed confrontations. This led to the development of the higher pressure .38 Special +P loading, also called the “FBI load”.


By definition the .38 caliber and the 9mm are minutely different in diameter, and the 9mm casing is approximately 3/8 inch shorter than the .38 Special. Despite their similarities, there is a significant difference. 9mm has double the pressure, and thus double the muzzle energy of the .38 Special. In terms of weight the .38 Special has the advantage. Where reliability and ease of use are concerned the .38 revolver again claim the advantage, due to its being a revolver. That is not to say there aren’t extremely reliable semi-automatics among guns for sale. The fact is there are plenty of them. If they were unreliable they would not sell, pure and simple.

The advantages of the 9mm are first its larger capacity of 15 to 18 rounds, vs. the revolvers 5 to 6 rounds. The next advantage of the 9mm is how fast you can change out a magazine, whereas a revolver is much slower to load. The 9mm has plenty of power for its class. Of course a .45 will be more powerful, but not everyone is comfortable with the .45 caliber. There are factors involved with all handguns used for self-defense that affect what is “best” for the individual.

The first is the ability of the shooter to place a lethal shot accurately.

The next factor is the caliber and type. A hollow point .38 Special will be more lethal than a standard round .38 Special, for example. The .45 ACP will be more lethal than the .38, or the 9mm and so on.

A common sense guide to selecting a concealed carry is to purchase a gun you can accurately and comfortably shoot. The point is to have a firearm to defend yourself, and one you can use effectively.

Practice is one of the major deciding factors as to how well any gun will defend you. Practice every week until you are proficient, and then nothing less than monthly. Your life and those of your loved ones may depend upon your marksmanship.

GrabAGun is your online source for guns for sale. Shop our site among our thousands of guns for sale. If you fail to find the specific model and features you desire, we will locate any currently manufactured firearm you desire, and we will apply the GrabAGun discounted price. Shop our current clearance section for some fantastic buys of guns for sale, gun accessories and much more.

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Shotguns | Guns For Sale


Shotguns for Sale | Guns for Sale

Shotguns have always been versatile in their varied uses, but today the shotgun is being developed to reflect the same versatility popular with the AR-15. Versatility has its advantages, and if you will be purchasing a new shotgun, you may want to consider looking into the new Mossberg 500 or other new versatile shotguns among guns for sale.

Slugs, Buckshot and Birdshot

There are dedicated hunters who use shotguns with slugs for deer hunting as well as hunting bird and other small game. Slugs do a great deal of trauma, and the heavier and faster they are the more damage they inflict. The rules for the use of slugs are actually simple. A Sabot slug is only used in a shotgun with a rifled barrel. Common slugs may be used in smooth bore shotguns.

The slug looks rather innocuous at first glance, but don’t discount the damage it inflicts. I like to use a comparison of the 30-06 vs. a common 12 gauge shotgun slug. A typical 30-06 cartridge can weigh 150 grains. Yet the lightest 12 gauge shotgun slug weighs about 383 grains. That is more than twice the weight of the powerful and deadly 30-06. It also provides heavier recoil.

Slugs will penetrate car doors and windshields. It lacks the range of a rifle, but for its range and purpose, it does the job extremely well.

If you plan to hunt with a slug, keep the following in mind when purchasing guns for sale. A rifled shotgun will deliver decent accuracy with a Sabot slug. Plan to use it only for slugs though, as using birdshot or buckshot in a rifled barrel will typically deliver poor patterns even at a close range. If you plan to use buckshot and bird shot, select a smooth bore barrel for accuracy. As for using slugs in smooth bore shotguns, select common (not Sabot) slugs. A slug used in a smooth bore shotgun will lack the range and accuracy of a rifled barrel, but with practice you will manage fairly well.

Buckshot is used for hunting and home defense. However, it is a myth that you don’t need to aim a shotgun. In a close range shooting, shot does not spread as soon as you may expect, and you will need to aim. As with any firearm, shotgun users need to consider anything behind or beside the assailant before they fire, your own family members may be at risk of catching the shot.

Tactical shotguns are popular for home defense. The shorter length makes it easier to maneuver in the tight confines of a home. Those with a pistol grip are difficult to aim, and shooting from the hip with any accuracy is difficult even with a lot of practice. Select a model with a buttstock when shopping for guns for sale.

Using Choke Tubes

Choke tubes force the spread into a smaller diameter. Choke size varies from cylinder bore (the same size as the barrel diameter), to extra full (an extreme constriction of the barrel diameter).

Shot with a lot of spread loses effectiveness as it travels from the shooter. A choke tube will decrease the size of the spread, and lengthen the range, thereby increasing hits to the target.

If you plan to use slugs, select a shotgun from among guns for sale with either a fixed cylinder bore choke or a threaded barrel and install cylinder bore or skeet choke tubes.

A number of today’s shotguns have operating systems to reduce recoil. For the guns that don’t, the best way to reduce recoil is to select a lighter shot. Gas piston operating systems really do reduce felt recoil, improving comfort and accuracy. The disadvantage is eventually it will need repair, and this typically means sending it to the manufacturer. In my opinion gas systems are well worth the eventual inconvenience. You can always use your older weapon as a backup while you await its return. I recommend the gas piston systems among today’s guns for sale, it enables you to have more time doing what you love.

GrabAGun offers a large selection of shotguns for sale from numerous manufacturers such as Beretta, Browning, Mossberg, and Winchester to name just a few.

If you don’t find the guns for sale that you desire, give our knowledgeable customer service agents a call. We will give you a price on any available guns for sale and apply the GrabAGun discount.

As hunters and gun enthusiasts ourselves, we genuinely are willing to go the extra distance to provide you with the specific guns for sale that you seek. That is one of the GrabAGun differences we offer our clients. Thanks for shopping GrabAGun.

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Gun Magazine Maintenance | Guns For Sale


Gun Magazines | Guns for Sale

Feeding problems can often be linked to a dirty or worn magazine. The gun magazine is frequently overlooked, and it is just as important to clean the magazine, as it is the gun. The majority of magazines can be broken down and cleaned with standard solvents approximately every 500 rounds. Ensure the magazine is wiped dry. The spring may be lightly oiled to resist corrosion, but the magazine interior should be dry to avoid accumulating excess powder residue. When cleaning the magazine, inspect it for cracks. When shopping for guns for sale buy a few extra magazines. If one breaks you will have extras on hand. Magazines vary, use the following instructions as a general guide to clean gun magazines:

  1. Release the magazine from the receiver and remove from the firearm. Check firearm for any remaining cartridges and unload if present. Remove cartridges from the magazine.
  2. Locate the magazines lock plate button on the bottom of the magazine. Depress the lock plate button with a pointed object. When the button is fully depressed the lock plate should slide off of the magazine body. Do so slowly, as there is a large spring inside of the magazine that pushes on the lock plate. The spring is capable of injuring you or flying off, becoming lost. Warning-wear safety glasses to prevent eye injury from the spring.
  3. Set the lock plate, spring and follower aside. Check each part for wear, damage and dirt.
  4. Clean the parts you set aside and the magazine body. Clean with gun solvent and a small, soft brush if dirty. Once clean and dried, lightly lubricate all metal surfaces with a fine coat of oil. Do not use oil on synthetic magazines, use only on metal magazines. With a clean, soft cloth rub dry all the metal surfaces that you lubricated until it no longer feels oily.
  5. Reassemble the magazine in reverse order, and be cautious of the spring to avoid injury or loss. Once reassembled test the magazine to ensure it operates correctly.

Carry concealed weapons are prone to collecting clothing lint and dust. Examine your pistol weekly, or every 350 to 1000 rounds. Field strip it and using a soft, dry brush clean it of any lint. Wipe it down weekly to help prevent dust from entering it.

When you have purchased new guns for sale don’t forget the chamber and bore should be cleaned before loading and firing the weapon the first time. This is due to the presence of manufacturing oil.

Avoid over lubrication of firearms, as doing so can adversely affect the function and may provide a safety risk.

GrabAGun is your source guns online. We carry a large selection of gun magazines, as well as guns for sale, gun parts and accessories. If you require assistance with our site, or don’t find the guns for sale that you seek give us a call. We offer guns not listed on our site, and will locate the firearm you desire, and apply the GrabAGun discount. Thanks for shopping with GrabAGun.

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Choosing 9mm Pistols | Gun Sales

gun sales

9mm Pistols | Gun Sales

The “best” gun to buy for self-protection is the gun you are most comfortable with, are accurate with, fits your budget and that you can afford to buy ammunition for practice. It is for these reasons that a number of people prefer the 9mm pistols with its 15 to 17 shot capacity vs. a 6 shot capacity revolver and larger caliber weapons. It has sufficient power to stop an attacker, especially when loaded with hollow point ammunition. There is a reason for the growing number of gun sales in 9mm, the cheaper cost of the ammo is only one reason.

Select 9mm pistols that use gun magazines and carry a spare if you plan to use a 9mm for a self-defense weapon. Semi-automatic firearms using magazines are faster to reload than a revolver.

Some persons simply prefer a revolver when selecting a weapon from gun sales. If a novice can responsibly handle the extra caution related to safety, a revolver is an additional choice when selecting a firearm among gun sales.

Select a 9mm pistol for optimal reliability, and reduced recoil. Lighter recoil will provide greater accuracy and comfort.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to own a great handgun. With that said, do not think that a $200 handgun will perform as well as a higher cost model. Expect to spend around $400-$600 on a accurate, comfortable, and reliable handgun. Higher cost options may sound expensive, but when your life is on the line, you want something that will get the job done right. They also often include things like night sights, laser sights, better aftermarket support, along with the overall better fit and finish.

If you have not already decided upon the weapon of choice, your best bet is to use a variety of weapons on gun rental ranges to determine which pistol you are most comfortable, as well as accurate with.

If you have never owned a gun before this is especially important, as you may find a 9mm may have more recoil than a new shooter expects. This may influence the decision to purchase a compact, or full-size handgun because the smaller the gun gets, the more recoil is felt. This is true of any caliber handgun.

On the other hand, if you already have experience with higher caliber pistols like the .40, .44 or .45 cal. you should be fine with a 9mm. You will find a number of them to be reliable and provide a decent to great accuracy. For a personal defense weapon you don’t need something as accurate as a sniper rifle at 200 yards. Most attacks occur with 6 ft. of the victim, so if you’re accurate with it at 40 or 50 ft. that is all you will likely ever need.

For novices, select a model with a laser sight, it will make a big difference in both accuracy and the speed of your follow up. Anyone can benefit from these factors.

GrabAGun offers an extensive selection of guns for sale. With thousands of firearms to select from, you are almost certain to find the firearm you desire. As an online dealer, we are not limited to a box store, and are able to provide a better selection than most walk-in gun shops. Our available inventory extends beyond our on-site listings to include gun sales for any available firearm. Just us know the brand, model and features you desire, we will locate the firearm, and provide you with a price, including the GrabAGun discount that is included on all gun sales.

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