Equip Your Equipment: Load Bearing Equipment Holsters

You’ve found all of the right equipment you need, from the gun to the holster, and all of the extra little holster accessories. Now it’s time to equip your equipment, as well, with load bearing equipment holsters such as the 5.11 Tactical LBE Holster, the Blackhawk! SPECOPS Universal Holster, or even the 5.11 Tactical Slick Stick LBE Compact Holster.


For those who intend to be using body armor, it’s critical to find a good body armor holster. Our Blackhawk body armor holsters are constructed of soft laminate suede nylon, which is moisture resistant and works hard to protect your weapon from perspiration. This ultra-durable item can even be worn inside your concealable body armor straps.

Also from Blackhawk, we offer the Sportster product line to provide you with quality shooting gear at a great price that can fit any budget. In particular, items such as the Blackhawk Sportster Muzzel Retainer, which comes with two #5 Speed Clips as well, will come in handy to protect and hold your muzzle in place.

GrabAGun is your online source for gun sales and load bearing equipment holsters. GrabAGun provides the lowest prices available for quality firearms, along with all the accessories and parts you’ll need in order to make the most of your purchase. With thousands of guns for sale and load bearing equipment holsters for sale, you are likely to find the brand, model and features you desire on our site. Our helpful customer service agents are happy to help if you have any questions or are unable to find the specific load bearing equipment holsters you wish to order. We will order any available load bearing equipment holsters with all the features you want and apply a GrabAGun discount just for you. That is the GrabAGun difference.

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