Shotgun Experts Love the Remington 870 & So Will You

Some weapons reach such a level of popularity that they become iconic. The Remington 870 is one of those firearms. Many people who own one commend the 870’s place in their arsenal – going so far to say they could not imagine not having this staple in their collection. Not only have they found a place in homes across the country, but they are the shotguns typically used for movies and theatre. But don’t let the acting fool you: these firearms are the real deal, and are often used for tactical purposes by the boys in blue. Private citizens, Hollywood, and service personnel all love the Remington 870, and you will to. Here’s why…

The Weapon


First, let’s take a look at some of the specs on the 870. It’s a 12 Gauge, pump action shotgun with a 3” chamber and an 18” cylinder barrel. This specific Remington 870 Express features a matte black finish and synthetic stock with positive checkering. There is a vented recoil pad and twin action bars. It weighs in at just over seven pounds.

Plain and simple, this is the most common pump shotgun in the States. One of the biggest reasons for this is because it comes in a variety of designs. There is essentially a good, a great, and an amazing model available. The better the model, the more money you will have to shell out for one.

The other option is to pick out what accessories you want after you purchase one of the Remington shotguns. Remington firearms can be outfitted with countless upgrades and modifications. Sights, grips, lights – pretty much anything you can think of for a shotgun, you can get for a Remington 870.


Though most shotguns have about the same accuracy abilities, the 870 is on par, if not better than its rivals. Depending on barrel length, you won’t see much variation, but there are some differences that can change your accuracy. Sights are the most important. On most standard models of the 870, the sights are pretty basic. That doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade to help augment your weapon’s capabilities, but when you first get a new one, the sights are not going to be much more than a ball at the end of the barrel and a grooved channel. As with most shotguns, your spread is going to be wider the further you get past ten yards.


There is no denying that the 870’s trusted dependability creates much of the love for this weapon. After all, hunters, homeowners, and law enforcement all trust it to get their specific job done. Though all of its components might not be the factory pinnacles in performance, when they all come together they create a weapon that is considered to be one of the most reliable firearms around. One positive outcome from its popularity is that if the rare occasion arises that you find yourself in need of a part for your 870, it is relatively easy to find a replacement. It is a 12 gauge that is going to have some kick and moving parts that are going to take some heat; but as with all weapons, parts will eventually wear down. Don’t let that discourage you from picking up one of the most trusted shotguns around, though.

Ultimately, you are getting a lot of value for your dollar with this shotgun. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for semi-automatic shotguns for sale or tactical shotguns, the 870 express can be the pump-action you are looking for. So if you read this and think you might want to give the 870 a chance to be among your weaponry, or if you are already a proud owner of one and just want to upgrade to a newer model, there are still plenty to choose from. The 870 Express is a great place to start your search, and GrabAGun.com has all the information and accessories you need to make your next Remington purchase the right one. So go ahead and grab one – you will always love owning an 870.

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