Helpful Tips on Gun Safety, Handling, and Storage

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Here at GrabAGun.com, we pride ourselves on being all about guns – and that includes being all about gun safety. Being able to fully enjoy your firearm is only attainable through proper handling, storage, and care of your firearm. Guns are our right, but it is our responsibility to have respect for them and exercise proper safety guidelines when we own and operate them. Here are some helpful tips to use as a guide for proper gun safety, handling, and storage.

There are four major rules to follow when you are the primary person using a firearm. The first and primary rule of gun safety is to always treat it as it if is loaded. This means that no matter if it is loaded or not, if the firearm were to miraculously fire, it would not cause harm or damage. You need to constantly be aware of where the firearm is pointed and by extension, understand the safest direction.

Second, always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction. Third, keep your finger off the trigger unless you are ready to fire. Many firearms have finger guards to rest your finger on. Utilize this, or your trigger finger along the side of the firearm. Fourth, know your target and what is beyond it. An added level of precaution is to always have the safety on until you are ready to fire the firearm.

Now that you know the four most important aspects of gun safety, let’s take a closer look at some of the safety procedures used for gun operations.

  • Become an expert on your firearm.

Learn as much about how your firearm operates as possible. Know the parts and components, how they function together, and the exact type of ammunition that your firearm should use. The more you understand about your firearm, the more likely you will be to catch problems that could arise in its use.

  • Evaluate your firearm for safe operation.

Before you fire your gun, make sure that it is working to the standards you are used to. Check that the mechanisms all seem to be working properly. Routine cleaning and proper storage will help prevent problems from arising and also maintain the gun’s overall upkeep. IF you see something suspicious, take your firearm to a specialist before firing.

  • Properly store and handle your firearm.

As I briefly mentioned in the last bullet point, proper storage of your firearm is pivotal to its functionality. Using a range bag or carrying case to transport your firearm to and from where you will be firing it is a major step in gun safety. This extends to how you transport your ammunition and firearm accessories. A satchel can keep all of your other necessities in a safe location as you take it to and from your home. Storing your firearm with a gun sock can also prevent most debris and dust from accumulating inside your firearm.

  • Keep your firearms stored so they are inaccessible by others.

When your firearms are not in use, they need to be kept in a manner that prohibits any unwanted persons from using them. Cable locks and trigger locks are two of the most common ways to keep your firearm secured. Consider using a gun safe in addition to individually locking your firearms.

  • Utilize equipment that keeps vital items close by.

Being able to have your firearm snug against your body with concealed carry holsters such as a paddle holster is a great way to keep others from accessing your firearm. Additionally, a concealed carry purse can keep all of your items safely stored in one location without allowing unwanted people access to them. With your gear close on hand, you will decrease the likelihood of people teaching your equipment without your permission.

These are just some of the ways that responsible gun owners should be handling and storing their firearms. Keep you, your family, and others safe by following these tips. Remember, it is always wise to continue to educate yourself on gun safety. Be safe, and enjoy your next time shooting.

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