Seven Things You Need to Know before Buying an AR

One of the most common rifles on the market needs no introduction. The AR – short for its original manufacturer ArmaLite – has been a staple of rifles around the world for decades. Though initially considered to be a flop, a lot has changed since its inception. It is now popular internationally, and for good reason.

Because of this popularity, the AR10 and AR15 have numerous myths and facts that surround them. Sometimes, it is hard to differentiate between what is true and what is not. So to help keep you focused on what is important (or interesting) and also true about an AR, here are seven things you need to know before buying an AR.

  1. 1. ARs are completely customizable.

One of the most exciting aspects of owning an AR is the ability to outfit your weapon to your precise specifications. The barrel, stock, grip, receiver, and handguard can all be replaced to make your rifle unique. To add another layer of customization, the receiver is often split into an upper and lower section to allow for even more ways to adjust your AR to your personal taste.

  1. 2. They make excellent hunting rifles.

Think about some aspects of a weapon you would like to have when hunting. Light so it does not slow you down. Rugged and durable so it can endure harsh conditions. Most importantly, accuracy, so you will go home with the prized kill more often than not. ARs are ideal for hunting small game like coyotes and other feral animals.

  1. 3. Law enforcement utilizes their defensive capabilities.

Police use some of the most advanced weaponry available to help keep our communities safe. The AR continually makes the list of arms that officers carry. Weapons that are used for that level of defense and security should be optimal for home defense weaponry as well.

  1. 4. They come in a range of calibers

The range of calibers for an AR are numerous. Because of the different sizes of barrels, the functions of the weapon are even more diverse. Sport shooting, home defense, and a wide variety of hunting can all be performed with an AR and its generous range of calibers. This also means that different types of bullets will be used, depending on the caliber of your weapon.

  1. 5. The AR is a semi-automatic version of the M16

The M16 has been one of the most common weapons used by U.S. armed forces since its inception. The M16 is a fully automatic weapon that keeps soldiers of the United States military safe. The AR is modelled off of the M16 as a rifle to help private citizens feel safe and protected.

  1. 6. Sport/target shooting is a common pastime with an AR

Sport shooting often requires your weapon to be accurate and lightweight, two characteristics that the AR offers. For rifle competitions, the AR is more often than not the weapon of choice and typically the rifle that wins the event. Most marksmen would agree that the AR is a vital weapon for anyone wanting to get involved with sport shooting.

  1. 7. There are multiple versions of the AR

The two most common ARs are the AR10 and the AR15. Each have variations in their capabilities, and both are useful and versatile rifles. Analyzing your needs will help determine which type of AR will best work for you. Consider how you want to use your next rifle, then gauge the pros and cons of the ARs that fit those needs.

With the extreme versatility of the AR, it is an ideal rifle to purchase for all types of gun owners. It still sits atop the list of modern sporting rifles due to its extreme flexibility as a weapon. This list gives you an introduction to why the AR is so popular. It also gives you an understanding of how the AR can be utilized in your arsenal. Continue to research your state’s laws and the different types of ARs available, and you will be able to find the rifle that works best for you.


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