Five Reasons You Should Invest in a Glock 43

If you are reading this, you are probably one of the thousands of people who are curious about how the Glock 43 compares to its predecessors – in particular, the G42. There are plenty of similarities. After all, it’s another Glock.  But just because they’ve produced another 9mm in their lineup does not mean that it is comparable to their other firearms. Whether you want to compare the G43 to past models or just want to know more about it, here are five reasons why you should invest in a Glock 43.

Trusted Name in Glock

Some people have been overly critical of Glocks, but a major reason for that is simply their immense popularity. There is a reason Glock has become a household name for handguns. They are reliable, dependable, and versatile. During a few of the testing stages performed on the Glock 43, shooters intentionally tried to jam the weapon. After 150 rounds, they still had not been successful.

Versatility of a 9mm

Think about how many people you see carrying a 9mm. There is a reason for that. They can handle pretty much anything we put them through. They can fire dirty, be easily concealed, and can be used in a variety of situations. There are so many aftermarket upgrades available for them that it would be too hard to list here. They are carried by law enforcement, military, and private citizens alike – and for completely different reasons.


Self-Defense Capabilities

As I already mentioned, these weapons are great for self-defense. While the Glock might be small, it can get the job done when it counts. This weapon is deal for carrying as protection or keeping close to your bedside in case unwelcome intruders come onto your property. You never know where and when you’ll need to protect yourself, but the G43 can be useful in nearly any life-threatening situation.


Ability to be Concealed

This might be the biggest, smallest feature out there. Sounds paradoxical, but it’s hard to not emphasis how easy it is to conceal this firearm. Not only is the width just over an inch, but the length is less than seven inches. Pair that with its light weight of 22.36 oz., and you have a firearm that will fit comfortably under most clothing or travel easily in a purse.


Value for Your Investment

Like many other Glocks, this is an affordable weapon. But just because the 43 is listed below $500 doesn’t mean it won’t hold its value. There is plenty of demand for this firearm and you can typically get nearly the same price you spent for it. Another aspect to consider as an investment is how long this will be a useable firearm for you. The dependability and durability of this weapon ensures that it will last for years of quality use.

There are plenty of other aspects that could be mentioned about this 9mm. It’s a single stack 9mm compact that offers an ease to its concealability. No matter how you shot the weapon – upside down, sideways, or dirty – it seems to fire in most any situation and setting.  Additionally, on this model, most people feel significantly less recoil than you would generally have on a gun of this size. A few people have noticed that getting the right grip on this weapon can be tricky and you might find yourself adjusting your grip the longer you spend shooting it. But that is one of the rare negatives that we’ve discovered on the latest Glock.  If you consider all of positives for this weapon, it’s easy to understand why this weapon will find a home in many people’s arsenals.

So now that you know that there are plenty of reasons to love this gun, what’s next? If you are going to buy a Glock 43, you will be joining a long list of other people who wanted to take advantage of the latest improvements to the Glock family. And like nearly every other Glock, you can customize this one to your specific desires with all of the accessories you will be able to find for it. As always, practice proper gun safety, and enjoy discovering all the advantages to owning a Glock 43.



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