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So you are interested in buying your first firearm, and you feel ready to learn how to use it responsibly. But what kind of gun do you need? If you are looking for a rifle for hunting because you want to be closer to nature, or you just love the outdoors and want to learn more about firearms, learning more about your options available to you for your first firearm is your first step. As you research the types of guns available to you, pay attention to the type of ammunition they use, the way they feel in your hands, and how comfortable shooting it may be.

Whether you are interested in learning how to hunt or shoot targets, you’ll need to learn about the different types of rifles available to you before you can decide what you need to buy. Guns are categorized according to many different features, but one way to easily differentiate among them is to know the mechanics behind the way it fires. Read on to find out more about different types of rifles you could consider as you begin your firearm search.


A semi-automatic rifle fires a single round when the trigger is pulled. That’s different from the way a fully automatic firearm works, which continuously fires rounds while the trigger is held. Semi-automatic firearms are larger in size and have a longer barrel. Semi-automatic firearms are often used for home defense.

Bolt Action

A bolt action firearm is different from a semi-automatic or fully automatic firearm because it works manually, which means you open and close the barrel by hand. A small handle on the side of the gun can be opened to release the bullet and the casing, or shell. Most bolt action firearms are rifles, but the phrase “bolt action” refers to the way the gun works, which means that it may also be a handgun or any other type of firearm that is not a rifle.

Lever Action

Lever action firearms are manually operated as well. Cartridges are loaded into a compartment on the bottom of the gun, near the trigger and trigger guard. The ammunition goes into an area with a lever (hence the name). As with bolt action guns, most are rifles, but some are pistols or shotguns.

Single Shot

Single shot firearms are named as such because they hold only a single round of ammunition. This is one of the oldest designs of a firearm, and the simple design is still popular among gun enthusiasts today.

Revolving Cylinder

Guns that have multiple chambers for ammunition are called revolving cylinder guns. The most well-known and recognizable type of gun with a revolving cylinder is a handgun where the chamber snaps out of the side and rotates. However, there are other types of firearms that have revolving cylinders as well.

Now that you have a basic overview of the types of firearms that are available, you’ll want to know what to research next. Think about your purpose for purchasing a gun, and focus on that. Do you want to hunt, protect yourself, just shoot targets for fun? Then, consider looking into the types of accessories you might want to use. That can help you get a better idea of how you see yourself as a hunter, target shooter, or firearm enthusiast. Do you think you will want to use a stand? Or perhaps you simply want to be able to carry it with you for protection.

Envisioning yourself owning the firearm is the best way to answer questions about what you want. But whatever it is you are looking for – accessories, parts, ammunition, gear, or the gun itself – GrabAGun has you covered.


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