Five Best Handguns for Beginners

There is plenty of discussion surrounding the topic of which handguns are ideal for beginner shooters. That is unsurprising, especially considering the variety of weapons available and the many different types of people who are new to the firearm scene. For every shape and size of handgun that is available, there is a person who wants to learn how to shoot that it is perfect for. How big their hands are, how strong they are, and their grip will all impact which firearm will feel right to them. Before you go searching through countless handgun magazines or scanning the web for handguns online, take a look at this list of five of the best handguns for beginners.

Beretta PX4 Compact 9mm

First on the list is an ultra-safe Beretta. One of the first considerations new gun owners have is the safety of the weapon. This weapon features a manual safety and decocker that must be disengaged to fire, easing first-time shooters’ minds. On top of this, the weapon features a double-action trigger. This means that there is no single-action for any shot, and the hammer or striker must be in the down position. Though its highlight is safety, this weapon is still great to use on the range or to carry for self-defense.

Price point: Just over $500.

Glock 19 Gen4 9mm

It’s hard to have a handgun list without featuring a Glock 19. There is a reason these weapons are one of the mostly widely used firearms on the market. They work in nearly every situation, and many owners say they are the most reliable handgun they have ever owned. This Glock is a double-action compact 9mm. Glocks are known for their ability to be customized, and this handgun is no different. With this weapon you will understand the reliability and versatility that has made Glock a household name.

Price point: Just under $550.

Ruger 5430 LCRX 38 Spl

As mentioned earlier, everyone is different; a list of handguns that focused on only 9mm wouldn’t be complete. That’s why the Ruger Gen4 is featured – well, that and it’s an ideal choice for people who want a revolver as their first handgun. The stainless steel barrel doesn’t weigh down this firearm, which will be less than 14 oz. in your hands.  Granted, the recoil on this weapon might be too much for new shooters to handle. But if you can handle that, this would make a great first handgun for your collection.

Price point: Just over $350.

Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm

While not strictly designed for it, the Smith & Wesson is known for its self-defense prowess. This weapon is manufactured with quality ergonomics that are ideal for both right- and left-handed shooters. The M&P was made with specifications set to the standards of law enforcement, so you know that the people who are protecting civilians utilize the same caliber of equipment that you will with this handgun. The strength of the weapon is not just in the reinforced polymer chassis, but also in the dedicated men and women who use it.

Price point: Around $450.

Springfield XD 9mm

This full-sized 9mm is a quintessential version of the classic 9mm model. The Springfield XD’s 4-inch barrel has the accuracy and handling you want from a standard-sized pistol. Most owners believe this weapon is one of the safest on the market given its ease of operability. A lot of this derives from the striker status and loaded chamber indicators, which make the user aware through touch and feel that the weapon is being cocked and loaded. Combine that with its firing pin block safety, and you have a handgun designed to prevent unwanted and accidental discharges. Its classic design, durability, and safety make this firearm one of the best for beginning shooters. It’s also one you may have for a lifetime.

Prince point: Just over $400.

With each of these handguns, you get two vital aspects that every owner wants: safety and dependability. Though these weapons are not cheap handguns, you cannot put a price on a safe, reliable firearm. Do your research, test fire a few, and then make a purchase based off of what is right for you.

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