Four Tactical Shotgun Accessories You Should Have

Accessories for shotgun

The shotgun has been a staple of arsenals since its inception. Whether if it is used for home defense, hunting, or another function, the shotgun always seems to find a way into gun owner’s homes. Though it is capable of many feats on its own, a shotgun can be improved to elevate its functionality to new heights. Whether you are in the market for shotguns for sale or are looking to upgrade an existing firearm, there are some upgrades to your firearm that you will want to look for.

This doesn’t mean that your firearm is inferior or cannot be used without accessories. It’s just if you can optimize it – why wouldn’t you? All of us want to improve the efficiency of our firearms, and accessories can take them to the next level. They can improve carrying capacity, make them easier to carry, and improve accuracy. If you have ever wanted to take your skills and firearm to the next level, then you will want to check out these four essential shotgun accessories you should have:

Mesa Tactical Sureshell Carrier Remington 8-12ga

Tactical shotguns require unique upgrades. Sidesaddles are an ideal way to keep additional ammo close and easily accessible. One of the biggest issues with nearly every shotgun is its magazine capacity. When you carry the magazines on the firearm with a side saddle, you alleviate some of that problem. With the Mesa Tactical Sureshell Carrier, you get a quality tactical shotgun accessory that is rugged and reliable. It fits onto the Remington 870.

Truglo Long Bead Front Fiber Optic Shotgun Sight Black with Red Fiber Optic Fits Ruger / Winchester with 3-56 Base

Another issue many shotgun owners have is sight: not only the ability to see, but also to have an accurate idea of what they are aiming at. Target identification allows for safer use of the shotgun and better accuracy (though this is not always what shotguns are thought of when used). The Truglo Long Bead Front Fiber Optic is one of the industry-leading bead replacements. For this shotgun accessory, the sight is red, with a fiber of 0.078” in diameter and 0.5” in length. Made out of metal and painted solid black, it fits on a Ruger or Winchester.

Grovtec USA GTAC77 Buttstock Cartridge Shell Holder

Similar to the Sidesaddle, a stock carrier can give your shotgun the additional storage it needs in situations where you find yourself needing more ammo. The Crovtec USA GTAC77 is a camouflaged version of a buttstock shell holder designed to carry five addition rounds. The buttstock carrier wraps securely around the shotgun’s stock rather than being screwed into the firearm like the sidesaddle. Many people have a preference between how the additional storage is secured to the firearm due to either the screws coming out of the sidesaddle, or the Velcro coming loose on the buttstock carrier. Owning both can give you two options that will sure to have one work for your needs.

Crickett 800 Sling Black

One of the best accessories for a shotgun is a sling. There are one-point, two-point, and three-point slings, but arguably the ideal for shotguns is the two-point sling. For many purposes, the one-point sling is not practical. Climbing, moving through rugged terrain, or just having to move quickly can all be problematic. Many people who own a shotgun also find the three-point sling to be overly complicated for their purposes. Because of this, most owners tend to lean towards the two-point sling as the favorite. The Crickett 800 sling comes in black leather embossed with the Crickett® name. Its two-point design makes it a favorite for many to add to their list of shotgun accessories.

When you combine all of these choices with your current firearm, you will notice plenty of advantages. Your ability to hold more rounds closer to your shotgun can help you in situations when your average shell carrying capacity just won’t do. The two-point sling will help carry your shotgun in several situations you might find yourself in that other slings couldn’t do. And everyone will agree that having the added sights on a shotgun might not seem necessary at first, but once they try them, they will never know how they fired a shotgun without laser sights.

If you are looking to purchase online guns, GrabAGun.com can help you find each of these extremely useful and helpful accessories. They are trying to help improve the quality of the firearm you carry as well as make the person carrying it a higher caliber of marksman as well. Enjoy your new accessories, stay safe, and continue to look for ways to improve your firearm and make the most of your hunting, shooting, and home protection.

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